Group 693

Puzzle 1

Malleable, pliable, as of certain metals
Antiquated term for snakes
album, 70s music LP with overarching theme
Nobel Prize in ; won by Marie Curie in 1903
Cult figure of the New Left in the 60s in US
George the monkey
the caber; Scottish sport of throwing poles
First country to open a Legoland amusement park
Open to the elements
A woman is a female of easy virtue
shoe, from whence a croupier dishes out cards
Desert lynx with long tufty ears

Puzzle 2

Real first name of Shaggy in Scooby-Doo cartoons
Handles animals
Perceived, noticed a smell
Sets of symbols representing chemical compositions
Boatful of stuff to send overseas
The least tidy or neat
He led the Russian provisional government in 1917
Sentiments wishing others fortune in the New Year
In an awkward way, stumblingly
Giant Danish music festival held since 1971

Puzzle 3

With wooden surrounding edges
Anti-colonial uprising in 50s British-ruled Kenya
Penrod Pooch fights crime in Hong Kong
Cartoon kid friend to tiger Hobbes
1962 Japanese drama film: An Afternoon
Harry golfer, gives his name to several awards
Thin slice of wood for surfacing
Person who gives extra money in thanks for a meal
A children’s character who lives in Wimbledon
Dismissed, fired
Divided Mediterranean isle
Canine throat sounds

Puzzle 4

Mikael Finnish bishop introduced Lutheranism
Requests information, asks after
Money- the pursuit of cash, titles and worth
Struggled with physically
Death, casualty
Giggly reaction to sensitive touch
Uses or eats
Portable lamps, like those held by Ms Nightingale

Puzzle 5

Describes branching like a tree
Socially correct behaviour
Weave, cross together
Blog-based website builder site
Socially correct manners
Someone who uses factory apparatus when sewing
1990s advert slogan for Wonderbra
Country where Tim Tam cookies are manufactured
Gilbert & Sullivan work, aka The Witch’s Curse