Group 816

Puzzle 1

Disney 90s musical that featured A Whole New World
Admirers, potential romantic partners
German twisted and salted bread
Knights rescue them in folklore
Large pulsating vein in the neck
Performing an aria
Nintendo handheld recreation device
Solomon’s ancient city in Syria
The ship that followed the Mayflower in 1621
Any parallelogram with equal sides

Puzzle 2

Benjamin, dancer husband of Natalie Portman
TV show about Tanner Family in San Francisco
Mythical hominid tied to the US Pacific Northwest
Name for a bench that’s long and upholstered
Mythical hominid tied to North America
Mojito, Cosmo, Martini and Whiskey Sour
Underground tubes for carrying oil or gas
Popular sandbox survival game with creepers
1991 REM album featuring Losing My Religion
Arid region on the southern tip of Argentina

Puzzle 3

What the Q stands for in IQ
Meteorologists measure this amount of sky water
Prayer said before a meal or during baptism
Bull-man defeated by Theseus and ball of thread
Ancient Roman smoke room used to enhance wine taste
Outdoor time-telling devices that rely on shadows
The Trevi has 3,000 Euros tossed in it daily
Orchestral piece in multiple parts
Printmaking art of ink transferred by etched metal
Drink you make when life hands you something sour
The Lion King’s Rafiki is this monkey species
The height of land in relation to sea level
Cartoons team up with Michael Jordan in this flick
Slang for fake animal skin

Puzzle 4

Athletic activities
Brazilian supermodel and businesswoman Bündchen
One of these is sometimes given a chicken dinner
Dairy spread for toast or making pancakes
honey; supplement with antibacterial properties
Online message boards for discussions and chat
Christi, festival on the Thursday after Trinity
Salvador Dali painted melting ones
powder; fragrant white substance
The most spoken Dravidian language in India
Blue pigment used in Chinese porcelain

Puzzle 5

Largest inland lake in South America
Enormous movie ape atop the Empire State Building
The language that Hindu scriptures were written in
Riley’s imaginary friend in Inside Out film
Monogamous ocean creature, male carries babies
Cash a till for adding up sales
A section added to the end of a book
Rolling Stones song expresses this for the devil
Keyboard musician who accompanies church hymns
For summer fights, they’re filled with water
Space rock that can form a belt