Group 692

Puzzle 1

Conclusiveness, inevitability
Designed a brand-new concept or product
Making of the world according to the Bible
TVs might show these day time topical programs
2000, the first animated film released in IMAX
Bond; premium stationery brand
Effortless, trouble-free, easy and simple
Nationality of Sade and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
man, he wears an A-frame for advertising wares
Law firms, barristers’ rooms
Corporate IT network within a company
Sour, astringent, like the liquid added to chips
Fake pregnancy belly
Superhero alter-ego of Kate or Kathy Kane

Puzzle 2

Lake, hot, bubbling body of water in Dominica
Ferb’s stepbrother and best friend
Aladdin takes her on a magic carpet ride
Ball Corallimorph can sting a lycra suit
Fights against
Laws granting right of property to an inventor
Chapstick is an example of this soothing cream
The courtly location of Shakespeare’s Hamlet
Needlemaker who makes trimmings with silky cord
Painter of The Avenue at Middelharnis: Mendert
Makes a noise sound quieter
Starting city of train in the Great Train Robbery
Name that WWI general Kitchener shared with Nelson
Writer of the opera Der Rosenkavalier, Richard

Puzzle 3

box; variety pack of chocolate bars
Online reference source with millions of articles
Soviet style of the period of a bloody dictator
Not responsible, innocent
Adored, valued, treasured, revered
Many a slip twixt
American frontiersman and scout
Learning device for memory and recall
Dishwasher, refrigerator, oven
Trimmed, curtailed
Crazy Night, 2016 album for Elton John

Puzzle 4

The next odd number after eighty-nine
Evidently, without doubt
Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen’s Frank Catton
Pre-performance run through for actors
Baron ; archenemy of Danger Mouse
Deal offered so that one doesn’t pay immediately
Always ; 2018 hit album for Jess Glynne
dog, recovery alcoholic drink the morning after
Trees that shed their leaves once a year
Church-state; nation with state-sponsored religion
Someone lacking intelligence; anagram, silent mop
book; information source, e.g. a dictionary
book; information source, e.g. an encyclopedia
Grasping, clenching

Puzzle 5

Glass ball hung on a Christmas tree
Spa destination, hotel complex
666 is the of the beast
Dooley was Sam the piano player in Casablanca
Person who brings the food to the table
Nationality of astronomer Tycho Brahe
Long, thin studs on the bottom of football boots
Dental hygienist tool used for scraping plaque
around; messed about, played up
Power on for a computer, load it
Locomotive Jethro Tull melody about inhale
Feeling isolated
Horsecollar, Mickey Mouse’s steed
Character on Sesame Street: the monster
Invented moniker by which someone operates
Small fish, used as bait
City, a maternal nickname for Cape Town