Group 699

Puzzle 1

Charm, allure, personality
Science fiction cartoon from Simpsons creator
noses, disrespectful finger-wiggling jibes
Shipping and ; process of sending goods
Savoury spicy jams served with poppadoms
Wrote or drew messily, describes some signatures
Words that don’t contain any repeated letters
Inhumanely, wantonly
Film whose soundtrack was by Curtis Mayfield
The Simba starred, Elton John sang

Puzzle 2

Original stringing material for violins
Wonderland Zoo keeper, stopped Hair Bear escaping
Home of the gods in Norse mythology
Generic name for margarine and butter
dribble; stick-turning technique in hockey
Bad ones include biting your fingernails
Right form the corners of squares
Knight- a medieval wandering adventurer
McDimples, plastic police officer, Toy Story 4
Humble; shy
She denied having 3,000 pairs of shoes: Marcus

Puzzle 3

Finger device to open a drinks can
Alvin, Simon or Theodore, perhaps
Official list; teachers read it out loud
Calling points on railway journeys
The 3rd film of this animated series is from 2010
People playing congas and djembes are
Pay for a copy of a book ahead of its release date
Excessively smooching
Disdain, scornfulness
Zooming around very fast

Puzzle 4

Pertaining to a large sea
McDuck, filthy rich, Scottish, uncle of Donald
Crescent connected to the Strand in Central London
Repetitive hitting with short fast punches
Soft-shoe tap dancing without the taps
The Simpsons voice actor, Harry
Joining together in pacts, coalitions or groupings
One who has seized power by force
Buddhism; religion followed by the Dalai Lama
Lineman, classic sung by Glen Campbell

Puzzle 5

Dutch entrepôt on the Meuse and Rhine
Ship that rescued survivors of the Titanic sinking
In an artistic manner
Flashy alcoholic drinks with fruit and umbrellas
Leftovers after needs have been met
Alcott wrote Little Women
Pressures or unavoidable downside, e.g of fame
Over-the-top, amorous Muppet
Exciting experience, typically bold or risky
First name of McQueen, the Cars star
Angled quote used as French quotation mark