Group 690

Puzzle 1

He preceded Lincoln as President: James
Chemical messenger in the brain
Lack, deficit
Most chubby or rounded
John Wayne played Rooster in it
Soldier and sparring partner of Beatrice
Apple’s video call feature
Opposite of inferior
Françoise Barré- ; worked on discovery of HIV
Pinky and ; 1990s cartoon about lab mice
Position, place
Protective clothing worn by motorcyclists

Puzzle 2

Sicilian town, scene of the Sicilian Vespers
Frank wrote Angela’s Ashes
Leather straps attached to a horse
Popeye’s beloved vegetable
Small circular shiny discs sewn to clothes
Stretchy, form-fitting one-piece, for felines?
Saint associated with the Russian alphabet
Live, Microsoft website you can see through?
Intestines, entrails
Pizza company, sponsors of Britain’s Got Talent
Southern cuisine staple: ham with greens
Raise ; make a loud cheering noise
Climb untidily
Noble gas that might scare Superman
Giving of presents
Miller, Elizabeth or Hale
Physical attack

Puzzle 3

Innocent people plead this in court
Someone from a Spanish isle, such as Rafa Nadal
March Hare is chums with this crazed capped man
Male worker who draws detailed plans
Photo technique that captures plants germinating
Indian Dravidian temple adorned with human figures
Hiccup trains this dental-free dragon and friend
A type of action, generally defensive in nature
Beach material hurled by air, often for engraving
Planned secretly, plotted
Country where Chinese Take-Away was filmed
Raising awareness of a new product
Tubes with circular ends

Puzzle 4

Benefit of ; belief that someone is being honest
UK county with Lizard Point
First English estate to open a safari park
Objectionable and of poor quality
Image software for eg, can be used on this machine
Stiff cardboard strip for keeping a page
ABBA track about famous musician of Hamelin
Scandinavian stockfish preparation with evil smell

Puzzle 5

Lucky charm or talismanic bracelet
Bucking ; rideable rodeo horse
Blake; mystery-solving companion of Scooby-Doo
Create a raised pattern on paper
Happening in the sky
How heavy someone or something is
Madonna wants people to get into it
Lake Europe’s largest lake
Bucking ; rideable rodeo bull
Self- the value an individual gives themself
Disney movie with Olaf the snowman
Ideology of Oceania in Orwell’s 1984
Lucky charm or talismanic jewelry