Group 698

Puzzle 1

Chaotic disorganised disasters, from a French word
They are used to make sauerkraut
Sam the Warner Brothers cowboy
Shoemenders, or a dismissive exclamation
Marine predators named after a flowering plant
Oxford’s romantic nickname, the city of spires
Actress who plays Wonder Woman in films
Chaotic disasters, from a French word
Icarus’ father

Puzzle 2

A pick-me-up, spur, tonic, boost
Aristotle: a b**r for the said Monty Python
Eaten in a cream tea with jam and cream
Fur coat of an animal
check, security check before an event
Robin Leach’s dreams
Urban ; outward growth of a town or city
29 Road; home address of Bananaman
Site of Norway’s Arctic Cathedral
Gustaf ; engineer who co-founded Volvo

Puzzle 3

Takes the ball from another player
maid, works in a hotel
Conrad’s fictional country originating in Lord Jim
Smiles coyly
Fluid accumulation in peritoneal cavity
Pretentious ceremony
crust-sponge is a dark blue-black color
Sing-along instrumental versions of songs
on the fence, or refusing to make a decision
Russian dessert of pressed fruit paste
I’ve got and gizmos aplenty
Follow a winding, twisting course

Puzzle 4

Muttley’s villainous owner, Dick
Dancer from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Accuracy, pinpoint
Led a sports team
Rousing shout to inspire troops in wartime
Puts at risk
Cockney actor, Mick Carter in EastEnders
Such as Europe or Africa
Origami fold named after a musical instrument
Tropical fruit, like a tree and an orchard fruit
Snorri Icelandic poet of the Prose Edda

Puzzle 5

Male born in or native to Cardiff or Swansea
Kind Hearts and movie with Alec Guinness
crows, an expression of surprise
Glutted, overindulged
Chemist, drugstore
Marseilles (France) original Greek name
Juvenile, puerile
Modern art movement of figurative paintings
It starts a football game, heads or tails
Lee American balloonist of His Dark Materials
Trespasser, person who illegally enters property
70s iconic lighting of colorful liquid waxes
Frozen fish fingers advertised by a captain
In front; opposite of posterior
1970s iconic lighting with liquid waxes
room, the place to try on clothes
Incredibles, The Iron Giant director
Multiplying by two