Group 805

Puzzle 1

Predatory freshwater fish native to South America
Villain Bram Stoker is famous for
Roman god of messages
Another word for kneading, toiling with dough
Large jungle chopping knife
A book on a required reading list is often one
Body of water where the river meets the sea
Blocked, congested
2013 Sandra Bullock science fiction film
Auguste Rodin’s sculpture of a pensive man
Also called the breastbone
A coach gives one before the game
Crypto-currency associated with Satoshi Nakamoto
A bright, extreme shade of red; a fever
Qing dynasty game of tiles

Puzzle 2

Author of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer
This Neil made the first lunar walk
Tina Turner hit: Left a good job down in the city
Nemo in Finding Nemo is this type of creature
17th C engraving technique giving tonal effects
This farmer works in netting to prevent stinging
Vessel powered by burning coal
Bill collectors call around for these companies
Bull who wanted to smell flowers instead of fight

Puzzle 3

Sister island of Tobago
Molly Brat Pack actress in Pretty in Pink
A joker, often
Knowingly hang onto information
Fever, hallucination, disorientation
Laxative Milk of
The Rock was this before he became an actor
Cooked egg dish, like quiche without a crust
Percy Jackson, Annabeth and Hercules are these
Coral species that looks like deer antlers
Flick through a book

Puzzle 4

Short for hazardous materials, protective gear
Steve was transformed into Captain America
Directors say this to start a scene
Coat put on before paint
Translated play by Lope de Vega: The Dog in the
Palm leaves
The densest naturally-occurring element
The Scribe; ancient Egyptian figure at work
Fruitless and totally unable to complete the task
while Rome burns, an Emperor Nero analogy
Scandinavian country where meal kits originated
State of innocence and cleanliness
Hair removal using candle material and strips
Covered with a sticky coating, like ribs
Open pastures used for growing crops
Estranged Truly, Madly, Deeply singers: Garden
A bullet is the only way to kill a werewolf
Skills done by snowboarders, water skiers, etc.

Puzzle 5

Author of the Harry Potter series
Cartoon flapper first appearing in 1930
Florida cape site of Kennedy Space Center
Another word for hard or not easy
Trading laws that protect buyers’ rights
Cordon barrier to prevent disease spreading
Safety rafts attached to big ships
Term for Mumbai-based film production industry
Character by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton
The TB in #TBT