Group 684

Puzzle 1

Button to hold and press for upper case letters
Scatter or distribute
Natives of Rome, Milan or Florence, for example
Sodium chloride formed from the ground not the sea
Large flat trays for serving buffet food on
Reading aids with one lens only
Rubbed hard, with a brush or a sponge
Merited praise
People who are grieving
Automobiles; forms used to explain something
Follow another vehicle too closely
Looked closely at evidence and clues

Puzzle 2

Barrier made of metal poles
Point of view, way of looking at things
Thin, external layer of covering
Removed from power
Famous upscale department store in London
cat, breed that sang in Lady and the Tramp
Fragrance to apply to the wrists and neck

Puzzle 3

Substances in fur and pollen that make you sneeze
Person who checks out books to borrowers
The name of the Hunchback of Notre Dame
Warm recollections of and longing for the past
Doing better than most others in a field of study
Imprints left on a road by an out-of-control car
Hidden hinged openings in ceilings or floors
Bright beam that illuminates the middle of a stage
Pedigree or parentage of an animal
Speedy ballroom dance to upbeat melodies
Job applicant or interview attendee

Puzzle 4

Feeling sick or nauseous
Japanese-style sofas that convert into flat beds
Where sent emails are stored during sending
Plump, rounded, like a baby’s cheeks
Value of a business, as appears on a balance sheet
Headgear worn with suited tails
Tarzan’s chimpanzee friend in the movies
Explanation or justification
Gluten wheat protein; meatless alternative
Instructions for making a dessert or dish
Ensemble of performing singers; repeated song part
Gas that makes your voice sound funny

Puzzle 5

Prehistoric elephant-like extinct mammal
Register; check of names of attendees
Powders for painters
Device for cooking meat over coals
Garden herb enjoyed with lamb, or a female’s name
Vessel for stirring eye of newt and toe of frog
Antihero alter-ego of Wade Wilson
He plays Buzz Lightyear and Toolman Taylor
Collecting and stockpiling to excess
Someone you share close living quarters with
Urging people to keep quiet with a finger to lips