Group 695

Puzzle 1

Big, male kangaroo
Serving ; utensils for dishing out salads
Bill, Sussex headland avoided by sailors
craft, brand of RIBs and inflatables
Olivia Queen Anne actress of The Favourite
My Baby, song by Frank Sinatra
My Pony, cartoon, toys of colorful mini horses
From to post, means zipping around all over

Puzzle 2

Ferries across
Stellar place near Moscow, home to cosmonauts
Circular venue for the corrida in Spain
Fire dog in Paw Patrol
Deliberate scheme to avoid paying duties
List of disadvantages or cons; reverse
saw; Tabitha Babbit’s prototype cutting tool
Cloudy eye lens removed by Patricia Bath’s surgery
Firmly fixed into something
Another halogen that rhymes with chlorine
Having power over everything
Mollusc cookout

Puzzle 3

Prolific writer about mysticism: Evelyn
Marketing a product to a target audience
Another name for a marmot or groundhog
Contract or consensus
The G in CGI film effects
Surround, envelop
Campaigners for political or social change
Soviet citizen denied the ability to emigrate
What kisses and hugs show

Puzzle 4

Pique, Coeur, Trèfle, the tile in French cards
Sings like a bird, trills
Gin and whisky and rum
Knighthoods and damehoods given at New Year
Hands, Escher’s illusion of an artist at work
Knotted, twisted or knobbly
To have put material over to fix a hole
Return a ball back into play in soccer
King ; Holly’s dad in Ben and Holly
Famous touristic atlantic island group
Edge of a glacier where it breaks up into blocks

Puzzle 5

Wig pub name linked with a bishop’s headgear
Natural petroleum reservoir
Italian bread seasoned with herbs and olive oil
Afghanistan’s ruling dynasty from 1826 to 1973
Tiana kisses a green prince in The and the Frog
Performance genre with shuffle, ball, change moves
Homeless wanderer, a disreputable drifter
Capable of being perceived, especially by touch
Study guide used for learning in the classroom
Maid to Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid