Group 685

Puzzle 1

French cartoon skunk
Copying someone’s mannerisms and moves
Bruise, injury to the skin
Someone who is the epitome of a trend or fashion
Military attack conducted by a plane or helicopter
People who don’t belong to the group
Site of annual Great Migration of wildebeest
Illegal alcohol den in the Prohibition period
Face-to-face employment selection process
Musician’s global series of concert dates

Puzzle 2

Fermented tea drink that may have health benefits
Digital repository for lots of information
Worker strikes
State of aloneness or remoteness
Settle somewhere new, lay down new roots
Labor strikes
Children’s safety boosters in vehicles
Object belonging to a family for generations
High-pitched noisemakers blown by referees

Puzzle 3

Black-and-white-striped printing on a book’s cover
Guests at home
Not simple; made up of many parts
Bob the ; handyman on children’s TV
Traditional rowing boat on Venice’s waterways
First person to use a telescope to study space
Following someone at high speed
Mythological part-human part-horse
Piece of interest added to a plate of food
Manolo shoes make made by Spanish designer
Powercuts; interruptions in power supply
Thick layer of fat on sea mammals
Someone who leaves school without qualifications

Puzzle 4

Amazon princess, Woman
Humble, not conceited
Leftovers, bits and pieces
Long-handed spoons for serving soup
Artists’ frames that hold canvases or paper
India’s largest city by population
Extra-terrestrials; Ripley’s second movie
Bicep or tricep, for example
Betting deposits, can be high depending on risk
Early versions of a book or essay

Puzzle 5

Captive used as a bargaining tool
Ban on releasing news or a restriction on trade
Breastbone, medically speaking
Vouchers redeemable for goods or discounts
Untidy piles of objects, junk
Triangle where ships and planes disappear
Raised platform for a speech
Rabbit, Roger Rabbit’s wife
Singer, usually female, with highest singing voice
Scapegoat, victim, whipping boy
Break something into tiny pieces for a topping
Frozen compress used to reduce swelling
Permits that allow train travel, for example
Digital, diving or bracelet timepieces for wrists
Gas used for calming dental patients