Group 807

Puzzle 1

Sweets post-meal treat
Person with ginger hair; North American duck breed
Series of Rolls-Royce cars
Mineral that strengthens bones
Catholic body founded by Josemaría Escrivá
Person with a fine personality, an ovum analogy
A person has this when their hearing organ hurts
A greatly reduced price, a steal
He-Man is one of the of the Universe
Shakespeare tragedy of a Venetian army general
A Dog’s ; follow-up film to A Dog’s Purpose
Tactile writing system, read by touch
North African country featuring the Sahara

Puzzle 2

King story of a telepathic high school student
Oysters turn grit into these glowing beads
Bernie Madoff was jailed for pyramid type of this
Rita 1961’s Anita in West Side Story
Put money into a business hoping for future profit
A pill to swallow is an unavoidable unpleasantry
Mountain kingdom, its capital is Thimphu
Wet toppings for pasta
Beetles revered as sacred amulets in Ancient Egypt
Tallest tower in Paris named after its engineer
What’s in the heart, for performer Deee-Lite
Vegetable the French once believed caused leprosy
Type of elbow gotten with lateral epicondylitis
Fancy wool originally from southwest Spain
Lending party in a lease agreement

Puzzle 3

Instrument one blows into, played by Bob Dylan
Post-graduate degree with PhD qualification
Painful inflammation of the lining of a joint
Habitual stealing of small items
Painful inflammation of fluid around joints
Teacher of Japanese Buddhist meditation
High balance wire in a circus
Mediterranean flowers in the Asparagaceae family
Early sample model of a product or vehicle
Film technique using wireframe computer models
Wooden implement measures three feet at a time
Starch-like cornflour used in clear thickening

Puzzle 4

Mocking, teasing, provoking
French long, thin bread with a hard crust
Sword of legendary blade held by a fine thread
Optimus Prime’s arch enemy in Transformers
Line in the sand or line on a map
Taking an oath
Speed built up over time that gives impetus
Tommy Grand Theft Auto: Vice City protagonist
Sean T’s intense body workout routine
Frontman of the Doors, Jim aka the Lizard King
Money paid to a shareholder from company revenue
The love interest of Romeo before he meets Juliet

Puzzle 5

Caribbean isle, forms a nation with Antigua
DC comic hero played by Jason Momoa in 2018
Works of skin art
Broadway specialty
Boy George band: Club
Painful bubble on the skin, caused by heat
French word for a very young chicken
Venomous shark species with canine-related name
Small dog who hangs with Scooby Doo
UK cathedral, world’s tallest building (1311–1548)
Nationality of racing driver Kimi Räikkönen
Illustrator for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Italian for bad air; disease caused by mosquitoes