Group 682

Puzzle 1

Felines that prowl the streets, like O’Malley
Male leader of a family
Cut out the ; no need for a go-between
Album for cuttings, autographs
London street made famous by The Beatles
Someone who has trouble sleeping
Shoe with strap at the rear of the ankle
Machine for cutting garden grass
Preconceived opinion not based on experience
South African diamond, once the world’s largest

Puzzle 2

Stellar, planetary
Sherwood Forest dweller
Flawed, defective
Madama Puccini insect opera
Fraudster, swindler
Rear lamp on a vehicle
Owner or manager of a hotel or B&B
Profession of D’Artagnan, Aramis and Athos
Raw material, product that can be traded
Uber-healthy thing to eat: broccoli, blueberries
Bouncing toy, consisting of a pole with handles
Contagious illness that’s worse than a cold
Start a criminal case against someone

Puzzle 3

Shapes metal or makes an illegal copy of something
Seller, retailer
machine; dressmaker’s key equipment
Orangey-red parts of a fire
Blooming plant that gives us vanilla
Hand gesture of respect to an arriving soldier
Sleeping surface for a canine
Pointy grips on shoes worn by athletes
Quick, fast

Puzzle 4

Old-fashioned, antiquated, no longer current
Road to location of conversion of St Paul
Plan of attack for a business project
Prehistoric period lasted around 3.4 million years
City of the National Museum of Bargello
Giving up, resigning
Evidence documents for court proceedings
Sleep happens on this foam and spring object
Infection of skin nerves, tied to chickenpox virus
Ready in advance, having set up equipment
Going to late-night places to dance
Famous book of world records
Finger joints that can make a cracking noise
Ribbed, soft cotton material, used for clothing

Puzzle 5

They say it’s the city that never sleeps
Person controlling a spy from above and afar
Thin roof covering that overlaps with others
Clear enough to read
Spanish spicy sausage
Absolves someone for a wrongdoing
Friendly relationship, a word with French origins
Straight punching with the lead hand
Porcelain or plastic tray for mixing paints on
The Greatest Showman actor, Hugh
Compliment, admire, butter up
Golden face shimmer applied to give a tanned glow
Spring, summer, autumn, winter
Shape of someone’s lower mandible
Subjugate, crush rebels