Group 691

Puzzle 1

Hand crinkle used in fortune telling of thoughts
Pet creepy tale by Stephen King
Series of small rocky islands such as the Aland Is
Almost silent, large white bird
Scorn, mockery
18th C cane frames worn to widen a women’s skirt
Called a sidewalk in the US and trottoir in France
Going like the idiom that refers to bells

Puzzle 2

Same as a hazelnut; it rhymes with Gilbert
Icy superhero in The Incredibles
Having to do with kissing
Aka J&J, major consumer goods brand
Dr Nick shady GP from The Simpsons
Compound with repeating small molecules
Sea-dwelling fish-tailed female
Lying in court under oath
British record label of Slade, Bee Gees, the Jam
Infinite, unlimited
The name for the division of Yorkshire into thirds
Who killed Hamlet

Puzzle 3

Temple complex near Luxor, dedicated to Amun-Ra
One man’s meat is another man’s
Cutlery items for eating ice cream
Shooting star that might be part of a shower
TV’s All Saints’ troubled emergency Nurse
Pipe systems for taking away human waste
Turbo is an animated film about a snail
Not worse
Buff-coloured envelopes for sending documents
Representations using charts
Super-strong material invented by Stephanie Kwolek

Puzzle 4

Shameful ruse
Get sidetracked
Lost footing and fell
Edam, Gouda, Havarti, etc.
Billy Slaughterhouse Five’s protagonist
Metal fence at the front of a Georgian house
Necklace type flows with a line of faceted gems
dealer; scheming politician or trader
User of cash
Huph, Bob Parr’s grumpy boss, The Incredibles
Doctor film about the Russian Revolution

Puzzle 5

Bituminous pieces used in first footing
First English language Relativity Theory expositor
Unable to be heard
Yellow Autobot Transformer
A Town Nevil Shute’s story of WWII
Decorated richly, such as with jewels
Sly and cheating tactics
Sly and dishonorable tactics
A state of ; rundown, dilapidated
Branch out; cultivate a variety of crops