Group 683

Puzzle 1

Position with lower legs resting on the ground
Low growling noise
Enfolds someone in a hug
Genre in film and books; excitement and suspense
Japanese manga about robotic child in Metro City
It hires soldiers, marines and sailors
Sliding uncontrollably in a vehicle
Looking for clues, being nosy

Puzzle 2

Accused party required to answer charges in court
Long-handled tool for turning hay
Pork bones used in Chinese dishes
Everlasting, unceasing
Teams that are least likely to win matches
She turns a wooden puppet into a boy in Pinocchio
Leader of musical ensemble, especially a symphony
Friends’ hands slapping in celebration
Vertical shaft in a building with flights of steps
Collar bones
Illness brought on by excessive heat exposure
Full of energy, boisterous

Puzzle 3

Avoided, rejected by the community
Hermit, loner, solitary person
Cocktail tray on wheels
Swarming, filled with
He wrote The Chronicles of Narnia
Fitness ; step-counting band
Frozen relief for sprains and strains
Edible flowering plant eaten in cartoons by Popeye
Horse-shaped playing pieces in chess
Quiz-show noisemakers

Puzzle 4

Large basin from which farm animals eat and drink
He established three laws of motion in physics
Paper of permission given by authorities
Italian coast with prettily perched pastel homes
Buckbeak the hippogriff hangs with this big guy
General word for objects
Artificially made waterways
Background actors
License given by authorities
Season of the year for the Japanese Obon festival
Sanitation channels, underground drainage
Deep-sea explorers

Puzzle 5

Marks of crucifixion on the hands
Incessant, without a pause
Italian voyager after whom the New World was named
Amphibious hopping children’s game
Information board with instructions for motorists
Gossip, small talk, natter
Process babies undergo when their canines come out
Encroachment onto territory for conquest
Arachnid album by rapper Drake, released in 2018
Thin strand, the conductor in a light bulb