Group 687

Puzzle 1

Meeting space for a company’s directors
Someone who watches a pool or a beach
Large road sign that can be read from a vehicle
Device invented by Alexander Graham Bell
Person who cares for animals in captivity
Rid a home of excess junk; streamline possessions
Brand of lip balm for avoiding cracked lips
Lake for storage of water for public consumption
Expert’s grade in judo or karate
VIP who spends much time flying around the world

Puzzle 2

Period with a significant rise in the birth rate
Brief looks, peeks
Swinging clock invented by Christiaan Huygens
Cooking pan for making broth or soup
Cylindrical glass vial used in science experiments
Signs of disease or illness
Player who makes it to the last round of a contest
Restraint fitted to the top of a car driver’s seat

Puzzle 3

Important term typed often by search engine users
Katniss volunteered as this in place of Prim
Old spider traps
First name of actress who founded Goop
The state of being away from a place
Boating on the open sea propelled by fabric
Holy places, altars
Things given in return for good acts
the benefits; enjoying the rewards
Stylish, debonair, fashionable

Puzzle 4

Blueish-white brittle element, with symbol Sb
Italian dish of braised veal shanks
White coastal birds that flock together
Sensible, logical
Launch, make the first move
Place of seclusion; a courtyard walkway
Formal government representative
A purple flowering vine
Political appointments made to friends

Puzzle 5

Wool obtained from shearing a sheep
Picture made from fragments of tile, stone or glass
Hester heroine of The Scarlet Letter
Very courageous
Spice often grated into pumpkin desserts
Restricting garment, historically worn by women
Raw, red itchinesses of the skin
Made of Au
Bean-shaped organ in the body
The Simpsons’ dog Santa’s Little
Squirm, wriggle, be unable to sit still
Garden figurines with pointy ears