Group 686

Puzzle 1

Velvety, tufted yarn that is great for throws
Breed of Max in Disney’s The Little Mermaid
More direct or quicker route
Friendly greeting using knuckles
Square bottomed carrier created by Margaret Knight
Romeo’s family name in the Shakespeare tale
Superhero known for moving at great speed
Supports that keep a row of novels upright
Keep the same, keep in good condition
Hairstyle that is meant to conceal a bald spot
Eating to excess; box-set watching all night long
Parting phrase to look after oneself
Stop-motion film creator
Class outline
Blocks of precious yellowish metal

Puzzle 2

Staggered, astounded, lost for words
School lunch is served here
What many animals do in the winter to save energy
An arrangement in the course of an action
Hung around a winner’s neck at an Olympics
Skin or tissue damage due to extreme cold
Decorative covering over a light bulb
Tubular light source waved at night at concerts
Without worth or need, not necessary
Divination of stars’ and planets’ effect on humans

Puzzle 3

Soft headrest
Walking up mountains or over rough ground
Large Starbucks drinks size, smaller than a Venti
Flattened plate-shaped object thrown by athletes
Daisy Duck is this mouse’s best gal pal
Messy, chaotic, slovenly
List of former jobs used to find a new one
The Demogorgon is no match for her powers
Lowering your head when meeting royalty

Puzzle 4

Despicable Me doctor voiced by Russell Brand
Poultry birds eaten at Christmas and Thanksgiving
Breed known as the barkless dog
Temporary reprieve or break from hard times
Wear special shoes to partake in this sport
Good for the body
Casualties or fatalities; those who are duped
Kitchen item to cook food with evaporating water
Scooby-Doo’s annoying puppy nephew
Words used to praise a male dog
Seek advice or guidance

Puzzle 5

Shopping voucher given as a present
Deposit of grains formed by tides
Final confrontation
Antique writing pigment holder for dipping pens
The act of selflessly doing good things for others
Large Scottish lake with mythical underwater beast
Ocean surrounding the Canary Islands
Pink TV porker with a young brother George