Group 804

Puzzle 1

Tinker and mechanical in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Rhapsody sung by band Queen
The four letters of a radio or TV station
The end of an uneven bars routine
Things that are found on the periodic table
A kind of heel or a kind of knife
Crispy cubes of bread eaten with salad or soup
Marvel anti hero, real name is Wade Wilson
Anne who played Fantine in Les Misérables
Both a virtue and a woman’s name
Mound left by small, dusky digging mammal
Greek term for king or emperor
Gamers may find these with dragons
If one crosses your path, you might get bad luck

Puzzle 2

Conran, author of the Superwoman series
Pork sausage seasoned with paprika
Walt Lloyd’s pet Labrador in Lost TV series
Heap of chopped wood for burning on the hearth
Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl’s band
They allow pouring of liquids into small apertures
Host of the 2008 Summer Olympics
Spiritual, ceremonial customs
Pill designed to make up for poor nutrition
Washing off soap
Aquatic mammal sometimes called a sea cow
Washing off, cleansing

Puzzle 3

The low part of ground between mountains
Duchess of York; sang with The Black Eyed Peas
Expansion of Wizard of Oz, Broadway play
Practical and serviceable
Stop all the Auden poem aka Funeral Blues
Delicacy of fish eggs
High ; left destitute, without resources
Addams family’s creepy uncle
soda, toothpaste microbeads alternative
Meadow flower with lucky four-leaf variety
Delicacy made from fish eggs

Puzzle 4

Recent infectious disease, spread by mosquitos
A skydiver hopes this is packed correctly
Two pets, often fighting, according to the idiom
Another name for a bruise
This Band sings Wish You Were Here
Company founded by Bill Gates
What witnesses give under oath
Undergarment that adds volume to skirt of dress
1989 Julia Roberts film about friendship, Steel
Creator and voice artist on Beavis and Butt-Head
Italian pasta strands

Puzzle 5

Workers become these when they walk picket lines
Stay With Me singer knows he’s not the only one
Rocky heavyweight boxer who retired undefeated
Youthful trees, also you can buy them in Minecraft
Passageway in a school or hospital, for example
Aromatic spice that is made from bark
Girl in the play As You Like It disguised as a boy
Penny describes a miserly or mean attitude
Black and white Newfoundland dog
Bogota is its capital
Explosive common in demolition and mining