Group 818

Puzzle 1

Enlarged, weakened arterial area
Prediction of how much the bill will be
Actions proposed by government
Big-eyed arboreal mammal from the Americas
Rectangular prisms used to chill drinks
Hairstyle to secure locks during a workout
1977 Eric Clapton album, and also his nickname
Place in Scotland allegedly haunted by a monster
Aussie who voices Anchor in Finding Nemo
She and Khloe Take Miami to open a Dash Boutique
Antihistamine medicine that makes you drowsy

Puzzle 2

Back to return to a simpler way of living
Race discussed in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Remote controlled flying robots
Danny and Sandy did the Hand Jive in this film
Grilled sandwich, or Lil Nas X song
To take away an amount
Medieval footwear style with long, pointed toes
Plants and animals enjoyed by hikers
Small wooden poles, they support tiered cakes
Relating to the back
Yellowish-brown finch found in mixed woodlands
Beams of light used in surgery
High pitched and ear piercing
Large passenger plane marque
Ancient Greek sky god
Part of bread that is said to make hair curly
Bobby Brown, played Eleven in Stranger Things
The largest jigsaw one had over 550,000 pieces
Pet rodent whose name rhymes with herbal
Iconic Ford car model named after a bucking horse
American Independence Day is July
Room for storing wine
Older term for a person’s death notice

Puzzle 3

Art critic member of the Bloomsbury Group
When an egg has spots, it’s called this
Card game based on the personification of Britain
One of the most popular styles of home in the US
Kate Winslet’s debut film, Creatures
Accessory of the supervillain Thanos
Arctic species of the vulpes genus
New Zealand-born ex-BBC Radio 1 and Beats 1 DJ
Chance to switch off and not think about work
Sore, red, and tender
Triskaidekaphobia is a fear of this unlucky number
Process of nutrients being sucked out of soil
Cold painful bodily condition; ignore someone
Try-out, practice manoeuvre
Drove a vehicle backwards
Extreme type of aggression
Commemorative annual school publication
Sore, reddened, tender, on fire?
Soften by soaking in liquid, often of cherries
This clue is one.
Groups of disease-causing unicellular organisms

Puzzle 4

Part of a sentence that tells what the subject is
Canada has ten of these subdivisions
Dutch flower garden, widely known for its tulips
Behind the main performance area in a theatre
Transformer usually in the form of a VW Beetle in comics
Pictorial social media site with influencers
Sphere that is worth three points in snooker
H2O that is prone to causing limescale
A craftsperson of yellow, malleable precious metal
Relating to religion, having other-worldly beliefs
Sci-fi classic, Close Encounters of the
Dictatorial leader of Romania, killed in 1989
Glossy papers with news and features
Fashion designer Garavani with RED line
Exhausted, fried, completely devoid of more energy
Stop functioning or fail to start, e.g. a vehicle
With without the use of tools

Puzzle 5

He played Captain Ron in the 1992 comedy
Another word for unwise or looking silly
Rousing trumpet call
Losing the hair on the head
Fixing things, mending broken things
Desire, covet
Albany state
Magical movie board game that’s The Next Level
Thick italian dumplings of semolina and potato
Winningest dog breed group at Westminster
Radical, far to one side of a spectrum
To let in a goal in a football match
Pilots use an artificial one for orientation
Rupert Murdoch-founded British reporting channel
George Frederick Handel’s master work
Arithmetical card game also called 21
What one does before rinsing and repeating
Lunar phase that is completely in shadow
Political TV drama about Olivia Pope
Admission slot raffle; Shirley Jackson story