Group 803

Puzzle 1

Process of treating feet and toenails at a spa
Eight-night Jewish festival involving candles
Social event for ladies in the afternoon
Paris university with 13th-century origins
Nation of over 1,000 islands in the Indian Ocean
Jospeh Monier’s reinforced building material
Scaly anteater that can roll itself into a ball
Meaning of BTW
Divine message of the future from the beyond
Kings, and queens have these, also called vassals
Filtration process for low functioning kidneys
Pots, pans, and utensils
Miller; played Sick Boy in Trainspotting
Buddy Holly’s song about a 50s gal
A pickle can never return to being this

Puzzle 2

Andrew Lloyd Webber musical: of Love
Buy guy
Home base of a computer, where you drag files
Sewing machine brand from Switzerland
James Bond wants his drinks shaken, not
Slang for a pair of eyes
Nemo and his father live in one
2 atoms of 1 element with different electron count
A superhero’s nemesis
Crisp wafer for eating with cheese
US State with Phoenix as its capital

Puzzle 3

Used in math to solve problems
Welsh singer of James Bond theme Thunderball
Orange pigment, gives certain veggies their hue
The … that signifies trailing off mid sentence
Untruth told to save someone’s feelings, perhaps
International games that began in Ancient Greece
2020 Disney documentary narrated by Meghan Markle
Month named after the number ten
Online fad where folks laid straight out on things
Daughter of Sparta and wife of Odysseus
This Holmes is played by Cumberbatch
Highlighting puts this, or stress, on words
The passing of traits through familial generations
Short spiky strands on toothbrushes and hedgehogs

Puzzle 4

Deep gorges or ravines
Crossword clues can be down and this
City in which St. Vitus Cathedral is located
Cooking cakes or pies from scratch
Continent that’s home to the fictional Wakanda
Primate known for its bright red bottom
Shakespeare wrote many of this type of poem
Glossy fluids to add shine to hair
Golfers need one of these to carry their clubs
Rags to a journey from poverty to great wealth
Anonymous street artist and graffiti specialist
Vampire musical scored by Elton John and Taupin
Water has 2 hydrogen atoms and one atom

Puzzle 5

One-humped camel
Bequest of money received upon death
Poorly, not well, not in good condition
Snack made from flattened dough, e.g. pita or naan
Only surviving Bee Gee
What the A stands for in ATM – the money machine
Head covering to keep hair dry when bathing
Chicago’s nickname
Baby Peppa Pig’s newborn cousin
Distribute TV to the masses
1991 movie about George Sand and Frédéric Chopin