Group 700

Puzzle 1

Easter Orthodox Church bishop liturgy garment
Questioning used to get to the nature of truth
Thinness, with the skeleton on show
Jerry the Opera, a Sherman Brothers musical
Lane, M25 services, near the Kent-Surrey border
Banners or signs waved in protest
Guessing party game with acted-out clues
Mostly woods and grass, the desert in Africa
Love apples: an early name the French gave to
It’s above the brows, below the hairline
Chimney cleaners

Puzzle 2

A morning person
Irritation, exasperation, infuriation
Plastic fabric used in T-shirts, skirts, bedding
Strait of it separates Corsica and Sardinia
Panel at the pillow-end of a bed
Stone structures to commemorate something
Chart with data grouped into ranges
capital of Kosovo

Puzzle 3

Confidence an inspirational shot in the arm
Conrad Swiss botanist and zoologist
Junction, major rail station in south London
Cord used for firing cannon
Japanese beer brand and large city
Very cold, like a big ice mass
Variant of software, iteration
Entrance with curved structure overhead
John James naturalist of Birds of America
Easternmost of North America’s Great Lakes
Seven of these short men worked as miners

Puzzle 4

Ian crime writer of Inspector Rebus novels
Assigned, commissioned to do a job
To take in and make part of a whole
The Duchess of Windsor’s forename
Bundle of yarns, wound loosely
Cube of bacon
Oldest son of King Henry VII: Prince of Wales
-tattle, tell-tale conversation

Puzzle 5

Analysis in terms of purpose, final causes
Is greater or heavier than
Worker who is a stickler for petty rules
Italian Riviera town of pastel buildings
Evil overlord in Monsters vs Aliens
Schedule of school lessons or train times
Someone who drinks too much, is addicted
Warner Brothers’ black bird with orange bill
Pie or flan with no upper pastry
II, queen of Denmark since 1972