Group 811

Puzzle 1

Three membranes that protect the brain
Monty Python’s stage musical hit
An animal’s lineage, showing its breed
Illusion of a 3d image caused by light refraction
Nirvana defined the grunge style of this decade
Wrote Bartleby the Scrivener
Maleficent: of Evil, 2019 Disney fantasy sequel
Rolled sushi
A man not wearing underwear is going this
An object thought to contain magic powers
Monster with one main eye and 10 eyestalks
RuPaul’s TV reality runway and lip sync contest

Puzzle 2

Utkatasana, a standing seated posture in yoga
Ingredient common in candy, cookies, and cakes
Diagram showing work processes
Numerical figure extracted from a study
Public water bus serving Venice lagoons
Cleanse and decontaminate
Area right outside of view; the edges of an area
Actor that starred in Django Unchained and Ray
In need of pruning or cutting back
Lisa Simpson or Kenny G’s instrument
Spanish writer of Don Quixote, published in 1605
Put on mascara to enhance them

Puzzle 3

Eruption of water from a hot spring in the ground
Scientist Bill Nye is known for this neckwear
Device that emits wireless signals for connection
Banished to live in a different country
Fugitive or criminal, especially in the Wild West
Playing Minecraft or Mario Kart, for example
Travel with Norwegian or Royal Caribbean
chaud, warm cheese dish, French for goat
If you take the red pill, you’ll end up here
Engineless plane that flies on the wind
Subtle differences in pigments
Gold someone who has their eyes on a fortune
Serious disease in dogs: parvo or parvovirus
West African spider god that knows all stories

Puzzle 4

Kingdom state, became a part of Germany in 1871
A scapegoat, a dupe, a sucker
Stray off the intended course
Decoration sprinkled on food, e.g. parsley
& Sons, Sigh No More band
Alligator, crocodile, king cobra or Komodo dragon
A business that has just launched
Protagonist of American Psycho
What boxers deliver

Puzzle 5

William IV’s queen and South Australia’s capital
Her fans are known as Little Monsters
A system that protects internal computer networks
Animal form that the Hindu god Ganesh takes
Large brain part also called the telencephalon
Lunar phrase for something rare: Once in a
Vast Las Vegas hotel with golden lion logo
Often humorous poem with the rhyme scheme AABBA
Gutenberg revolutioned this process
Lead character who is not especially brave
Sleep disorder that keeps a person up at night
Caviar often comes from this fish
Condolences in time of grief