Group 806

Puzzle 1

Another name for the tibia
A skilled and strategic movement
Paper container for money at a wedding
Tropical flower or a red tea
Actress, animal activist; starred in Pillow Talk
Bright pink bird associated with Florida
Mythical island nation created by Plato
Disease caused by insulin imbalance
With an irregular shape or design
2018 hit for Sam Smith and Calvin Harris
Cats Tygra and Cheetara hailed from this planet
North-west French region where they speak Breton
Science that studies dogs

Puzzle 2

What took the Titanic down
Panic! At the Disco singer Urie
Sam film producer and studio owner with Mayer
Paper-joining stationery tool that needs reloading
Wooden scaffold used by hangmen in the past
Ship kitchens
Three-pronged spear wielded by Poseidon
Drive from home to work and back again
Linus from Peanuts believed in a Great one
Something often lit during meditation
Cassette-player brand for on the move in the 1980s
and Johnson, scientists who wrote about sex

Puzzle 3

Japanese car maker of the Corolla
Well-known and in the public eye
Counterfeit, fake, bogus
African leaping antelope with curving horns
Collections of songs by an artist, e.g. on a CD
Diane of Annie Hall and Book Club
Former Philippines First Lady Imelda
Mythical small monster, usually mischievous
Difficult-to-stop spasm of the diaphragm
These are eaten between meals
Space cloud, made up of gases and dust

Puzzle 4

Unclear, can be interpreted in more than one way
Travel documents that show citizenship
Superman’s archenemy and wealthy businessman
These lizards would excel at hide and seek
He played Heimdall in Thor
CEO; chief officer; top dog at work
Shaft for steps in a building
Epistolary novel written by Jane Austen
Romantic card traditionally given on February 14
Genes that aren’t dominant

Puzzle 5

Animal between 12 and 24 months old
To raise, sometimes by the power of the mind alone
roll; sushi made with unagi, nuts and avocado
Articulating each note sharply in music
Urgent shipment option
Parachuted leap from a building
Purported medicine, essence of a viper
Folded paper information leaflet
The R in RSVP
Slang for 1950s group of bikers
Detailed ornamental work of twisted gold or silver
Ten-sided shapes
Stance that rejects any participation in war
Helen of Troy’s husband: King
10 Things I Hate 1999 Shakespearean rom-com
Hindu triad of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva