Group 813

Puzzle 1

Second Roman emperor, successor of Augustus
One who eats plants and meat
Maleficent, Cruella De Vil and Ursula, for example
Mouthpieces that make shrill celebratory sounds
Marvel’s series about teens against their parents
bottle; liquid-filled source of warmth
Broadband transmitted over the air
Identification document for travel
N Italian lake that the Romans called Lacus Larius
Aussie equivalent of Marmite, a national icon
Lois Lane’s occupation
Tom Sawyer tricked his friends into doing this
Lead in a pencil

Puzzle 2

German lake, also called the Bodensee
Tiny, tentative advances in progress
Person tasked with scenery or props during a play
Harry Potter had a cloak that made him this
On a subatomic level, electrons are tiny
Citywide hunt to find objects
Teri Hatcher played a desperate one
Bats, ground squirrels, and bears do it
Traditional home for monks
Author of Matilda and James and the Giant Peach
Hairdressers are doing this with peroxide
Port-wine stain or café au lait spot, for example

Puzzle 3

Sea where the Cyclades Islands are found
Famous Collie in movies and TV
Sickly or nauseous
The Beach Boys want her help
Abundant element that’s found in diamonds
To do with the mind
Cosplay that combines two characters into one
Location of Kubla Khan poem

Puzzle 4

The territory ruled by an emir
Buddy cop film with Will Smith, Martin Lawrence
The Emerald Isle
Edible sea snails; awami in Japanese cuisine
Pole at the four corners of a sleeping platform
Tornado warnings mean people should take this
I Wanna Dance with Somebody Artist, Houston
Burst into flames
Moving to music
Barack Obama went to law school there
Relieve pins and by moving your head
Holmes keeps his tobacco in a Persian
Mister Spock urged us to live long and this

Puzzle 5

Exclusive Rome street, setting of La Dolce Vita
1975 chart-topping Bruce Springsteen album
Profession concerned with treating oral health
An insect or animal that eats only wood
French term describing the upper middle class
An enormous sea serpent in Jewish mythology
Jackets worn in storms
Hard part of the face, highlighted and contoured
Sand-riding vehicle
Machine that beams images onto a surface
Architects design opera houses with this in mind
Golf score of three under par