Group 801

Puzzle 1

Dead something that spoils the surprise
Anne, who played Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate
Interaction with the plot of a computer story
A big brother to bananas, popular in the Caribbean
Percentage off associated with a sale
One wheeled bike with no brakes, requires balance
Self- sock wool made of various colors
Cat breed and Oz inhabitant
Mahavir Janma annual Jain festival
Description of the contents of a course of study
Jane, frontierswoman associate of Buffalo Bill
This coastal swamp tree’s roots grow above water

Puzzle 2

Metal link with hinge, to connect climbing ropes
Style of Brazilian music that means new wave
Artificial regulator for the heart
Harsh laws, named after the first leader of Athens
CEO of Apple before he passed in 2011
This muscle allows you to shrug your shoulders
Jagged landform in The Lion King
Peaks that are higher than the valleys
First two letters in HTTP stand for this word
Successions of DNA base-pairs
Branch of divination that uses the stars

Puzzle 3

The digital detector of images in a camera
Food following Jewish religious law
Until we meet again
Girls theme song Thank You For Being A Friend
One of the offspring of Chaos, known as Darkness
Yellow Looney Tunes bird, his nemesis is Sylvester
Bedelia, rhyming children’s book character
See this over the ocean at evening time
Clothing, outfit
Night involving answering questions with a team
Dam building, flat-tailed animal, largest rodent
Language spoken in Northern Spain
City that holds world’s largest annual Oktoberfest

Puzzle 4

When push comes in the end
Microsoft’s city codename for Windows 95
West plays Noah Solloway on The Affair
Hit song from 2018’s A Star Is Born
Substance essential for making jellies
Criss-cross pattern in art, music, and baking
Sweet low spring plants with white flowers
Blocked path with no way through
The crime of character assassination through lies
Ancient Egyptian ruler
Ten-pin bowlers aim to get these
Doria mother of Harry’s bride Meghan Markle
Feline that’s the fastest land animal

Puzzle 5

Master gland at the base of the brain
Period of three months associated with pregnancy
Amsterdam’s modern art museum
Bar time offering discounted drinks
Woodwind instrument played by Charlie Parker
Powerful Greek gods encountered by Percy Jackson
We get these from eating healthy food
Name of Cleopatra’s alleged son with Julius Caesar
Bad feeling, hostility
Southwest US major river; John Wayne movie
Elemental trace mineral, taken to support bones
Rhodesian hunting dog breed