Group 812

Puzzle 1

Campanile, not always home to bats
Largest country in the Western Hemisphere
A knight’s sidekick
Cinderella’s was at midnight
Iced coffee beverage shaken and foamy
Sport played on ice with sticks and pucks
Orson Welles’ War of the
2004 album from The Temptations
If you’ve got it, it
Ross’s monkey in Friends
Get measurements and a suit from this person
Rihanna’s lingerie collection: X Fenty

Puzzle 2

Young, thin tree
Joining metal to metal
Michael Phelps is the most successful Olympian one
Opposite of comedy
Xena: Princess, cult fantasy TV series
Fringed knots added to accessories
Jason Ghostbusters reboot director
Child one with remarkable gifts for their age
Rocker shares Brook St, Mayfair museum with Handel
Screen for viewing spreadsheets at work
Type of tree that delivers pecans
Splash out and spend lots of money
Chinese dumpling parcels
Greek goddess of the hunt and wild animals
Poet who led the transcendental movement
Receiving guests to your home, entertaining

Puzzle 3

People employed to offer post-birth support
Selection, option
Mariana deepest point of the Pacific Ocean
Drooped like wet cloth
Heart ; detour around a coronary artery blockage
French surgeon known for herpetology
Primate with similar genetics to us, aka dwarf chimp
A big lump of something sticky or soft, e.g. cream
Honesty is the best one, according to the saying
Pink hang out with T Birds in the film Grease
Insurgents, mutineers
Monty British comedy troupe with dead parrot

Puzzle 4

Britain’s biggest airport, with five terminals
James 15th US president
The zodiac sign Taurus is known for being this
Second-largest of Japan’s islands, north of Honshu
Gillian Flynn’s thriller about a missing wife
Home of the the Jade Buddha Temple
Film parody of Austen’s Emma, set in Beverly Hills
Way to improve skin texture: peel
Pill or syrup given to cure what ails you
America’s national pastime
Two lost souls swimming in a Pink Floyd lyric
Blue, shapeshifting X-Men enemy

Puzzle 5

Sending goods to foreign countries
Penzo; home stadium of Venezia FC
Douglas an inventor of the computer mouse
University city in both Massachusetts and England
Sally sells them by the seashore
Cinderella’s was a fairy and her magical mentor
Kelly Clarkson’s second studio album
Not a complete grin
German city where Mercedes and Porsche are based
2000 Russell Crowe film set in ancient Rome