Group 689

Puzzle 1

George Eman US psychiatrist
Small toy-car brand; cuboid, fire strikers inside
In a small or insignificant way
Buzz and Woody are hero friends in this franchise
Made a text more concise
line, indicator line on the side of ships
Raw vegetable pieces used with dips
Not performing at one’s best
In Arabic it means red castle : Palace
Rundown or disused
Steam vent in a volcanic region
Jürgen philosopher of the Frankfurt School
Inclination to do something

Puzzle 2

Someone who competes in sports
Pumping or belching out smoke
Displaying, exhibiting
You’re ; song for gratitude in Disney’s Moana
Book with anecdotes about someone’s life
Some believe that this King is not dead
Give the nod
Dr Nick The Simpsons’ ineffectual doctor
Danced, bounded, frolicked
Triangular flags on a string

Puzzle 3

Capital that means end of the elephant’s trunk
Most lustful
Lacking a proper arch for support
Lists of sporting matches
Competitor at five rings major sports contest
Yelling, bellowing
Emergency water float invented by Maria Beasely
Wernher German-born rocket scientist
State bordering Kansas on the west
Timetable, date and time agenda
Disney animation with Simba, Nala and Moufasa
Having given off a bird alarm sound
Alcoholic drink taken shortly before going to bed
Nursery rhyme character who went to Gloucester
Sloped land Jesus’ cross was situated on
Rank someone with little chance of winning

Puzzle 4

Written account of someone else’s life
Underwater sea vehicle
Period from birth to becoming an adult
beauty; phrase giving priority to elders
Auditorium, place where stage shows are performed
Bandaging worn on limbs for support
Worthy recipient of a prize
Someone who is looking for employment

Puzzle 5

British, wide-brimmed, WWI tin helmet
One who followed commands
Fruits of Olea europaea tree or martini garnish
Snowy region at the North Pole
Cap’n ; often needs rescuing in Paw Patrol
James; Blue singer-turned-actor
Antiquated term for awake
Matthew Broderick embodied Bueller
Bright, sweet drink made of crushed ice
Aim, objective, purpose