Group 819

Puzzle 1

Traditional thin, bite-sized sushi rolls
Description for person who’s emotionally unstable
Description of creative types
To be welcoming, kind, and compassionate
Covered a wound with a strip of material
Botanical pictures and drawings
Outfits worn on Halloween
Tiny organ where hair comes out
Announcement from MC at start of a bout
Spiritual teacher of the dharma in Jainism
The upper part weighs more than the lower one
Scarlet supervillain in the Minions films
When we use money to buy things, we’re doing this
Massive multiplayer online game: World of
Written essays in online newspapers
VPN and LAN are types of these
Tree with highly toxic yellow flowers
When the economy gets better
Mid-to-senior level non-commissioned officer rank

Puzzle 2

Salt solution used to clean wounds
Donovan; US soccer player with 157 caps
Tapestry, a pictorial description of 1066
Comic strips comprise these rectangular elements
Like a bicycle built for two
The world’s longest river
Common building on horse farms
Garth has Friends in Low Places
Tasting very milky and rich
Tapping out words using a keyboard
Drive where Vernon Dursley lives in Harry Potter
Thin medical tube inserted into a vein
Dress code that calls for fancy attire
Official joining of two businesses
A cake, a fabric, or an Underground band
Common building that horses sleep in
Persuades, encourages
Princess of the Netherlands born in 2005

Puzzle 3

French city, capital of Savoie dept
Eating some food between meals
A wild animal that isn’t branded as livestock
Number in a baker’s dozen
iPhone video call
The painting La Gioconda is better known as this
Scottish instrument played at the end of a wedding
The former start to a game of hockey
Cicely nurse, founder of the hospice movement
Churches may stage a live one at Christmas
In Hamlet he said To thine ownself be true
Sleeping state where your mind makes up movies
Presence of disease-resistant antibodies

Puzzle 4

The practical use of paranormal phenomena
The best defense is a good tactic of war
Sickness, illness, infection
Membrane-bound organelle filled with water
Trinidadian song and dance style
Member of a British Army cavalry regiment
This huge wind device produces clean energy
Soothing and relaxing, like a bubble bath
Georgia golfing venue for The Masters
What people in love tie to make it official
The male lead in No Strings Attached
Mrs she made great pies in Blackadder
Burning stove dug below ground, outdoors
Bright purplish red shade
Coarse saline created by evaporation
Free book rental building
Paul who plays Iron Man computer Jarvis
Hindu lunar god and planet, carries club, lotus
Study of paranormal experiences using electronics
Caribbean country, Nassau was a pirate pit stop

Puzzle 5

Acceptance into a university or course of study
Club officer who maintains financial records
Band that’s got a fever, howlin for you
1988 movie about Dmitri Shostakovich
If you discuss trivialities, you’re making this
Big hairy ; digging mammal with bony plates
Use this to style locks, but it’s not a comb
Theseus had to find his way through one
Cold, tomato-based, Spanish soups
Smell-killer for underarms
Lung disease caused by particles from mining, say