Group 681

Puzzle 1

Harmonious way of arranging living space
Popeye’s girl
Object worn nasally by swimmers
Thrown out; turned down for a job position
Where boats and sailing vessels are constructed
Garden statue for feathered friends to take a wash
A small, possibly unimportant untruth
Linear chronology, usually shown pictorially
Cosmetic procedure that makes one look younger

Puzzle 2

A surprise departure in a novel’s storyline
Main character in Zootopia, rabbit police officer
Fizzy celebratory wine from Northern France
Cache, goods stashed in case of emergency
Productive, well-planned
Useful reading material for tourists
Clean, pure, virtuous
Swim without any clothing
Productive, well-organized

Puzzle 3

A military person who abandons their post
Beauty transformation
Everest expeditions start at this tented city
Slick like ice or oil
Foliage, plants, vegetation
Milestone birthday marking half a century
On edge, worried, fretful
A panicked rush of large animals
Abandoned, like on a deserted island
Quality of being artistic, having imagination
Journalist, foreign correspondent

Puzzle 4

Canadian dish of fries, curd cheese and gravy
Pieces of hair or thread
Longbottom’s first name
Budding, floral Powerpuff Girl
Matriarch of a pride
Transfer goods or contraband illegally
Riders and hounds chase a red animal
Old-fashioned light source, burns fossil fuel
Booze, e.g. beer, wine, vodka, gin, etc

Puzzle 5

Dietary substance found in potatoes and cereals
Stirrup, anvil and are three ear bones
Processes in which suspects might be found guilty
Space-saving bed that tucks up into a wall
Witches might request nails be this v-shape
Long, sharp weapons used by jousters
Esteemed film festival held on the French Riviera
Splinters or slivers of glass
Hard coverings found on the beach
Times NYC Subway stop for New Year partying
Souk, outdoor market
Custom or routine done in a prescribed order