Group 802

Puzzle 1

Highly scented indoor plant with white flowers
Heaven for warriors in Norse mythology
Face to face rather than on the phone
Jack White, Brendan Benson, or Patrick Keeler
Hawaiian volcano that is mostly underwater
Arthur Miller wrote the play Death of a
The Flintstones kept one as a pet
Section of a stadium reserved for the media
A union between countries
Mediterranean island of Italy with nuraghi ruins
German astronomer siblings William and Caroline
It is taken out against property to secure a loan
Jack White, Alicia Keys or Yehudi Menuhin
Rita is a pin-up in The Shawshank Redemption
Strip that keeps your place in novels

Puzzle 2

Container for holding water on the go
Battle of great victory for Hannibal in 216 BC
A vinyl disc that has music on it
Thunder; Ben Stiller and Jack Black comedy
Bright tropical bird, mimics other animal calls
Game show-winning supercomputer
Pictures taken with a camera to capture moments
A vinyl disc which plays music
Sunglasses manufacturer known for Aviators

Puzzle 3

MacBook, Surface, IdeaPad
Captain Nemo’s fictional submarine
Long-running animated show with a yellow family
British fashion house known for trench coats
Another name for a blood clot
Range in which Mount Elbrus is located
An individual’s collection of clothing
Tall shoes made popular by 1970s disco dancers
Hindu worship of Shiva as the Supreme Being
The Ramones are known for being this kind of band
Painting of a person

Puzzle 4

Where honey-makers call home
Little Boy Christmas tale of a musical gift
Babs is a short version of this female name
The seven dwarfs do this while they work
They speak rhymes instead of singing them
French village, home to Monet’s water garden
Strong-smelling compound of nitrogen and hydrogen
lady, top-of-the-bill actress
Harry, Lily and James are these in the book series
Marconi’s birthplace; also a type of deli meat

Puzzle 5

Holiest day of the year in Judaism
Spoken narration on top of video
He’s better known as P. Diddy
There are more tigers in this than in the wild
Creole dish with rice, sausage, and tomato
Chat show host and comedian Ellen
Sit-ups are exercises that work these muscles
Plant that is often kissed under
Ovoid immune system organ for B and T cells
Art style featuring paintings of inanimate objects
Medieval Europe’s social caste system of servitude