Group 121

Puzzle 1

Fruit with a yellow skin, resembles a small peach

An overpowering emotion or exaltation

Steel bar, bent at one end, used as a lever

Plastic disk for tossing between players

Horns on animals in the deer family

Calumny, defamation

__ veins are located on either side of your neck

Presentation using streaming media

Temporary dark patch on the sun

Egyptian river goddess of protection to childbirth

Country on West African Coast, capital Monrovia

Disco brothers, sang about Stayin’ Alive

Moving furtively

Minature 3D scene with a painted background

To ditch circus posters instead of putting them up

Gelatinous case over a dose of medicine

Used to make canoes or kayaks move

Divide and __

Puzzle 2

Large eye-covering item to protect the eyes

Famous channel separates UK and France

A doctor who performs operations

Top part of the skull that protects the brain

Advanced robot, self aware, Data from Star Trek

A sentence which uses every letter in the alphabet

The last car of a train

Political TV show about a crisis management

Natalie __, played Padme Amidala in Star Wars

Act of creating a picture with a pencil or pen

A list of items to be added to written works

Popular folk wrestling, laamb, from this country

Small cyst or sac filled with fluid

Pilot of an airplane

Square pasta looks like small lasagna

Puzzle 3

Easy __, 1917 action-comedy film by Charlie Chaplin

Creamy beverage, Christmas’ favorite

__ Coaster Tycoon is an amusement park simulator

Happening every seven days

Legendary sea monster big as a ship with tentacles

Large white dog breed native to Turkey

Venom is a poison from an __, like a snake

James __, actor, producer, father of Josh

__ and Butt-head are 90’s icons from MTV

Hyperactive is a __ level of activity than usual

You can find these in catacombs

Puzzle 4

Hand-held tools used for cooking or eating food

Greek muse of epic poetry

Once believed to guard against infection

Bee glue or hive dross

Gem associated with the planet Saturn

Exhaust __, collects gas from car engine

Coastal city destroyed by the Mamluks in 1270

The capital of Seychelles

A lion may come to be __ to a mouse

Scottish whisky liqueur

American machine-gun used on the Western Front

Study of religion

Device used by police to restrain people

Unpleasant period


Official currency of China

Grouping card game that has board

Poem in which vertical intersects horizontal

Multi-headed dog at the entrance of the underworld

Italian fashion house with Love __ brand

Brazilian with big moustache, bending free kicks

Renoir painted By the __

A film genre and also a Michael Jackson’s song

Emil __, first man to win an Oscar for Best Actor

Not as bad as a migraine

Puzzle 5

Third largest ocean, “the mine of gems”

Frederic __ only wore a beard on his right side

Cabinet found at offices for storing documents

The Lone Ranger starred __ Depp as Tonto

Part of a car that covers the wheel well

Puddingwife __ is an Atlantic ocean fish

Life insurance fund closed to new business

Iron Age double-edged sword of Ancient Greeks

To smudge, kiss or smear

Territory containing people under a government

Something that makes you better when sick

Lost at sea

Honorific Arabic title means elder

Lot of money, even for a king

Cooking using both moist and dry heat

Heavy __, a serious player; boxer who hits hard

Group 122

Puzzle 1

United States of __

__ Dickens, author of David Copperfield

A lot, generous amounts, high quantity

A prison __ is sought after by law enforcement

Hope __ eternal

Organs responsible for cleaning the blood

Used by policemen and referees to get attention

A skilled performer of gymnastic feats

Stupidly, worthlessly

Mary __, movie about a magical nanny

Without regard to the law

To cut or separate tissues for study

Crustaceans in the ocean, similar to pillbugs

Puzzle 2

Operating system developed by Google

Someone who takes by choice into a relationship

Flat feet have an __ of an arch in the sole

Farrelly Brothers 90s bowling comedy

Photo of the food you are eating

First act of offense, to attack first

Added or mingled with something else

It means “servant of God” or “worshipper of Yahweh”

Common clouds that appear to be fluffy

Poisonous gas containing carbon and nitrogen

Famous baseball bat from Louisville

Puzzle 3

Slang term for cheater drug anabolic steroids

Name of cloth placed behind primary mast

Literary figure, repeated in reverse order

Optical bruising from blunt force to face

Woody herb often used on chicken

Nothing __ nothing gained

To prepare food so as to avoid decomposition

Shot when the 7 and 10 pins are split in bowling

Norwegian rodents

Type of radiation, made the Incredible Hulk

__ Of Arabia, won the Academy Awards in 1963

The pangs you have when you are ravenous

Out on the water

Diaphanous, unsubstantial

Capital of Turkmenistan

Puzzle 4

Spain’s flag carrier airline

Slang term for marijuana user

Lady’s sweet appendage

Trickster spider from African folklore

Large piece of land filled with trees

Small African country, capital Kigali

College diploma; Fahrenheit, Celsius

Transparent tape with multiple uses

A small part or feature of something

In the past, informal gathering for men

Aerialists’ swing bar without a flat seat

__ Jean, not Jackson’s lover

To do dangerous movements in surfing or skiing

Egyptian god of embalming

Insane or demented

Pack & Stack. __ game for three to six players

Spirits of nature depicted as beautiful maidens

Cross between a zebra and a donkey

Puzzle 5

Land along the sea or ocean

Pulp __, film directed by Quentin Tarantino

French rococo painter of Gilles

Jesus’ work in raising the dead involved this man

__ & Shirley, Garry Marshall sitcom

Eating disorder with binge eating and purging

Snow shaped to resemble a human figure

Not preserved by salting, drying, or smoking

Any article of clothing

One of the albums recorded by The Doors

The __, biographical movie about a Polish musician

A type of big cat, it purrs but does not roar

Fancy way to say glue

Platform on the side of a building

FOMO, Fear of __ Out, marketing tool

Gland at base of the neck that makes hormones

To give approval to do something

Group 123

Puzzle 1

To follow or chase after

Quirk, whim

The son of a sovereign or king

Nemo’s dad in Finding Nemo

Aura that surrounds the sun and other stars

Genre designed to make you laugh

Protective covering for the head

Number after twenty-nine

Football league intended for young children

Shackles, with links

Daughters of a brother or sister

Earliest-known pyramid

Largest rainforest in the world

Puzzle 2

Medical doctor

Side drum gives staccato sound

Official language of Bulgaria

James __, the deep voice of Darth Vader

Person who moves scenery and props

Space when you enter a house, especially a parlor

Executive committee for Communist Parties

Greek Island known for its white coastal houses

Study of inheritance of acquired characteristics

Original copy of a product

Pita-like bread used in sandwiches

Puzzle 3

Margaret __, former British Prime Minister

Olivia Newton-John’s song to get you off the couch

A system of exercises strenuously performed

Large lake on the border between Bolivia and Peru

A sweet spice used for cooking or baking

The Fox and __, 1981 Disney film

Type of planet that Jupiter and Saturn are

Serious form of food poisoning

The gaming industry is worth __ of dollars

A fairly long break between two scheduled flights

Sea mammals

Nonsense word from The Owl and the Pussycat

Subliminal image in Queen’s hair on old stamps

Puzzle 4

“I Am” shortest __ sentence in English

Courteously helpful

Notorious San Francisco Bay’s prison

__ Turtle, looks part alligator, strong mandible

Small spoon. Cooking measure.

Italian luxury car brand from Bologna

In golf, this indicates a player’s ability

A break in the middle of a game

Obstructive action to hinder a nation’s war effort

Leonardo Da Vinci is erroneously credited for this

A cat’s eye __ repels evil and clears obstacles


Puzzle 5

To confirm, ratify or state positively

Quantity of articles available for sale

Lightweight bowl made of interwoven materials

A paternal kinsman

Magician of the Arthurian legend

The capital of Colombia

Act of flying, trip on an airplane

State of indifference

Monetary gain after business expenses

Someone who wins, champion

French sauce with chopped tomatoes and lemon juice

Tesla __, car and energy company

Walking upwards, usually outdoors

Group 124

Puzzle 1

Male reflexive pronoun

Anthony __ has been in seven Star Wars films

To applaud, salute with sounds of joy, approval

Inflated style of little meaning, claptrap

Person who rides a bicycle professionally

City where the NBA was founded in 1946

Endorphin is a __ produced to counteract pain

Lord of the Rings, Frodo __

Affect someone’s mind strongly, influence

80s party drug used by Sherlock Holmes

Power to move quickly, easily, nimbly

Father of your father

Fake treatment for a medical issue

Involving physical force to cause harm

Stupid, careless mistake

The golden age was never the __ age

Puzzle 2

Self-absorbed narcissists

Surf fishing is __ fish from the shore line

In 1990’s Captain Skyhawk, you repel an alien __

A bird flies, a horse runs, a snake __

Immune system’s weapon to neutralize pathogens

Uplifting, illuminative

Thin, hard outer layer of a breakfast food

Long flat-bottomed sled used for sliding on ice

Maya nut, used for reforestation programs

The bearing of an object in relation to the North

Puzzle 3

In Shrek the Third, Shrek rules over __ Away

Musketeer who was brought up in a monastery

Bible book of phrases that means “praises”

Fascist Roman Catholic wartime militia in Croatia

The Dog Star

The sun’s daily goodbye

To enfeeble is to make feeble or __

__ Onion, wedding soup in European countries

The Sword in the Stone is about King __

__ Biles, US gymnast, Olympic darling

Indian Buddhist cave temple with wall paintings

Small thin object used to sew items together

__ Kong was released by Nintendo in 1981

Moses separated this to free his people

__ Babies, owners consider these collectibles

__ of the Jedi has the first Ewoks in Star Wars

Gigantic grey wolf from Inuit mythology

Puzzle 4

Bored of __, 1936 short comedy film

Acaryas, guru of the world

Al Capone’s business card claimed he sold __

Mystical card that tells the future

__ peas, beans or a band name

Diocese or episcopal see, supervised by a bishop

Taste __ add flavour to food

Animate or inanimate created things

Bag with long straps, worn across the chest

Entity formed into an association by law

__ bass are bright yellow with black mottling

Lead figure in James Patterson’s detective novels

Puzzle 5

Utmost change, farthest from center, outermost

Clear mineral that looks like glass or ice

Overcharging consumers, aka swindle

Where the majority of the plays occur in baseball

Larger computer system, sits on a desk

Bernini sculpted the __ of Saint Teresa

Fast flowing stream, file sharing protocol

The electric chair was invented by one

Small, soft skin growths

Ellen __, actress of The Exorcist

Prestigious American University in Massachusetts

Epistaxis is the __ term for a nosebleed

Alfre __, actress of Desperate Housewives

__ Swaray, female british singer, sang American Boy

The whole is __ than the sum of the parts

Using a bow and arrow as a sport

Group 125

Puzzle 1

Sourdough spongy flatbread from Eastern Africa

American Indian dwelling, round, lodge

Two audio channels

Visions, thoughts, sensations during sleep

Way something is viewed, interpreted, regarded

Profession that can be often despised aka attorney

__ Collie is a hard working, herding dog

Naval enlistee, someone who sails for a living

Pen makes large colored lines

Panathinaikos is a soccer team from this country

Saw on TV

Spear-thrower used by the Mayans

Aardwolf is a crime lord on Madripoor __

Gambling activity used by charities and events

Puzzle 2

Structures that form part of the goal

Winter sport with a vehicle that slides over ice

Term for combined German military forces in WWII

Brownish, yellow aka amber

One of Detroit’s big three car brands

Getting together

Land by the side of a lake

Jamie __, actress started as the “scream queen”

How high the land is above sea level

Brand of Warhol’s soup cans

Northern __’s mouth faces up to catch prey

Margery __, a Queen of Crime in UK Golden Age

Puzzle 3

A perfect, ideal world

Egyptian god, protector of the dead

__ states, a federal republic formed by 50 states

D shape tool, good for cutting tree branches

__ Weisz, The Mummy and Constantine actress

Groat food, dried cracked wheat

__ feather star has thick feathery arms

Meal made with melted cheese or chocolate

Chief __, police chief in The Simpsons

Lucky grass-like plant and Chinese New Year gift

Larger teeth at the back of your mouth, not wisdom

In boxing, fighters use this to decrease distance

Genesis successor used CDs instead of cartridges

__ acid, found in fruits like lemons, oranges

The Frog __, an 1842 German fairy tale

Puzzle 4

Body tissue composed of fat cells

West Point is a famous military US __

Move at slow pace, one step at a time

Castoff with Hagar in the desert

Star Trek: __ villain Tom Hardy

The captain yells this as the ship is going down

Mini chocolate roll, can also be found in lollipop

People who shoot with a bow and arrow

Poisonous chemical used to kill weeds

Wheel of __, tv game show; cookie with a message

Puzzle 5

Wheeled object commonly used in the circus

Cooked land snails popular in Western Europe

In your face advertising to get you excited

National fish of the Philippines, a Pacific fish

More serious than a twisted ankle

Born in the country known for its three pyramids

Aerial performer who uses the head, literally

The __, Mickey Rourke was nominated for an Oscar

High __ is 8,000-12,000 feet above sea level

They believe in full-immersion baptisms

__ Tax, tax on excess profits on utilities

Group 126

Puzzle 1

In Codenames, you try to find secret __ names

Bag filled with shorts, shirts, tennis shoes

Estimate the value of something for taxes

Chasm undersea next to an ocean ridge

Type of rabbit with long hair, wool

A superb painter of horses

A baby cat

__ Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby

The act of one item hitting another

Puzzle 2

People who are dependent on a substance

Comic book Avenger played by Robert Downey Jr.

Briefness, short amount of time

Propellant derived from fossil matter

Food commonly consumed by movie goers

Support at the end of a row of reading materials

Anagram of artists

Troops placed in proper order for battle

Sugar after burning

Nickelodeon animated series about toddlers

Country in the Alps known for its composers

Puzzle 3

The __, doo-wop band that moved around

Winter drink includes Advocaat and soda lemonade

A __ house is like a hotel, you pay for a room

What deserves no thanks when forced

__ is located on the eastern coast of Africa is a __ website that makes requests

Any air-polluted large city

Charles __, German-born American poet

Do ___ Dream of Electric Sheep?, by Philip K. Dick

Tasks that don’t seem to have productive purpose

Animated Corpse, Di Caprio Oscar winning film

Coagulation is __ of the blood

Puzzle 4

Cabinet used to hold small containers of spices

The ones who hear no good of themselves

Front car light, main light

Sport played on ice by two teams disputing a puck

Walkway along beaches, usually made of boards

Form of address, “my lord”

Picturesque waterway flowing through Slovenia

It never comes back

Acting on the spur of the moment

__ No More, diverse school in the heart of Tel Aviv

Long dagger popular during Renaissance

First sequel to win an Oscar for Best Picture

Seasoned beef and pork sausage

The sphincter __ waste from the body

__ with the Kardashians, reality TV show

Famous back and forth paddles and ball console

Puzzle 5

A chess piece that jumps over all others

Course of planks on a ship, hull, deck, etc

Pipe __, installs, assembles, maintains pipes

POD means Print on __

Lizard, well-known for being a pet

__ skiing aka downhill skiing

Quickly changing

Snow huts, snow houses

Squeaky voiced Disney character

Lisa collects Malibu __ Dolls in The Simpsons

Pluto’s only natural satellite

South __ suffered with the politics of Apartheid

Group 127

Puzzle 1

Mistress of the Dark, horror comedy

Pastry from choux dough, baked and filled

Hell on __ is about a transcontinental railroad

To restart a computer

Lee Harvey __, Kennedy’s killer killed soon after

__ 13, stars Tom Hanks & Bill Paxton as astronauts

The capital of Canada

Small mammal, long ears, Easter pets

Having a lot of money and items of great worth

Shirt for team members or team spirit

Puzzle 2

Dutch exotic dancer found to be a spy

Type of beach tree known for its large leaves

Distilled, highly alcoholic drink

Winter sport in which a person rides a small sled

Girl hair style inspired by a horse’s backend

Gordie Howe’s nickname

Don’t cry __ fish

Charivari is a noisy clown __ in circus

Charmander is a __ Pokemon

Silicate minerals removed from buildings

Supporter for a public policy

Handgun with cylinder of chambers

Puzzle 3

A means of entrance or access, abstract or real

City which debuted trampolining at the Olympics

On a ship

Balkan country at war in 1998 and 1999

This country goes first in Summer Olympics parade

The Night of the __, Tennessee Williams’ play

Blinded by the light, __ up like a deuce

Ornery bird in Looney Tunes

“Japanese horseradish” used by sushi lovers

Puzzle 4

Life Is __, gave Benigni an Oscar for Best Actor

Sidelines in soccer, longer than goal lines

Medulla __, part of hindbrain controls vomiting

An expert in science

Wooden clogs to protect costumes in circus

Food made from cacao seeds

Withdrawal of a group from a larger entity

Blueish-green mineral

To hear no lies, you shouldn’t ask them

Luciano __, Operatic Tenor

Photo-sharing website specially popular in fashion

Vertical pipe used to drain rainwater from a roof

Puzzle 5

Stinky or pleasant, scientific study of smell

Produce a change in something

Blake __, actress married to Ryan Reynolds

All event is four gymnastic events

__ the Pooh is still a loveable child’s cartoon

Draft drawing to represent chief features

Typical bread from Lunigiana region in Italy

Projectile fired from a gun or rifle

Savage Sam was Disney’s __ to Old Yeller

Another word for prisoner

Greek goddess of wisdom

Group 128

Puzzle 1

Muhammad’s burial place, Islam holy site

Asian capital founded by Spaniards

Tight female lingerie piece

Food, liquor served flaming

To injure by overuse, misuse or excessive pressure

The __ head turtle is found all over the world

Ghost __, unknown author does grunt work

Crooked, curved

Item that makes data sharable on a network

Puzzle 2

To misappropriate funds

A large frog that makes a loud, deep sound

This battle marked end of Bonaparte’s rule

Region in the south of France, a den for painters

This game has elements of baseball and soccer

Money present, can be used at stores, restaurants

Itchy & __, a cartoon in The Simpsons

A tied fight may go to the judges for a __

Island in Lesser Antilles, capital is Bridgetown

Grief is __ to the loss of someone

Shredder’s army of walkers

__ Gladiators released 1991 for Super NES

Starred in Hitchcock films, Australian Judith __

Suffix of Dracula’s hometown meaning “trees”

Way of cooking on a grill with flavored sauce

Puzzle 3

Something that floats and stays above water

Preservative found in foods such as lunch meat

To save something from danger, fire, water

Study of physical history of rocks and minerals

African country rich in diamonds

Moon of Uranus that has extreme topography

Maggie May was this singer’s muse

Having modified or adjusted successfully

Nyx, Greek __ of the night

Everyone loves this momma’s boy comedian

Anthophobia is fear or __ caused by flowers

Ken __, author of thrillers and historical novels

Eight-sided ring where MMA bouts happen

This bird can run faster than a horse

Skin dot more common on fairer skin

Benign tumor of glandular tissue

To consider something unworthy; despise, contempt

River __, brother of Joaquin, died 1993

Puzzle 4

Second largest river in the world

Crossword compiler

1984 game where you fight disembodied souls

The Spongebob Movie: __ Out of Water

__ frogs are also known as the Pac-Man frogs

Ancient Hindu celebration, “Festival of Lights”

The first Olympics were held here

Type of word that gives us time to think

Medicine from plants, traditional herbal __

To stab something

Herb, winter and summer, with purple flowers

Puzzle 5

City where one can shop at the famous Princes St.

Discipline which explores celestial bodies

LeBron’s nickname

Murder mystery reality TV competition

Another word for “spying”

Genus Old World perennial plant, edible

A frog is not a reptile, but an __

Moveable plank bridge on a ship

Two-dimensional pattern array using dots

A song by The Velvet Underground

Sideshow Bob’s middle name in The Simpsons

Group 129

Puzzle 1

Sausage coated in cornmeal batter, on a stick

Tropical fish with sharp teeth

Animal __, a division to classify natural objects

Chantilly cats are known as the Foreign Longhair

This brand’s shiny product lasts forever

Abiding strictly to one’s opinion

One of Batman’s enemies

Olympic basketball teams consist of these players

Income payable at intervals for life

What God hath joined together, let no man put __

Fry’s __ girlfriend Umbriel in Futurama

Ogres are __ monsters, extremely large beasts

__ D’Angelo, actress of Vacation

Instincts, an abdominal sensation, a gut __

Puzzle 2

Dog Day __, movie with Al Pacino as a bank robber

Purported to free the Holy Land from infidels

Antifungal __ are used to treat fungus infections

It makes strange bedfellows

Guyana’s largest river located between two giants

An unequal square

Spotless, immaculate

Darren __, director of Black Swan

This long-haired terrier loves to bark

Long-running British time-travelling series

User interface, easy to read, manages computer

One of the organs used to process food

With a __ = to the full, to the nth degree

A very short one-piece garment

__ my pain with his fingers

Puzzle 3

Popular Italian cheese similar to Parmesan

To exaggerate, to take excessive action

Trent __, US singer and songwriter

Aeromodeling is __ and flight of model planes

Table __ is both for single and double games


-flap scorpionfish has a reddish-purple color

Image or character to represent you online

Mimi __, Lost In Space actress

A bloom or blossom, fragrant and beautiful

The Little Mermaid’s father

__ Rules, down under football similar to rugby

Professional fool at a medieval court

Puzzle 4

__ Rhapsody, Queen ballad, Wayne’s World spoof

Scientific study of tumours

Lingua franca in Ancient Mesopotamia

Soft bag designed to carry sporting equipment

Paddling in a canoe-like boat, sitting or standing

__ are small golden color animals who live in water

Mineral in almost all toothpastes sold in U.S.

Stolen pleasures are __

Constables, lawmen

__ sprouts and bacon

Puzzle 5

Arkanoid is based on the __ game Breakout

Bela __, Hungarian actor, the original Dracula

Bon __, good luck expression for travelers

__ Santos, right back played in 4 WCs for Brazil

Bryan Adams’ celestial hit

Asteroid discovered by a German scientist

Dried grape also used in oatmeal-based cookie

A cowboy of the South American pampas

Graham crackers, chocolate bar and marshmallow

Used for sewing

Tube that moves the urine from kidney to bladder

Group 130

Puzzle 1

Male range of voice between bass and tenor

This animal does not have a brain

A poorly written poem meant to be funny

International relief group for human suffering

It shoots bolts

Capital of Serbia

To set or give a value to something

He that commits a fault thinks __ speaks of it

Elbow, bowel and below are __ of one another

US cheese, white inside, orange borders

Makeup for the mouth, glossy or matte

State of rapture or overwhelming emotion

It is called soccer in the US

Puzzle 2

Dog Day __, Al Pacino tries to rob a Brooklyn bank

Shaped like a three-dimensional circle

Jump out of a plane with a parachute

Mosquito disease causes small heads in newborns

The earth is hit by __ 100 times a second

An area for the manufacture or assembly of objects

Escapade, emprise, experience

DOS, disk __ system

Straight, single grip sword used for thrusting

Italian semi-firm, aged sheep cheese

Puzzle 3

Baseball player who plays behind a home plate

Dirty move, under-the-belt punch

Someone who plays the piano for a living

Derogatory term for an intellectual person

Short for antilogarithm

__ makes the heart grow fonder

To rise in rank, to make progress

To pour out exact amounts for cooking

Mowing machine that marks a line on grain

US writer, author of popular children books

Agnes __ is Seymour’s mother in The Simpsons

Puzzle 4

Character of an animated series about a gorilla

Building where goods are manufactured

Raised area of land with stepped levels

Something passed down through genes

Information sets “mined” by companies

__ Jones’ Diary, Jane Austen-inspired comedy

Goes from the shoulder to the elbow

Marinating that uses salt

__ Eco, Italian semioticist and modern novelist

Founder, leader of a sect in Indian religions

Puzzle 5

Stinky study that focuses on garbage

Jeff __, You Might Be A Redneck’s author

Atari arthropod shooting arcade game

Springtime yellow root, its seeds float away

Box-shaped musical instrument with keys on the side

Name by which the Romans called Scotland

__ of the Sick, last rite for Catholics

A __ investigates a criminal case

Winter sport; dogs, horses or a motor vehicle pull

Odonate insect larger than damselflies

Bender’s last name on Futurama

Large tropical yellow fruit with hard skin

Even Homer __ nods

Kitchen device which is used to open containers

Yet to be sounded or explored

Group 131

Puzzle 1

River of world’s largest waterfall system

__ Night Football, featured pigskin match

Aircraft used in the military and for fun

Isaac __, Russian-American writer of sci-fi

Ancient structure of a lion with a human head

Asian __ crab is a swimming crab species

They protect and keep the hands warm

Fiesty son of strict father, 1931 pre code film

To plan something artistically and skillfully

10 years = One __

Preference for modern, everyday subject matter

Puzzle 2

The name of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge

Olivia de __, sister of Joan Fontaine

In legend, he lured rats from Hamelin

Medical term for inflammation of the kidneys


Game in which players hit opponents with a ball

Capital of Iceland

Contract between two entities

This website asks users to “pin” photos

The place where one must draw the line

__ fire anemone can cause painful stings

Often marbled, these secure the book to the cover

Male attendants of the bridegroom at a wedding

__ Europe, REM hit with no transistors

Covered with spices and fried until dark

Puzzle 3

Something that physically exists

Patron of lost causes

Infant bed aka crib

Pro wrestler turned UFC heavyweight champ

__ percent of extinct species are birds

Kitchen on a ship

__ Devil, flying biped with hooves

Chess piece between the rook and bishop

Money made by working, paycheck

Springfield’s police chief, father of dopey kid

Antigens are seen as dangerous by this system

Layered dessert, ice cream, toppings, and cream

Mortal __ X, reboot of the classic Sega game

Puzzle 4

Feathered serpent deity worshipped by the Mayans

Unconventional protagonist

__ vertebrae, the neck bones

__ theft, stealing someone’s information; a crime

A narrow area of land that sticks out into the sea

Sport of paddling a canoe with one paddle

Small flying insect that bites and sucks blood


__ Robinson, American professional boxer

Decoration that is sewn onto a piece of cloth

A dark porous carbon from vegetables or animals

Puzzle 5

Candy made from the beans of a cacao tree

Sticky adhesive for kids in convenient form

Someone who conducts a taxi

Curved club designed to return to the thrower

__ sea urchins dig into the sand and mud

He was also known as Marion Mitchell Morrison

A cast-iron kettle with a tight cover

Industrial Dutch town, home of PSV soccer team

__ Empire, TV show about gambling in Atlantic City

Too eager to offer advice not asked for

Sedimentary rock composed of carbonate materials

Group 132

Puzzle 1

Groundskeeper __, janitor in The Simpsons

X-Men star Rogue, Anna __

Arabic capital has largest female university

Armenian flatbread made in a tandoor

Worker who puts something “over your head”

In sci-fi, human with computerised items inside him

A child’s first toilet

Roman god of fire and metalworking

Beach __ ball started in California in 1920s

Greek goddess of the day

The Devil With the Three __ Hairs, 1812 tale

Not present

Puzzle 2

What astronauts use to go into space

UFC fighter, Anderson da Silva’s nickname

Martial art made famous by Steven Seagal

Agreement, harmony, voluntarily

Three toads are good luck in Asian cultures

The capital of Republic of Macedonia

In a __ World, Danish Golden Globe, Oscar winner

Artemis can also be referred to as __

__ grouper has brown and white stripes

Punctuation mark, joins words

The great tower or innermost keep of a castle

Puzzle 3

Fundraiser which involves exercising at steady pace

Catalonian La Liga side

Someone who specializes in animal studies

Less scary name for halitosis

Led the Greeks in the Trojan War

In The Simpsons, __ Man stars on Channel Ocho

Pea-sized gland controls growth, blood pressure

In Greek __, Sirens lure sailors to their death

It has hairy skin and green flesh

Thin membrane, singers “loudspeaker”

Benjamin __, 18th-century English pirate

Famous recording studio located in London

Type of holiday cake made with fruit and nuts

Puzzle 4

Harry Potter’s godfather escaped from this prison

Tradeable contracts not for now

The way one feels for paying through the nose

One who renounces one’s beliefs under oath

Tropical disease; means “bad air” in Italian

Ruin, downfall

Drawn away, taken

Someone who installs and repairs plumbing

Keel-shaped ridge of rock formed by wind

Small Japanese-style grill for outdoor cooking

A fine woven cotton fabric, resembling cambric

Place where beer is made

The most famous Pokemon

Something worked on for a period of time

Michael Phelps is a retired __

Brings to an untimely end

Traveling down a river on a raft

Puzzle 5

Religious superior, head priest of temple

Season after Spring

A Belgian whodunnit solver

Candleshoe is a 1977 film starring Jodie __

Facial __, better known as Kleenex

__ Unchained, Jamie Foxx plays a freed slave

MMA hold of an arm held between thighs

Human heart pressure can shoot blood __ feet

Silent __ is a WWII submarine combat game

BC is home to the world’s largest __ stick

Type of dark spice, has strong flavor

Icons used online to express emotions

Dealing with something, minimizing stress

Nice way of saying “fired”

Gadget, device, trinket, misc items

Band featuring Sting and Andy Summers, The __

Second largest city in Western Asia

Red rock agama is a smaller lizard from Africa

Group 133

Puzzle 1

Lance __, American former cyclist

Character played by Jessica Tandy on a 1989 movie

Manga-based video game franchise

Written and printed publisher’s opinion


Jamaican speedster gold in Rio, London and Beijing

Hundreds and __ on a birthday cake

Burning sensation in chest caused by gastric acid

A run-down hotel

Sad, gloomy, dejected or downcast

Enemy of a government agent in a spy film

Puzzle 2

Halgerda batangas is a species of __

__ mantises are known for their devoted posture

Solitary fan green __ looks like a large fan

__ Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street

Struck idiophone operated by a keyboard

Donggyeongi, a Korean breed of dog

Oaf, lout

__ and Cressida, a Shakespeare’s tragedy

A very large piece of ice floating in the ocean

Over the whole area, extent, item

Rapid, brisk tempo

A person who is proficient in sports

Sirens lured sailors in ancient Greek tale

Puzzle 3

List of people, groups, units for events

To speak of something indirectly

The original ultimate fighter

Type of galaxy consisting in a flat, rotating disk

Kiss of the __ Woman, stuck in Brazilian prison

Golf club to strike the ball gently to the hole

John __ Mellencamp, rocker of Jack and Diane

Capital of Germany

Title character in John Green’s first novel

Lone __, Tonto, Hi-Yo Silver, started on radio

Puzzle 4

Light azure hue associated with newborns

Breed of dog originated in Germany

Part of the face above the eyes and below the hair

Form of baseball played with a larger ball

Center of a target, what the shooter aims for

Galaxy that contains our system

Interchange of items, goods, foods

The time when all men will be judged


City of flowers, per eccellenza

To explode something, such as dynamite

Traffic that is coming towards you

Sylvia __, movie with Katharine Hepburn

French cold egg sauce with mustard

Puzzle 5

Drawing or painting roughly

Harry Potter’s friend Luna is sorted in this house

Workplace comedy starring Andy Dick, Phil Hartman

Medieval church music

State of having two sides that are not the same

__ soldierfish are reddish with large eyes

Movement of a limb away from your body

__ Meyer, famous for her series about vampires

Repugnant, sickening

Group 134

Puzzle 1

Strong, muscular

Last bowler on a team, keeps team from drifting

An elongated shape

Mediterranean nation with Greek, Turkish pops.

Device polishes, improves chocolate quality

Ving __, Mission Impossible, Pulp Fiction actor

Former UFC champ, Chuck “The __” Liddel

Brush, usually with feathers, used for cleaning

Sensation of a current event happening in the past

Brothers who first successfully flew in 1903

To look over something again for errors

Car ride on tracks, __ coaster

Puzzle 2

Flower bud vegetable with edible hearts

Sunset __, classic movie with Gloria Swanson

Body part that connects brain to spinal cord

Fresh herb used for tea, gum and toothpaste

Capital of the Netherlands

Pope who launched a 6th-century mission

Riding a bicycle

Gravestone, placed at the heads of graves

Ancient Babylonian tool made for mass farming

Use a calculator to __ the volume of a cylinder

Floor __, an Olympic gymnastic routine

Piece of wood placed not at the foot of the bed

Puzzle 3

Serena __, American tennis player

__ Bars, aerial gymnastic event

It is a virtue

A respectful gesture of greeting in India

Largest part of the brain

Michael __, writer known best for Jurassic Park

There are two sides to every __

Canvas backpack used by soldiers

Period of time from 500 AD to 1000 AD

Pedro Alvarez __, Cuban artist

When one presents a counter argument, Devil’s __

__ family includes aunts, uncles, cousins

Puzzle 4

Laughing hyena comes in striped and __ types

To mix together two foods

Fruit with one seed native to Mexico

Well-groomed French lady

Shakespeare’s tragedy about racism and jealousy

Baba __, Arabic dish of cooked eggplants

Fork-like spear, popular gum brand

Dental __ is to prevent cavities

Punished with a fine not fixed by a statute

Chubby __ had everyone doing the twist in 1960

Queen Anne’s __, Blackbeard’s ship

Something you feel when there’s nothing to do

Every man has the __ of his own virtues

Nickname to the baseball playing field

Eyewear to protect those who work with chemicals

Etymological meaning of zebra

Roman goddess of war, conquest and peace

Low seat without a back also known as footstool

Doctor usually refers to a __ doctor, MD, PhD

Someone who has a deep knowledge of a subject

Several defensive baseball positions

Puzzle 5

Multi-armed demonic being of Hindu mythology

Worthless, ineffective

The one who fights in the sport of wrestling

One of Tchaikovsky’s most popular ballets

Medical term for being abnormally small

Good company on the road is the __ cut

Paul __, Big Fat Liar actor

Kitchenware you can use to make soup

A villain hideout in The Spy Who Loved Me

The pen is __ than the sword

Relating to ancient Greece before Alexander

Hockey officials who call icing violations

Marijuana helps some with this seizure disorder

With a separate price for each item on the menu

Secondary act at a circus or fair

A general improvement in appearance

Pre-Google TV guy who could fix everything

Group 135

Puzzle 1

Soak in hot water to release the flavour

Acrophobia is a __ fear of heights

The capital of Oman

Number system with only two symbols

Rum based Polynesian cocktail

What you hear before train departure, All __

Key on a map, tells what symbols mean

To join or fasten one thing to another

Los Angeles soccer team that landed Beckham

Scissors used to cut lambs wool

African nation north of Lake Victoria

__ Harris, Creator of Hannibal

Puzzle 2

Word that modifies verbs or clauses

Humans have one of these on each hand

Radical jumping with cord around your ankles

Dog most selected as Best In Show: __ Spaniel

Small object worn to protect from evil, harm

Woman behind the Manchurian candidate, Eleanor __

Company, organization providing services

Chemical element commonly used in enemas

Telescope launched in 1990, sends back photos

Busy rail terminus serving Madrid

Hash __, fried, shredded potato, breakfast dish

Puzzle 3

Saviour of the ancient Jewish people

Tended King David in old age

Omega Virus is a __ electronic game from 1992

Farsi is a language of this family

Penn State legend died amidst scandal

90s sitcom theme by The Rembrandts

Someone who does not acknowledge any God

Venetian rowing boat for romantic tourists

British, “curious” mints come in a tin

Mountain with highest elevation above sea level

Puzzle 4

Used for cooking and warmth when outdoors

Distilled fruit brandies or herbal liqueurs

Song recorded by the Beatles

Born in the country known for the Samurai culture

Explicit writing style of Roman poems

__ Cowboy, 1969 US film, Oscar for best picture

Slick jacket worn to repel water

This country’s capital is Kuala Lumpur

Dark absorbent fuel made of burning wood

Road in NYC famous for its theatres’ industry

Show known for being about nothing

Hummingbirds are the __ among bird species

Pitchers, catchers and shortstops play __

Medieval game of “chicken”

Puzzle 5

Ornamental item that adds flavor, decoration

1990 Die Hard game is set in Los __

Pride in belonging to a select group

Taking by force, unfair loss in game

4 leaf __ are good luck symbols

Shadow-casting object to tell the time

Dance marked by flowing movements across the room

India is the __ largest country in the world

General pardon for political offenses

A sport which is part of the Olympic events

Sympathetic leader, first pope from Latin America

Several pieces of artillery used for action

Group 136

Puzzle 1

Single inhalation and exhalation of air

To throw a heavy lenticular weight, the __ throw

American Old West folk character, “Wild Bill”

Academy winner who played Nefertiti, Anne __

Dofus is an MMORPG developed by __

The sixth planet from the Sun

America’s Got __, TV’s biggest talent show

Response to a question

Ra, foremost Egyptian __, ruler of the gods

__ Actors Guild, award given by fellow actors

Standard or common, not unusual, regular

Upbeat, feeling-good Lion King’s tune __ Matata

A type of computer virus

__ Moon, a Japanese cartoon

This city, not Toronto, is Canada’s capital

Adding __ to injury

__ Oswalt, nerd comic, King of Queens

Blue __ nudibranch is a blue and black sea slug

Bed used as a couch by day

Puzzle 2

It is no use __ the ship for a ha’p’orth of tar

A changeling can morph into __ it wants

Equestrian __ is the art form of the sport

Hot Wheels competitor, toy cars

Medical term for elbow or knee scrape

Common submission in MMA, __ choke

Large purple fruit used in cooking

Greek philosopher, Plato’s teacher

Someone who takes the lives of others

Study of origins of ideas

John __, one of the world’s best classical guitarists

Puzzle 3

It connects the spinal cord to the cerebrum

Flaky, twisted French bread

TV show about misfits in Greendale College

What every why has

Chinese philosopher known for wise words

Dingos run wild in this country’s Outback

__ clown has a specific costume

Sinatra gets no kick from __

Base of low hills below a mountain range


Film by Joe Wright based on a novel by Ian McEwan

Ancient Greek wrestling school

Umbrella-like device for jumping out of planes

Very famous wrestler, won a lawsuit against Gawker

Cafeteria school chef in the Simpsons

Full-time Buddhist, the “homeless one”

Willing to consent or accept

Revolving platform for a vinyl record

Giving a gentle nudge over forgotten words

__ in Seattle, radio talk show romantic comedy

Puzzle 4

__ is Han Solo’s friend and sidekick in Star Wars

Second largest country in South America

Addition or change to a law or bill

Side dish from Southern states made with maize

Vanish from sight

Former swimmer and nine-time Olympic champion

Jamaican who runs “as fast as lightning”

A spinning cylinder

Blackspotted __ have large yellow lips

A wine lover

Mechanical marvel used to cut yards

An image with urban scenery as its primary focus

Puzzle 5

Retain basic contents by omitting details

Animal __, kids zoological sweet treat

Digital music service fought with Taylor Swift

Olympic sport involving light spear

They say it never sleeps

Widely popular headache, pain medicine brand

Sons of __, Hamlet on a motorcycle club on TV

John __, former American tennis player

A temporary solution

__ cave, formed within large ice formation

Life line for your smartphone

Group 137

Puzzle 1

Someone torn by an inner conflict

Daughter of Zeus and Leto, Apollo’s twin sister

Something made from clay and fired in a kiln

Small areas off walls of larger rooms

Medicine for stopping itching and pain

Liquid used as a nail polish remover

Item from the past, not modern

The official controlling a sports match

Physical elements of writing, such as metaphors

Legally taken and raised by other parents

Wipe this part of computer clean for privacy

Puzzle 2

Devices used to stop a car

These seeds are used on hamburger buns

Olympic gold medalist, Michael

Separate viewing spot on a computer screen

Involve, engross, occupy the efforts of

__ Illustrated, magazine known for swimsuit issue

__ Cash, famously entertained inmates

To actively not notice someone or something

A bill is an advertising __ for the circus

Computer key allows you to switch between modes

__ Rider, Hasselhoff series before Baywatch

Puzzle 3

The capital of Faroe Islands

Upwords is a variation of __ with stacking letters

Swiss, medium-hard yellow cheese with large holes

A group of people coming together

Asian island was British colony on 99-year lease

Liza __, daughter of Judy Garland

Leonardo __, won an Oscar for The Revenant

Ancient Art of War is the first real-time __ game

Ventilation from the top of the house

More cases of a disease than expected

Someone on your team, usually sports

Puzzle 4

Any girl or woman

Car __ can involve all types of cars

Alberta’s museum dedicated to these local rodents

Another term for soul or ghost

Temporary storage for holding data until ready

When pupils become larger, receive more light

__ and Her Sisters, a film by Woody Allen

Punctuation to stress certain letters

“Mouth” of car, allows air into engine area

Of or having to do with Wales or Welsh culture

__ Schwarzenegger, actor, politician

__ Earhart, famous female aviator

Puzzle 5

Ceremonial blade used in Wicca religion

__ Smith, 3 time Superbowl running back Cowboys

Isis, wife of __, goddess of marriage and wisdom

Professional who takes clients in cars or limousines

Resourceful, full of expedients

Contrary, instead of, one over the other

What you hit when you want to sleep longer

__ Room, people have to solve puzzles to break out

Canoe __, speed racing on calm water

__ wake you up better in the morning than caffeine

Where you go to the bathroom

Ancient queen of Persia who has a Bible book

Fish used for fishing bait

Group 138

Puzzle 1

Chemical element of atomic number 46

Sack worn on one shoulder, goes across chest

Editing a text so it can be published

A cylindrical container for holding ice cubes

Artwork made by cutting grooves into a surface

Nickname of US army troops in WWI

American director known for his dark fantasy films

Rime, ice crystals

Fruit preserved in sugar

The __, the original reality show, 90s MTV staple

__ of Horror, Simpson’s Halloween special

Medic emergency vehicle

A second-year college student

The shrew tamed by Petruchio in Shakespeare’s play

What seeing is

Baby bird that is ready to leave the nest

Hey, look over there!

La __, Spanish folk song with catchy beat

Capital of Slovenia

Puzzle 2

General __, American long-running soap opera

Jack __, greatest golfer of all time

Small sacs of tissue next to the tonsils

Roman emperor who wanted to make his horse consul

Alphabet used for writing eastern Slavic languages

Produces digestive hormones including insulin

Oldest known language spoken by the pharaohs

Layer of fabric underneath another layer of fabric

Pain in the head, many causes

__ Holmes, character by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Illegal pitch in baseball, ball is lubed

German Name for the Nazi Government

Neil __ Tyson, modern-day American astrophysicist

Puzzle 3

Material inside bone, often donated

To put money into something for a profit

Single person on a sports team

South American rodent related to guinea pigs

Francesco __, Italian Baroque painter

Liquid in zero-gravity will always form a __

The King’s __, Oscar-winner stuttering film

A set of teams that plays against each other

Glenn __, big band leader went MIA in WWII

Puzzle 4

Challenging toy, bouncy pole with places for feet

It is not possible to do the washing with it

Scottish whipped cream dessert with whisky

Get on this to glide on the snow

Period of no more menstruation for a woman

A box of matches, in days of yore

Hans __ Andersen wrote The Angel in 1843

It decides what is socially acceptable

Someone who practices any type of science

Language planned to become world language

Spanish writer of Don Quixote

Iron __, band of In the Garden of Eden

Before you see the dentist, you see this person

Cricketer when his team is not batting

Mobile game where players catch pocket monsters

The bowel is made up of the large and small __

Stage, big box illusion with Mexican influence

City where Harry Potter was written in a cafe

A hit by The Beatles

Puzzle 5

Sleeping and living out in nature

__ Paltrow, American actress and Oscar winner

Anoxia is the __ of oxygen in the body

Foul-smelling, reeking

Sent out heat, light, sound, liquid; discharged

Mount __ is home to Greek gods

French-inspired Olympic sport requires a mask

Roger __, Swiss tennis player

Grey’s __, part medical drama, part soap opera

Stringed instrument from the Renaissance

__ Lagoon, Disney’s giant Florida waterpark

__ grunt, or dogfish, live in schools on reefs

“French” Fries come from this low country

A night street in New Orleans and a drink’s name

Group 139

Puzzle 1

Term for a young swan

Initially conceived as a martial art

Small, __, Large

Large beings in Norse mythology who live near rocks

Music made using cutlery, aka playing the bones

Separation of __, less concentrated influence

Emma __, title character of a novel by Flaubert

__ Peet, American actress

Five __ of Grief, aka Kubler Ross Model

Dr. Remy Hadley on House, __ Wilde

A case for arrows

The __ Years, late 80s opened by Joe Cocker

Puzzle 2

Include hammer, anvil and stirrups; ear bones

Dorn is a __ fantasy board game from Altar

What the pasteurization process kills

Band that recorded the hit Turn Turn Turn

Pale round seed aka Garbanzo beans

Come Out __, not so subtle boxing idiom

Itchy and __, Simpsons cartoon

__ Dad, adult cartoon led by CIA agent

Area on each side of the body, holds arms in place

Fast car designed for a type of race

Balloonfish, or __, puff up when threatened

Ancient lingua franca of Greater India

Divine inspiration

Bigeye Trevally are found in all __ waters

Puzzle 3

Japanese casual clothing store

Turkish porridge for the Muharram

Gyalwang __, reincarnated Buddhist master

As much as eight gallons

The Lion King, 1994 __ animated film

Shelf __, item taking too long to sell

A buss, a kiss

Son named after his father, not senior

The ecclesiastical unit committed to one pastor

WWI battle also known as the “Race to the Sea”

Bram __, the original vampire author

Pale surgeonfish has sharp scalpel tail

Political campaign about the UK leaving the EU

Open place with buyers and sellers of goods

Puzzle 4

An island republic which used to belong to Denmark

Item used to build protective walls or trenches

Slightly hard natural cheese, sometimes sharp

Leonardo __ painted the Vitruvian Man

Disobedient or mischievous

Invasions, raids

Carl Sagan taught astronomy here

Sleeps upside down and plays dead

Puzzle 5

Say __ and thank you, nice manners

French for a Peeping Tom

Thomas __, wrote The Witch of Edmonton

Stunted ear of Indian corn

The brothers or brothers-in-law of your parents

Not quite all, almost all

Christ coming into the world

Boa Constrictor, or red boa, is a common pet

List of a team’s players

The Secret __, TV show about a city full of witches

Small stream of water from the Earth

In Africa, respectful form of address to men

Relating to the whole world, universal

McDonald’s classic with its own song

Outline, plan for a meeting, to be voted on

Slang term for habitual weed smoker

Spanish royal city, home to famous soccer clubs

French partner dance from the early 17th century

Donna Murphy plays Mother __ in Tangled

Close, neighboring, not far away

Group 140

Puzzle 1

By individual

Someone who speaks two languages

Green grossular stone from Kenya

The Incredible __ Man, a sci-fi about radiation

Another term for safe room

Word recently coined

Inflammation of the kidneys

Puzzle with letters and black squares

The common __ is also known as common stingray

State of satisfaction and contentment

Bow-shaped lake formed in a channel of a river

__ Heights, inequivocal gothic novel

Lincoln __ is a luxurious SUV

Played with rackets and shuttlecocks

Savory, fried vegetable appetizer; makes you cry

TV show about the working-class Gallagher family

This kind of disease requires remedies alike

Olympic team sport played in a pool

To improve the appearance of an area of land

Belittle, degrade

Institution in Bern, produces Switzerland’s coins

Puzzle 2

To endure something like a surgery

What an army marches on

A way to greet someone

Someone who plays the drums

An answering __ holds phone messages

To deviate from normal path, go another way

To extract or emit under pressure

Main body of riders in a bicycle race

Place to discard cigarette residues

Author of The Waste Land

Plural form of amoeba

__ Moore, controversial, liberal movie maker

Puzzle 3

Again, once More

__ Laboratories, famous pharmaceutical company

__ Capote, would never begin, end work on Friday

__ cat has a rounded face and folded ears

Person who takes care of the bats in baseball

Caterpillars are __ of butterflies

Natives of this principality cannot gamble there

__ Hugo, French novelist whose work is set in Paris

1980 American horror film: __ the 13th

The wizard at King Arthur’s court

Little Red __ Hood, a French fairy tale

Black snake eel usually bury themselves

Most probable outcome, certainty, probably

The__ Connection, winner of the 44th Academy Awards

An ancient Persian king

Long walks through the woods on a trail

Puzzle 4

You cannot do this with your eyes open

Wild dog, known for its laugh; not hyena

Plan or outline to be done

Curved knife used by Sikhs

Blackway and Bourne film series star, Julia __

Capital of Kazakhstan

Additive ractopamine is illegal in this country

Polish pastry eaten on Fat Tuesday in US

Official name to hop, step and jump

Evil and mischievious dwarf-like daemon

__ Bob SquarePants, most popular Nickelodeon toon

Arcade game sequel to 1979’s Galaxian

Batman: __ is a series of video games

Puzzle 5

__ In Paris, a film by Woody Allen

Midnight’s __, by Salman Rushdie

__ Culkin, Home Alone star, Jackson friend

A bank is a large elevated area of __

__ Island, board game with marbles as lava

Quarter of an area, usually land area

To enter a horse in a race

Your mother told you to never run holding this

__ are insects considered good luck in Asia

Large hill of sand made by wind flows

This candy brand asks you to “taste the rainbow”

Knitted garment that has an open front

Trekkies are people who love __