Group 808

Puzzle 1

Like a trait taken from one’s parents
Type of long razor with foldable handle
In a Dr. Seuss story, they go with ham
P. McCartney song in support of 1960s civil rights
Aloe is this common plant type with thick parts
Photography technique shot over several days
German dish with a fried meat cutlet and sauce
Unfinished business to tie up
Michelle Obama and Laura Bush were this

Puzzle 2

Untroubled by conflict or agitation
She did this when she asked him to marry her
Payments earned after retirement
Piece of cloth for mopping up alcoholic spills
Liquid that marine mammals live in
Yellow Shih Tzu in Animal Crossing franchise
REM sang about losing this
ABBA song and a defeat for Napoleon
Fraction equal to 20 percent of a whole
Vessels that excavate riverbeds
The start of a theatrical performance
Two Roads in a Yellow Wood : famed poetic line
Optimistic Cape in South Africa

Puzzle 3

Facebook game where players tend to crops
Insectivore with many legs; classic arcade game
Foreign adversary of Bond at the gaming tables
Country home to Bondi Beach
Method for identifying a person’s allergies
Drax’s title in the Marvel universe
Common order for soldiers to lower their weapons
Champagne brand with Special Cuvee blend
Mailed mementos of a trip
Large, portable devices that blast music loudly
Keyed percussion instrument played with mallets

Puzzle 4

Cooked on or under heat
Small country next to Spain
Dwayne Johnson’s wrestler name
Illness, health problem
The cost of acquiring a service or product
Brightly painted vehicle in the Philippines
Irrational, deep-rooted fears
George singer of Faith and Careless Whisper
Reindeer who was able to help guide Santa
Childlike nickname for canines

Puzzle 5

Ryder; Little Women and Stranger Things actress
White grape brandy from western France
Elon Musk’s rocket launching corporation
Purplish red; Adam Levine’s five
Japan’s largest island
This rough rock can polish toes and heels
Building material mixed with sand to make concrete
A in the Sun, 1959 play by Lorraine Hansberry
Martin Luther famously wrote 95
HTTP server that’s also a type of helicopter
TV chef and Hell’s Kitchen host, Gordon