Group 817

Puzzle 1

Large piece of material used for warmth
Go faster, accelerate
Robert who played the Sundance Kid
Insane in the Brain hip hop group, Hill
Pillow upon which a wedding ring is placed
Wilma Flintstone’s baby
Stone, Sherlock story about a Crown diamond
Common ; good or proper manners
A pair of small listening devices
Girl With a Pearl Earring painter
Thor’s hammer
Instrument sometimes used to deliver babies
Means of access, an entrance
Peninsular U.S. state with beaches on three sides

Puzzle 2

Flash space hero
Silky lemur with distinctive alarm call
Former European state or capital of the Bahamas
1980 telephone hit for Blondie
French Riviera town, the pearl of France
Disarm a bomb
Stretchy, sticky protein found in flour
Person who grows the corn, milks the cows
Apple web browser
Tough and muscular, wiry and brawny

Puzzle 3

Last name of Margaret, former UK Prime Minister
Fairytale writer Hans Christian
Something something blue, wedding tradition
Part of the face that wrinkles when brows raise
Sea of Galilee city named after Roman emperor
Learn by heart, like lines from a movie perhaps
President who defeated Sarkozy in 2012 French vote
Twenty-three times two
To offer public support for a group or cause
Deep underworld prison in Greek mythology
Tinker Bell’s forever-young best friend
Grey’s Anatomy hospital has very skilled ones
Object or info collected to prove cause or crime
Traditional artform of woven textile wall hanging
90s grunge rock band fronted by Eddie Vedder
This drink tastes like original without alcohol
Sleeping outdoors with all the comforts of home
Nationality of Godzilla
Winner, team that finishes top of a league
Weiner dog

Puzzle 4

A sweet Italian spread made from hazelnuts
Only country bordering The Gambia
Saint of astronomers; founder, Order of Preachers
Stradivarius made some of the most famous ones
Send an email on to another person
Bargain people who scour shops for discounts
Hypnotic or dazed states
Pressure point damage experienced by the infirm
Two tall pillars in St Mark’s Square, Venice
French word for hat
Energy that comes from motion
Fast and movies number more than ten
Cats, lions, tigers
Last person to speak in Shakespeare’s Hamlet
arts; combat sports such as karate

Puzzle 5

Dripping nasal passages, like with a cold
Genetic traits of an organism that can be observed
Non-fictional tale of a famous person’s life
Caught apprehended while committing a crime
Most densely populated NYC borough
Adobe image manipulation software
Kipling’s tiger who longs to kill a human
He wanted a brain in The Wizard of Oz
In Greek mythology, Amazon queen with magic girdle
French explorer that brought settlers to Quebec
Broken into many pieces