Group 814

Puzzle 1

Song title used by Kool & the Gang and Celine Dion
E. B. White wrote about this Little mouse-like boy
German beer mugs
Canine idiom meaning the leader of the pack
Ruler in ancient Rome, also a classic salad
Cowgirl from Toy Story
Hold someone in great esteem, look up to
Bony structures on tortoises’ backs
Cumulus, stratus, or cirrus objects

Puzzle 2

Mountains where Andorra lies
Japanese producer of Gameboy and Wii
2017 Orient Express missionary: Cruz
Most abundant and lightest element in the universe
Norse figure who picks those who enter Valhalla
Story with a hidden political or moral meaning
An actor goes to one to try to get a role
pony; person with a sole area of expertise
Future spouses vow in health and in this
Athletes who compete on parallel bars or rings
Meat wrapped in dough, fried or steamed
Walking aids issued from hospitals
Puerto Rican reggaeton artist; malicious rabbit

Puzzle 3

Marvel superhero blinded in childhood
Frank Lloyd Wright is a famous example of one
Stuffed corn tortilla coated in sauce and baked
A cell compound that attacks allergies
Not quite a full lie
The primary activity of Lewis and Clark
Large fuzzy spider sometimes kept as a pet
School society for playing a board game
3 x 5 inch piece of heavy paper
Record-breaking Jamaican sprinter
Family, who often visit during holidays
Britain’s rock, at the southern tip of Spain

Puzzle 4

Leaf used for wreaths in Ancient Greece
Stand outside a workplace during a strike
Signaling fire on a hill, often part of a chain
In the story, Oz is run by one
Dangerous tricks done by skilled pros, not actors
Alphabetically first US state that borders Canada
Mediterranean Island country with Greek culture
Sets, collections of items or people
Camera; TV prank show filmed in secret
Grint, Ron Weasley actor
Hole through which a cord is threaded and tied
Another word for fishing equipment
Mediterranean island with Greek & Turkish culture
Units of mass used to measure diamonds
hero, one without praise of public recognition
Shish Kabob is meat roasted on one of these
Norton, Snowden, Olmos or Burns
Video game character type who restores HP

Puzzle 5

Spanish city famed for oranges
Animal referred to as nature’s skyscraper
Small, pickled fish used as a pizza topping
Ceremony for awarding new belts in Tae Kwon Do
Rock band named after the guitarist Carlos
Number with 1 followed by 6 zeros
1980s movie about the Profumo affair
An inoculation
Fall by the ; fail to stay the course
Mr. Sheen, Mr. Hunnam, or Mr. Chaplin
Book or film series with three entries
Give a boastful performance or display