Group 782

Puzzle 1

Becoming conscious, as in a religious
Stan Lee’s sign off
Stevie Nicks got her start with this Mac band
Boy or girl born out of wedlock
Buttery French sauce seasoned with tarragon
London tennis venue for wearing all white
Water buses in Venice
Raw material traded globally, sustains economies
Author of Superfudge and Forever
Freezing point of water in degrees Fahrenheit
To only be available to a specific group of people

Puzzle 2

Hindu or Buddhist ornamental building
Device necessary for WiFi network connectivity
Iconic wrought-iron tower built in Paris in 1889
14 line poem, Shakespeare wrote 154 of them
Big Spender singer Shirley
The name of Tom Hanks’ volleyball in Cast Away
Country surrounded by France and the Mediterranean
To win or reign victorious against an enemy
You can see yourself in one
Blue cartoon characters including Gargamel
Abandon, mislead, break someone’s trust
Porsche model named after an alligator

Puzzle 3

Common sense logical thinking triumphs
He famously painted his mother in Grey and Black
Cardio exercise craze championed by Jane Fonda
The product of mass and velocity
French region that’s home to Pink Granite Coast
Tom Clancy character; Harrison Ford played him
Type of interview for an acting job
Like eggs or Arnold
Group of military aircraft and their crew
Hard, crunchy Italian cookie served with coffee

Puzzle 4

Land form of Florida, Italy, and Anatolia
Insects that light up at night
Play that My Fair Lady is based on
Joining the Navy
It makes apertures in paper to use in folders
Creepy skeletal booby trap in The Goonies
With a gradual increase in loudness
Spiritual leader of the Tibetan people
John ; first to patent evaporated milk, in 1856
Beavis and Butt-Head cartoonist
Ruthless in three words, a world
Hair elastic with ruched material around it

Puzzle 5

Red-masked Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle
Fruit preserved in syrup
Red-haired English singer and songwriter Ed
Main military force of the Huns
Japanese decluttering guru brand
Country starting with A between France and Spain
Ball starred in a show about loving her
Muscle compression that usually feels good
Part of the radio that produces sound
Bugs Bunny loves them
Space to stretch out on a plane
Online seller of books you can listen to
Superhero film starring Jason Momoa
One of eight teeth at the very front of the mouth