Group 694

Puzzle 1

Squashes, crushes, evens out
Large outdoor blazes or beacons
Cut of meat off a bovine’s face used in casseroles
National patron of Scotland
Glaciated mountain range in Montenegro
Chinchilla boss of Danger Mouse
Picture, imagine
Tiny body of water surrounded by land
Long-beaked forest bird with distinctive call
Exciting, enthralling; e.g. a novel
Global best-selling album by Michael Jackson
Newly arrived VIPs, but judged as social inferiors
Nancy Johnson’s hand-cranked device; freezer

Puzzle 2

They remove a dog’s or cat’s ovaries
Squeaky name for a partridge chick
Act of moving a car into a temporary location
Creeping rootstalk plant
Peter flawless Wacky Races participant
Considered one thing the same as another
Without any help or support
Agrees to a treaty
Space-age cartoon family

Puzzle 3

Climbed down
Bringing in merchandise from abroad to sell
Top half of a fraction, showing number of parts
Gripping novels that keep readers guessing
Not alive, showing no signs of life
Red colour named after a bloody Italian battle
Abolish, completely get rid of
Cost of travel for a grown-up
Corn and butterbean dish; Sylvester the cat’s oath
A therapy, the C in CBT
The C in CBT, or behavioral therapy

Puzzle 4

Doesn’t make the most of
Another name for numbers or fingers
Capital of The Gambia
Jack be Jack be quick, goes the nursery rhyme
King and father of Merida in Brave
Scooby-Doo’s human best buddy
Swirling mass of water
Fluffy ; tree-dwelling airborne marsupial
Apples, pears, strawberries are all these

Puzzle 5

Institution where in- and out-patients are treated
Home planet of cartoon hero Lion-O
Peace, serenity
Glass display cases in museums
Peace, tranquility
2001 Japanese animated fantasy film, Away
Oscillating mechanism on a clock
Former German protectorate in West Africa
Position of the highest-ranking nobleman
A knee-jerk is to act spontaneously
Banged a nail into a wall
Copenhagen restaurant with three Michelin stars
Shaggy hit song, Oh
Brown-and-white dog from a NW France region
Paper-thin wrappers for crispy duck