Group 781

Puzzle 1

Sinister sea witch in Disney’s The Little Mermaid
Glass receptacle used in chemistry lessons
Largest South American country, speaks Portuguese
Mia who married Frank Sinatra
Spread made of chickpeas, tahini, and lemon juice
curve, foreign tool to draw shapes on fabric
Curly, dry hair that is flyaway
Love Human League song, aka I Believe in Love
Guidance or recommendations offered by someone
User details needed to access some sites
Arcade game with a yellow smiley eating dots

Puzzle 2

Wing-doored car make in Back to the Future
Russian leader and battleship
Discoverer of the photoelectric effect
World’s largest rodent, native to South America
The Owl and this animal went to sea
Pradesh, north India state in the Himalayas
Handcuffs, shackles, irons
Art of decorative gems threaded onto cotton
Mexican musical guitar group
A sports match that is not strictly competitive
Sponge or leech off someone else’s generosity

Puzzle 3

Language guides founded by German linguist in 1878
Metro- -Mayer, film company with roaring lion
Pinky swear or agree to absolutely keep your word
Nixon, Sex & the City actress
Female bees who don’t reproduce and have jobs
Slang instruction telling someone to go away
This was Total and of the Heart, for Bonnie Tyler
Château claret, gives its name to a supermodel
Little House on the book series and TV show
East African capital: the Green City in the Sun

Puzzle 4

People who saw a crime in progress
Reproduces on a computer
Ocean ecosystem, Great Barrier is the biggest
Site of a sea vessel that sank or washed ashore
Knighted British pianist
Espresso with a little bit of foamed milk
A respectful humble approach, holding headgear?
Rotunda found in parks for the playing of music
Where Annie lives with Miss Hannigan
Overgrown vegetation that takes Jack to the giant
Jesus had twelve of these, also called apostles
Stuffed teddies with pictures on their stomachs
Wild, powerful punches in boxing

Puzzle 5

Squeaky cheese from Cyprus that can be fried
Things, Netflix series set in the 1980s
Job of Beethoven and Gershwin
Chinese dog breed with a mane like a lion
Poseidon wields them
Small sea vessel propelled by wind
Pillow Talk actress
Oil transportation conduit
Not taking place over a short period of time
Teen’s annoying response to disagreement
Flemish creator of the most popular map projection
Rock in space, a meteor before it falls to earth