Group 697

Puzzle 1

Captain Hook lost his hand to this reptile
Removable walkway used for embarking a ship
Coming up with a theory without the full facts
Lacking a precise outline
Something that cannot succeed, or a no-hoper
Wide, shallow steps for spectators at a stadium
Pebbledashed external wall finish
It provides domestic illumination
Fonts, styles of text on a screen
Tasty or scrumptious

Puzzle 2

Shutting up shop for the day
Take someone’s something; offer distraction
Elton John supports this south-east football club
Both a fabric for evening wear and type of cake
Someone who has been captured
More wet, humid or clammy
Dished out with a bowl-shaped eating utensil
Emotionally affected by something, in a good way
Hugo German designer of all-metal planes
She plays Supergirl villain, Katie
Protagonist of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
52 Road; home address of Mr Benn
Painting by Delacroix: Leading the People

Puzzle 3

Cursed, plagued, hexed
Fishing boats, and slaps given to children
Creamy, curdled dairy food that can be frozen
Discrimination of female/male according to gender
Made ground
Tracy, pilot of Thunderbird 4
Convention, treaty on wetland conservation
Rod journalist, Selfish Whining Monkeys writer
Hippolyte French contemporary of Daguerre
British West Indies sorcerous religious practice
The beluga whale’s name in Finding Dory
Behaving in a way that belittles someone

Puzzle 4

Robert poet who had home thoughts from abroad
Brutal Pokemon that evolves into a mega state
Animated drawings used in children’s films
With an ; how a dictator may rule a country
Property game rules devised by Elizabeth Magie
Under the ground watering system
Five kilometer hued paint race
Port siege
Able, qualified, adapted to a use or purpose
Sash or belt used to support a sword
Picture or painting of someone’s face
Echo, reverberate
snake eel burrows in sandy sediments

Puzzle 5

Overseas pal to write letters to
Small bird of prey with white feathery eyebrows
Idol, someone who sets a good example
Bobby Slow Down R&B singer
Liquid or solid raw material of chocolate
Scriptures, e.g. Quran, Bible, Torah