Group 696

Puzzle 1

Animated sitcom about the Griffin family
Fake, imitation, pretend
Everything ; the competition is wide open
Doing faster
Where brown, yellow and green balls lie in snooker
New version of a previously published book
Putting ball game with one hole and 12 tee-offs
Character of Woody Allen in spoofed Casino Royale
The Walrus and the ; Through the Looking-Glass
2002 and Rockabye female singer
Gaudí’s gingerbread-styled building in Parc Güell
Used a tube to suck out excess fluid

Puzzle 2

Using a pole to drive a boat in Oxford and Cambs
Sword and literary fantasy genre
Turkey place, the site of the Temple of Artemis
As alike as in a pod
Won the Academy Award for Best Movie in 2003
Not questions
Quarry boss of Fred and Barney in the Flintstones
Begin the timeless song by Cole Porter
People who love others deeply, tenderly
Title, film production company
Villainous hunter-guide in 1999 Tarzan movie

Puzzle 3

Unusual, different from the norm
Turning, winding, reeling
Condition treated by Josie Wanous Stuart’s shampoo
Star of Enchanted and American Hustle
Russian republic, Izhevsk is the capital
Describes a shortened version of a book
Channel 6 News anchor on The Simpsons
Makes off quickly, like exiting a crime scene
Displace, oust, usurp

Puzzle 4

Hybrid pastry invented by Dominique Ansel
Leapt forward, like an attack dog on a leash
Chief character who narrates The Handmaid’s Tale
Eddy ; Belgian cycling pro
Brokeback Mountain director
City in which the Museo Reina Sofia is located
Naval battle where Antony & Cleopatra saw defeat
Prominent art museum in Florence, Italy
Past the Point of by the Dixie Chicks
Someone who isn’t important
Maleficent curses this princess
Henry; prolific inventor with many patents

Puzzle 5

Large southern Indian city, home to Golconda Fort
The Candy Elemental in Adventure Time: Princess
Random inspection for quality
Mocking and acerbic
Synth-pop singer who had a hit with Cars in 1979
Concealed, potentially lethal device
Excessive, inflated
Older female sibling
Being excessively overweight
Orange jam