Group 809

Puzzle 1

Buttons used to secure a duffel coat
Buttons with which to secure a duffel coat
Mozzarella and tomato salad; anagram of escaper
Parts of a Russian ruble
Peter Peter Eater, children’s nursery rhyme
Very common computer operating system
Kitchen items made of clay, highlighted in Ghost
Gates; married to Microsoft founder Bill
Mass meetings to rouse enthusiasm
Person who recommends a course of action

Puzzle 2

Ms. McAdams, Bilson, or Weisz
Perfectly round object
Spout at the end of a hose
Classic martini garnishes
Chain of beads for counting prayers in Catholicism
Jackal-headed Egyptian god of embalming
This peak was previously known as Mount McKinley
ABBA love song with repeated Italian title
Lizard known to fall from trees in cold weather
bubble, toil and trouble : Macbeth’s witches
Still functioning space telescope launched in 1990

Puzzle 3

1979 Bond film with Venice speed boat chase
A fan might ask a movie star for one
Collection of Ancient Greek Trojan War epic poems
Italian dish of thinly sliced raw meat
Rust is caused by on certain metals
Yellow 10th Beatles Album
Spinning blade on small planes
They might outweigh the negatives
First name of the writer of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
The medulla is found in this part of the body
That ’70s Show star who voices Meg on Family Guy
The study of glands
Yellow floral herb, makes calming tea
Best score in Blackjack
The Niagara Gorge hosts a world famous one

Puzzle 4

Daisy’s sad toy clown in Toy Story 3
A running event a little over 26 miles or 42 km
Actor who played Hawkeye in M*A*S*H
Shallow container for germinating plants
Washing your mouth and throat without swallowing
E.g. gesture of kindness or friendliness
Valley Sunday, Monkees hit of 1967
Gabriel García Márquez wrote 100 years of this

Puzzle 5

Mountain range whose highest peak is Mount Everest
Sherlock, Miss Marple or Poirot, for example
Having a strong effect on someone’s life
Mantra of Dead Poets Society, means Seize the Day
Price to pay if buy from a distributor
Circle of mushrooms in a forest or grassland
Apparatus that measures air pressure
Yellow flower often considered a nuisance plant
Container that holds cast votes in an election
Main, top-of-the-bill act at a music festival