Group 810

Puzzle 1

Padding sewn inside a cuddly toy
hits; collection of a band’s best-known songs
Make this Greek dish if you have lamb and eggplant
Mythology-themed luxury hotel in Dubai
Impeccably clean
Device that disperses aroma from essential oils
Surname of Agatha Christie’s husband
Feline villain played by Halle Berry in 2004
Surname of Agatha Christie’s archaeologist husband
To get an app from the internet
Modern romantic fiction, often about women’s lives

Puzzle 2

chic; distressed style of interior design
Swiss city, on the River Rhône and a lake
Danny Edward Scissorhands composer
Official representatives of national governments
Roman goddess of gardens, fruit trees
price, amount a seller ideally wants to receive
Indulge with massages and other treatments
Serial killer Hannibal’s last name
beef, preserved canned meat from Argentina
Purchasing goods online or in store
Cat that is skilled at catching rodents
Physicist Karl, famous for research on radio waves
An earlier version of a refrigerator
Short spells or periods

Puzzle 3

Burning feeling from a wound or a nettle
Spartan general who defeated the Athenian fleet
Animal guide that is bonded to a witch
Sir Elton John, full pseudonym of the singer
Law court or judgement panel
What students load up to carry school books
Islas alternative name for the Falkland Isles
Ginger-like spice used in Thai cooking
Message sent via cable before telephones
Oedipus’ daughter featured in a Sophocles play

Puzzle 4

French card game of tricking your opponent
Nautical sounding hit for Rod Stewart in 1975
Biggest city in Scotland, with a Necropolis
riche, people who have come into money
Temperature scale of 0 at water’s freezing point
Person who arranges a collection for a museum
Term for a baby born much earlier than expected
Artist who shared a house in Arles with Van Gogh
Ornate Russian tea urn
Creator of The Artful Dodger fictional character
Australian marsupials that play dead
Snow White sang My Prince Will Come
Transmission of sound and images online

Puzzle 5

Grass species that makes a sweet global commodity
Risk taker or stunt performer
They’re made in war and on Survivor
Software that scans for harmful files and malware
Jesus’ 12 followers who attended the Last Supper
Group who sang The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Head and face gear to protect against the cold
McDonalds menu choice aimed at young children
Card game, you need to reach 21
He plays Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy
What is measured in hertz
Risk taker or stuntman
An oval surrounding Egyptian hieroglyphs