Group 815

Puzzle 1

First name of the cricket in Pinocchio
Cane material used in furniture
A difficult task is an battle
To be worn away by the elements over time
Hunt down, follow
Clichés are this type of lazy storytelling device
Herb that acts as a narcotic for felines
This theory could be the Theory of Everything
A small cafe or restaurant

Puzzle 2

US political scandal that ended Nixon’s Presidency
Rainbow pieces scattered onto cakes or ice cream
Fast-kicking, Korean martial art
Background on a computer desktop
Movie in which they wear pink on Wednesdays
How vaccines are usually given
Plants on which dates or coconuts grow
Art style of firing ink at a blank canvas
Alice met this milliner in Wonderland
Gang, the Rapper’s Delight group
Its symbol on the periodic table is K

Puzzle 3

Shy, like Piglet
South American mammal closely related to the llama
Flashlights that help people see in the dark
The Flintstones lived in this city
Sweet ice cream variety made with a dried bean
Skeletal component with 12 pairs of bones
Ricky created David Brent and Michael Scott
Mr. Incredible’s hero best buddy
DC villainess who regularly fights Wonder Woman
Author of the nonsense poem Jabberwocky: Lewis
Green light, thumbs up
Negotiating bluetooth connection between devices
Prolonged periods of drastic food shortages
A community that grows to have unspoken rules
Removing all sense of feeling, dulling pain

Puzzle 4

Ginger singer who sang I Don’t Care
Chris who plays Thor for Marvel
Collections of commonly used code in programming
Largest domestic cat breed with a long fluffy tail
Traditional learning setting
La Italian for the good life
Mark Twain’s character, appears in 4 of his books
State of euphoria named after cumulonimbus forms
The sweet fairy in The Nutcracker
Hallucinogenic South American brew

Puzzle 5

Police will investigate if this is suspected
Vocal range between bass and alto
Arthurian Knight who had an affair with Guinevere
Enclosed space for some marine animals
Intaglio printmaking method of needle scratching
Word game of placing letter tiles on a grid
Italian pasta slightly wider than spaghetti
South American snake, heaviest in the world
Great Sea, to the west of Middle-earth
iPhone app used instead of cash in stores
Inflammation of the nasal cavities
Red hardwood that is invasive in the Philippines
Outfit worn to the pool or beach