Group 820

Puzzle 1

Pop punk queen Avril who gave us Complicated
Colorful layered cake from Malaysia
What diabetics check the level of
A person who is traveling for pleasure
Legal warning for an apprehended criminal suspect
8-foot canary who’s a star of Sesame Street
Poisonous metal (Cd) used in nuclear reactors
Glazing agent from the hive in food preparation
Boris Rocky and Bullwinkle villian
Unusual, bizarre
Pointy part of a wasp
Hunting by stealth
Plainly, openly, blatantly
Ceremony in a place of worship
Prisoner, detainee
Superman’s planet of birth
Twins from Alice in Wonderland, dum and dee
Supporting pedestals for statues
Birth pregnancy prevention led by Marie Stopes
Hanseatic avenue of warehouses in Bergen
French city the Romans called Aurelianum

Puzzle 2

Quince preserve eaten with cheese in Iberia
All Time High, the opening theme to this Bond film
Greater than others in power or influence
Roofed gallery or pavilion
Said to be the little town where Jesus was born
To have specific and advanced knowledge of a field
A disorder of the voice
Identifies an illness
For whom the 1940 Ernest Hemingway novel
Place of learning such as the Bauhaus or Slade
Kindred spirits, people with the same opinions
Batman villain born with the name Jonathan Crane
Animal with dominant genes to pass to offspring
Pendulums and small moving fans do this
Volatile, easily aroused

Puzzle 3

River on the border between Spain and Portugal
Reinforced, strengthened, e.g. glass
Valve video game starring Gordon Freeman
Semi-full lunar presence in the night sky
Astrological sign personified as the Water Bearer
Tries, endeavors
Joyful chuckles
It’s dangerous to place rugs on floors
Wonderful, perfect setting
Children’s name for a steam train
Table of elements that is essential to chemistry
Writing a post on Twitter
Tunes, songs
Elderly farmer who lives next door to Peter Rabbit
Conflict within a country; Captain America film
Another word for landing a fish
A farm of fish grown for food
Smiling dolphin species found in the Mekong River
Doc Hudson’s number in Disney’s Cars

Puzzle 4

Winter drink that’s an alcoholic milk punch
Company famous for Mickey Mouse
SI units of luminous flux
Atlantic Ocean bay on northern coast of Spain
Metal parts that enable a door to open and close
Looked intensely at someone
Coldplay’s time-themed, critically acclaimed hit
Sealed, Delivered
Title for a leader in the Ottoman Empire
Sport central to the movie The Main Event
emptor; Latin phrase meaning buyer beware
Helicopter character in Thomas the Tank Engine
mold, wooden stamp for decorating a spread

Puzzle 5

Mischief-maker, a scamp or rascal
Screen for dividing a room
French playwright of Le Cid and Horace
Wealthy founder of Microsoft
Holiday also known as the Feast of the Nativity
Canadian city with Capilano Suspension Bridge
Hospital assistants who ferry patients about
Telling of a story or a voice track
G.I. Joe’s communications expert as of 1986
First day of Christmas present in a pear tree
The P in COPD, a serious lung condition