Group 688

Puzzle 1

Rouge!, Baz Luhrmann musical with Elton J song
Ropes used by wranglers to catch horses and cows
Punish someone by sending them away
Rub furniture to make it shiny
Slow animals that are two-toed or three-toed
Pale pink with white tip manicure style
Comes in a bulb of cloves
Sartorial headgear, an ever-present Monopoly token
Highly skilled Nepalese mountain guide

Puzzle 2

Someone who brings people the news
Without worries
Blood or urine sample
Put off until a later date
The range of light wavelengths make up this
Supply of people who are able to work
Lid for a bottle or jar that is closed by twisting
Barney Rubble’s pet dinosaur-kangaroo cross
Kids TV show and video game: Dora the

Puzzle 3

Within hearing range
Raising headgear in celebration
To make something easier to understand
Pen Name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson: Lewis
Large sports venue
Made new, refreshed with the latest software
Biblical giant slain by David and his slingshot
Legs on both sides, like on a horse
Weather event that transported Dorothy to Oz
Cher’s auto-tuned hit
String attached to a badge worn at a convention
Tool for removing ice from a vehicle’s windows
Chuckie and Angelica are these cartoon kids

Puzzle 4

Latest times for pieces of work to be submitted
How cultural values are expressed by a group
Invent fake evidence
Blizzard, tempestuous icy weather
Panorama or view over a busy town
Host on a TV or radio show
Pregnant; due to give birth
Flower ; creating floral displays
Make advance payment to get a magazine
Self control, discipline
Garden area that is densely planted with bushes
Painting in small, repeated strokes
Decorative cover for a calling device

Puzzle 5

Fancy dining term for sauce (sounds like paint!)
Part of a company involved in community relations
Roth; Diamond lead singer of Van Halen
Mary ; patented wiper blades in 1903
Tells tale of a shady friar in a Chaucer Tale
Yelled to someone
Species of fish; Dory in Finding Nemo
Arc-shaped symbol on flags of Turkey and Algeria
Plot, scheme against