Group 61

Puzzle 1

Muscle between the chest and abdomen

Heated month of the French Republican calendar

Roman author of The Twelve Caesars

Italian pasta sauce made with ground beef

Religious ceremony involving oil

Optimistically, encouragingly

Longstanding way of doing something

Silent, without any noise

Instruments that sit to the right of bassoons

Boundaries that divide water flow

Puzzle 2

In line after third

To hire someone

Paris deserted her for Helen of Troy

Country that was part of the former Yugoslavia

A sausage in a bun

Huge bay located in northern Canada

Classic symbol of the feudalistic society

Indian language along with Hindi and Bengali

Strong as an oak

Puzzle 3

Fortune seers use this ball to look into the future

Famous dolphin movie; pinball “arm”

To burst, erupt, explode

Smooth singer of “Mandy” and “Copacabana”

__ Las Vegas, the final days of an alcoholic man

Flora includes __, bushes and trees

East African country with Red Sea coastline

Friendly and easy to talk to

Born in the country best known for pizza

Puzzle 4

Narcolepsy is a sleep __

Nearest star system from the sun, Alpha __

Monstrous, strangely diabolical

Oscar winner, demon voice, __ McCambridge

A quick and casual photograph

English Christian denomination

Container holding school children’s meal

The heel was his only weak spot

American __, by George Lucas

Nonrepresentational art

This pasta means “little tongues” in Italian

Tends and herds ruminant mammals

A national symbol for Ireland

Ancient military piece that throws objects

Puzzle 5

Rock that when polished results into Jade

Large chunk of land that rises up above the rest

Aquatic animal, 5 arms, regrows body parts

Accused of adultery in Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale

English revolutionary leader of the Commonwealth

A fellow member of a team

A special date, birthday, anniversary

Someone who lives in a building

__ Jolie, American actress and Oscar winner

Battle at which Gauls defeated the Romans

Group 62

Puzzle 1

Transamerica __ stands out in San Francisco skyline

Sailor song with solo and chorus

Eli __, actor of The Magnificent Seven

Without purpose, wandering

Spanish drink mixing red wine and fruits

To tell wrongdoings you’ve done

Novel written by James Joyce

In charge of things to be used onstage in a play

Barbara Millicent __ inspired a doll named Barbie

Used by referees in games

LV stands for Louis __

Rocks with high sodium and potassium

Puzzle 2

Obtain info online with fake credentials

Astronomical event that marks summer and winter

Bean used to make hummus aka garbanzo

Cowboy in charge of livestock

Study of heredity of living organisms

Charles __, German-born American poet

__ Swimming, long distance, minimum 10k

When life gives you lemons, make __

An accessory and a song by Rihanna

Jewish expression for congratulations

Finnish capital with high standard of living

Anticonvulsants are used to control this

Puzzle 3

Mad __, played by Johnny Depp in a Burton film

Nonhistorical story handed down through the years

Endangered pygmy chimpanzee

__ Caulfield, character of The Catcher in the Rye

Formal agreement between two allies

This scientist created a hierarchy of needs

Landlocked Himalayan nation

World-famous Jamaican sound

Small ugly creature who is evil towards humans

Good __, day of betrayal and denial

Device to turn something on or off

“Here He Comes to Save the Day” __ Mouse

Puzzle 4

Groundbreaking western, __ Mountain

Rural, agricultural residence

Muscle located behind the thigh, sometimes pulled

Roll Over __, hit recorded by Chuck Berry

Formal legal document that supports a claim

Stanzas with no specific pattern

Fruity month of the French Revolutionary calendar

Tumor that spreads to other tissues, cancerous

The Federation’s deep space explorers

They are always right

Small citrus fruit close to a mandarin orange

British town that hosts a famous dancesport event

Puzzle 5

System that coordinates body’s actions

Olympic sport, thin sword fighting

Kelsey Grammer played this role for two decades

The first president of Turkey

Transformers’ star, was married to Fergie, Josh __

To leave someone and never return

Canadian hamlet since 1984

Area consisting of marshes or swamps

Order prohibiting ships in or out of ports

Feline singer now known as Yusuf Islam

Group 63

Puzzle 1

Bewitched, __ and bewildered

Ancient Italian culture prior to Romans


__ Maugham, the highest-paid author of the 1930s

South America’s largest city

Hair pulled back, gathered and tied

“Blue” mutant ninja turtle who uses swords

Something not done on purpose

Flower with orange, yellow petals; calendula

Bacterial toxins in the blood

Center of a target, what the shooter aims for

Breed of guard dog originally from Germany

Puzzle 2

Royal family of the Netherlands

This dramatic play is for reading, not acting

Far Cry __, a video game set in the Stone Age

Bono’s real name is Paul David __

Mosquito-borne tropical disease aka breakbone

Piece of land surrounded by water

Barrel-shaped herbivorous marine mammal

Miyagi taught the “kid” this martial art

Cheques are made out to them

Object used to shred food, like cheese

At sixes and __, muddled up

Puzzle 3

A farmer’s savings account

Nut considered a delicacy in India

Person who offered Joseph, Mary and Jesus the barn

Sailors feared harming this “legendary” bird

Nation, capital Canberra

A __ Orange, by Anthony Burgess

The leader of a clan or tribe

Container used to sterilize medical equipment

Doing this is considered bad luck in circus

Puzzle 4

Fire__, puts out flames

Something odd or different

Does not have gametes

Eliza __, playwright who published over 70 novels

__ Abbey, British period drama

Country in W. Africa, its capital is Abuja

Magnetic object used for finding directions

Hot red pepper named after a city in French Guiana

The Supreme __, the Pope

Forage fish mostly belonging the Clupeidae family

Won the 87th Academy Awards for Best Movie

Puzzle 5

Pilot who would intentionally crash the plane

In addition to normal working hours

Place where military units eat

Small body in inner Solar System

Dangerous mineral once used in construction

Oscar winning Cuckoo villain, Louise __

Can be the result of a weakened blood vessel wall

Spiral-shelled ocean animal

Herb with needle-like leaves used in cooking

Unbound booklet, brochure

The official European Union anthem

Pearls, choker, beads

An atomizer for spraying paint

Group 64

Puzzle 1

Writing using rhythm, stanzas, verses, etc

Opposite of rough

Place of worship for Christians

Horse-like animal, character in Shrek

A pot used for boiling water

Arabic noble title; “strength”

Allows you to fix mistakes made with pencil

Sea between the Greek and Anatolian peninsulas

Small close-fitting hat, skullcap

Puzzle 2

Kitchen utensil with a broad, flat, flexible blade

Dario __, Italian director of horror movies

Bart Simpson loves to say “Ay __”

Alan __, played the bad guy Hans Gruber in Die Hard

State of inactivity, volcanoes stay this way

People who fish

Wasting muscle mass due to the lack of use

Place this rapper in your drink on a hot day

Waterfalls located between Canada and the US

Group of interconnected computers

Company that flies planes

Puzzle 3

Phnom Penh is the capital of __

Miscellaneous assortment

Item, object or land that belongs to someone

Teacher, professor, lecturer

Wanted his grave beside Beethoven’s

Portuguese Nobel laureate in 1998

Ugandan dictator, human rights abuser, Idi __

Automatic body responses to a stimulus

__ Movement, a sleeping stage also known as REM

Itchy and __, Simpsons cartoon

Small object allegedly bringing good luck

Ground beef shaped into a sphere

Puzzle 4

A symbol depicting a serpent eating its own tail

Website founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger

A __ Night’s Dream, a Shakespeare’s comedy

Cheese from Southern Italy, often smoked

A period of three months

__ Zeta-Jones, won an Oscar for Chicago

Research and advocacy organization

Hotel staff member in charge of assisting guests

First man to walk on the moon

Time period from conception to birth

Witticism, one-liner

Beatles birthplace

Tree of __, found in the Garden of Eden

Puzzle 5

Most romantic man of the musketeers

French for a Peeping Tom

Short sword-like weapon used for stabbing

Epona is the Roman goddess protector of the __

Sesame seed condiment popular in the Middle East

Moral principles, standards of behavior

Dwarf planet located beyond Neptune’s orbit

Agent Smith chased Neo in this trilogy

The call of __, the need to use the loo

Reptile related to alligators and crocodiles

Group 65

Puzzle 1

Proceedings of a learned society

A male witch or wizard, sorcerer

Farmer’s __, old fashioned weather predictor

Plant with poisonous leaves, used in pies

Eastern European stuffed dumplings

__ Candles, John Hughes coming of age 80s hit

Tape __, flexible ruler for checking sizes

__ Young, Alphaville biggest hit

A bad __ always blames his tools

Supposed, taken for granted

Used to surf the web

Nickname for the armed forces of the USSR

Puzzle 2

The one who occupies abandoned buildings, land

Family of Austrian singers in a movie

Spring onion

Capital of the British Virgin Islands

Satyrs are usually depicted playing them

Makes and sells glasses and lenses

In boxing, blow aimed at the chin from underneath

Patron saint of children

A monstrous dog with 3 heads in Greek mythology

Italian adventurer, synonymous with lover

Many pirates wear this accessory

Puzzle 3

Person who ensures official regulations are obeyed

A 1986 film with Tom Waits and Roberto Benigni

Robin Hood’s clergy companion

Mexican dip made with avocados

Describing word, found before a noun

Gorillas, chimps & orangutans as a single group

Study of celestial movements, yet not scientific

One of the active volcanoes in Italy

Disorder of sight; brain ignores an eye, “lazy eye”

Prominent author of the 1920s’ Lost Generation

Government in which God supposedly rules


Puzzle 4

Guarantee, make certain, secure

How loud something is

Itching skin disease

__ is an auto maker from Japan that makes Camrys

__ Miller, US comedian, actor, TV personality

Heard everywhere in Warsaw

Mix of flours and liquids to prepare foods

Winged horse with dragon scales in Chinese folklore

Comic __, humorous moments in a movie, book

Spiky, desert plant

Puzzle 5

A race for boats

Distress or excruciating pain

A woman engaged to be married

Activity performed for payment, not a good

Whiskered water mammal that “barks”

What Paris was called in Roman times

Found in milk and cheeses, helps bones grow

Line that separates North and South hemispheres

Shakespeare’s tragedy about racism and jealousy

Someone who writes about love

Illegally signing documents for someone else

To refuse using a service or buying a product

Thick skin surrounding fingernails

Belief that all natural things possess souls

Medicinal root sometimes found in energy drinks

Sean Penn married her in 1985

Casual gathering without plans

Stump, bewilder

Group 66

Puzzle 1

Large enclosure for birds

Jewish state established in 1948

How to serve Bond’s Martini, not stirred

Someone’s weak spot

Home to the ancient culture of Athens

Wish for, want, crave

Killing me __ with his song

Emma __, title character of a novel by Flaubert

What bad news does fast

The Hill F1 champion in the sixties

A city’s stinky problem

Spice that can be poisonous in large doses

Optometrists do this to check your eyes

Long placard with an announcement

Bomb developed by the Allies in 1945

Puzzle 2

Mispronunciation of R as L

American jazz trumpeter

Novel by Nora Ephron based on her failed marriage

Gritty item used for smoothing before painting

The season of good cheer

Inane rambling, punch-drunk

Tasty white nut used in desserts, ice cream

Protestants who put faith in Martin Luther’s ideas

Semi-historical King of Uruk

__ Language, mixture of two languages

What the end does to the means

Writes for the stage

Puzzle 3

East London famous accent

Immeasurable experience, cannot be rationalized

Wagon wheel pasta

Act of living in a tent in an outdoor area

__ McDuck has always been stingy with his money

Jersey rockers, Sambora was on guitar

Examination of a body after death

Fabric you can see through

To make a mess, create a problem

Receptacle for cigarette butts

Daytime cinema showing

Child who is just learning to walk

Puzzle 4

Song recorded by Elvis Presley in 1956

Argument, disagreement essential to a plot

Partner who allows you to hit him to improve form

The Chamber of __, lobbies for business interests

Persian thinker, philosopher of Islam Golden Age

Feeling of intense joy and delight

Disdainfully or skeptically humorous

Sugary beverage made from sassafras

Limb that gave Daniel Day-Lewis an Oscar

Concise observation, general truth

The capital of Botswana

Puzzle 5

What fine words can’t butter

Cosmetic treatment for feet and toenails

Just __, Moroccan born French forward legend

Asian mushroom believed to have medicinal effects

Very close to target, but not hitting it

Red insects make you itch a lot when they bite

Analysis, evaluation, especially of literature

Teeth substitutes

Electronic device designed to accept data

My __, tale of an east London flower seller

Ancient gold coin from Spain

Comedian Jerry __ starred in a hit TV show

Group 67

Puzzle 1

Indian holy river

Royal house that financed the modern piano creation

Catch __, hybrid word guessing, hot potato game

Having manners, established set of conduct

Company, organization providing services

One born in a country, a __ to that area

Part of a shirt that goes around the neck

Unit with parents and children

Fruit symbolises temptation in Christianity

A misty and mystical island

Metal tube from which water comes out in a sink

Image created using small pieces of glass

In Dover they are white

Puzzle 2

Collection of investments

This high walking is also called funambulism

Greeting among men in most western cultures

Variety of peach family with smooth skin

Scientific study of rocks

Activity that is the end or the purpose

Container for making and pouring a morning drink

Glenn __, reported Snowden’s story to the world

Blind superhero with enhanced senses

Day of Atonement

Repetition of the vowel sound

Night __, when you can’t see well in the dark

Puzzle 3

80s futuristic police enforcement movie

People without pigment in their skin

Bird with a proverbial stomach

Outermost bone of the middle ear

Behavior that’s not the norm, different, strange

Fashionable, made to measure apparel

A person who collects and delivers mail

The Greek Muse of music and lyric poetry

Person serving a prison sentence

Puzzle 4

Early followers of Jesus who spread his message

The surname of an Italian family depicted in films

Gland that can only be found in male anatomy

__ Safran Foer, author known for visual writing

Sweetened frozen dessert made from milk

Type of music balloons are scared of

World’s deadliest animal

Moon in Jupiter not affected by tidal heating

Decoration that is sewn onto a piece of cloth

Her mother’s __ image = very much alike

Sovereign state run by an elected individual

Emetophobia is the fear of __

Body of water where the Isle of Man lies

Only city located on two continents

Puzzle 5

Waxy substance used to style hair

To move text up and down on a computer’s monitor

Scarcely, sparsely, almost not enough

Cartoon about little blue creatures

Light and airy dessert

Show off, parade

__ and Louise, feminist film with a young Brad Pitt

Atlantic-Pacific Ocean linking waterway: __ Canal

Fatigue and other symptoms from air travel

Agricultural tool with spiked teeth to level land

Group 68

Puzzle 1

Shiva is also known as this in Hinduism

She performs classical dance professionally

Bespectacled mastermind behind Microsoft


The film industry turned it into a glamorous item

Raphael’s portrait of a baker’s daughter

A vegetable slicer with adjustable cutting blades

Oily soothing substance

Pakistani city meaning “City of Islam”

A kind of cosmetic used on the head

Puzzle 2

Something that is an advantage

This poisonous plant killed prisoners in old times

It takes more than one to make a summer

Rectangular shaped hatchet used in the kitchen

Add liquid to food residue on a pan to make sauce

Dagger type weapon on the end of a gun muzzle

Tiny marine crustacean with six pairs of limbs

Kill-joy, spoil-sport

Tiger Woods’ real first name

__ and the 40 Thieves

Puzzle 3

Marine crustacean found on ship bottoms

Permanent hair loss on the head

Electronic version of a piano

Type of celebration with music and lights

A person who teaches at a university

Containing a hidden meaning

Prehistoric structure of flat stones

Art of making objects out of clay

A kind of slope

Highly concentrated coffee served in small cups

A gift given, typically for charitable purposes

One who raids and plunders

Puzzle 4

__ Horn, instrument primarily used in Austria

Heat of the Night detective; Poitier character, __ Tibbs

These body parts make movement possible

Preached in church

Most expensive fruit, __ King cantaloupe

Title character of a controversial book by Nabokov

State of rowdy disorder

World’s largest volume freshwater lake, in Siberia

Robin Hood’s fellow outlaw, __ John

Puzzle 5

Old-time medicinal paste mixing honey and herbs

A synthetised substitute for sugar

A yes-man

Persian creature with human head, bat wings

Large rodent with spines on the body and tail

A __, spell of hardship

Facial hair that extends below the ears

__ at Tiffany’s, movie with Audrey Hepburn

Himalayan capital, Mt. Everest starting point

According to the song, Johnny B. Goode is from __

Spanish writer of Don Quixote

Cemetery marker

Group 69

Puzzle 1

Harold __, sold his Academy Award at an auction

Flexible athlete

There is no garden __ its weeds

Animal, plant having no sex organs

Called South West Africa until 1990

The state of mind of a sad person

Disease that causes production of too few steroids

Coffeehouse expert

Superman’s version of Mr. Hyde

__ and Cressida, a Shakespeare’s tragedy

Person who comes in between to facilitate things

Milanese dish with saffron

Rummy-like game originally from Uruguay

Place where aircrafts take off and land

Puzzle 2

This type of egg is boiled inside sausage meat

Historical record of events, yearly records

The sun’s daily goodbye

__ Swift, singer who writes about her breakups

Not a gas or solid, in between

Comedy of __, Shakespeare humorous piece

Jacket ending above the waist, worn open

Those born in the __, are among the privileged

Anagram of ripens

African nation north of Lake Victoria

Puzzle 3

Multi-armed demonic being of Hindu mythology

Asian spice, root of the ginger family

Never the favorite cartoon dog

Those who watch a show or play

Martin __, comedian starring in Bad Boys

Writer of Civil Rights songs in the 1960s

Drug that calms, puts patients to sleep

Expression, indirect reference in writing

Machete like one handed sword of Medieval Europe

Freshwater fish, most commonly kept as pet

It is formed by bones such as clavicle and scapula

Long flat-bottomed sled used for sliding on ice

Chart that tells you the days of the month

Puzzle 4

Brand synonymous with airport luggage

Foster’s Home for __ Friends, cartoon about monsters

Type of tree that never loses its leaves

Greek muse of tragedy

This 1980’s movie had Kevin Bacon in a lead role

It has hairy skin and green flesh

World’s tallest waterfall is in this country

Make something known in order to sell it

Language also known as Rusyn

Makes music sound louder

Benito __, leader of the Italian Social Republic

Mr Roget’s invaluable book

Puzzle 5

Runs fast like a horse

It comes to an end

Ancient Greek military formation of heavy infantry

“Low” region known for tulips and windmills

Example is better than __

Serious in intention, purpose or effort

A place to keep things

Father of modern physics and science

Otherwise known as the devil

First pocket book publishing house

William __ is best known for playing James T. Kirk

Group 70

Puzzle 1

Christ coming into the world

Breed of domestic cat, the sacred cat of Burma

Island in Europe associated with cactus

Permanent ink inserted into your skin

Repeated parts of a song aka refrain

Breakfast dish of raw oats, seeds, fruits

They stink after three days

Utensil used to give food a citric kick

Japanese-named grid game of logical numbers

Protects the leg from ankle to knee

Surname of a bald supervillain

The Greek muse of comedy

To sign up for something, classes

Painful feeling from cold beverage, Brain __

Family Guy diabolical toddler

Attractive, nice to look at

Puzzle 2

JJ Abrams’ teenage drama series

Life form individual

Susan __, won an Oscar for Dead Man Walking

Person who helps actors when they forget lines

Literature on how to prepare food

City of flowers, per eccellenza

Dauntless, gutsy

Carrying a developing baby inside

An extreme sportsperson

First urban civilization in modern day Iraq

Puzzle 3

Long extended area along waterfront for walking

Britain’s Atlantis in Arthurian legend

Rich Uncle __, Monopoly wealthy relative

Popular pizza topping, dried, spicy meat

Asian mountain range, home to Mt. Everest

Used to treat snake bites

Church instrument with monstrous sound

Capital of North Korea

A supreme ruler, especially a monarch

The __, comedy directed by Billy Wilder

Versed, well-acquainted

Rarely known synonym for zoo

Puzzle 4

Bed of a river or waterway, usually deep

Hammers used to strike percussion instruments

African country colonized by freed slaves

It is half the battle, according to G.I. Joe

Travellers belongings

Aromatic delicate herb related to parsley

“Stay Gold, __”

Use this to avoid water rings on tables

Anagram of senator

Urges Orestes to kill their mother

Process of creating a genetic copy

Sudden large amount of wealth, luck

Verdi’s opera with Va, pensiero

Puzzle 5

St. Francis of __, saint of animals

When in Rome, do as they do

Last six lines of a sonnet

Customizable character controlled by the player

The roof of your mouth

Creme __, creamy with glazed caramel layer

Beach Boys asked help from this woman

Category or sex humans identify with

Monetary gain after business expenses

Sea __ hold hands while they sleep

Group 71

Puzzle 1

Apollo named a flower after him

Injury to the neck, usually from car accident

Romance language spoken in East Europe

__ Mars, TV show about a teenage private-detective

Small type of accordion, reed organ

This kind of dance may include tango and waltz

Anne __, Shakespeare’s wife

Most abundant chemical element in atmosphere

The helmsman of a racing shell

Passed on, transmitted

Mexican round flat bread

Henri de -Lautrec painted In Bed

To rest inactive during summer

Puzzle 2

Release, allow to leave; military dismissal

Omission of conjunctions between clauses

It has the largest number of active volcanoes

90s Christmas flick featuring Kevin McCallister

Congenital irregularity on the skin

Tropical fruit with a crown

Used for treating inflammation

To get another company to do part of the work

Leonard __, composer of West Side Story

Forewarned is __

Puzzle 3


Material made from animal skin to write on

German who initiated the romantic literature

The Fourth __ stands for the media at large

Former name for potassium, used in fertilizers

Soaked up the sun, skin turned a shade darker

Position of the anchor just above the sea floor

To soak up liquid, sponge or towel

__ Talkie, two way radio, 80s toy essential

Socrates student, understanding the good

Not a veteran, often blamed for mistakes

Puzzle 4

Branch of science that studies bodies

Glass used for drinking small amount of alcohol

To put an end to

Series of action movies starred by Bruce Willis

Rock formed from various grained plutonic rocks

It is a dish best served cold

English writer known for his Arthurian novels

Acting unmannered, crude, rude

These e-currency transactions cannot be reversed

Baba __, Arabic dish of cooked eggplants

Can’t think of the answer, no solution

Puzzle 5

Japanese video slot machine

Science of fermentation, beer lovers enrolled

French lullaby

A period during a massive power failure

Disney’s animation with classical music

Boring, tedious

City where the escapologist Harry Houdini was born

Dynasty that gave origin to the Holy Roman Empire

Marijuana helps some with this seizure disorder

Band of __, HBO miniseries about World War II

A large waterfall

Group 72

Puzzle 1

To fight by grappling and holding an opponent

Mishmashed recipe served in deep dish vessel

Commercial building used to store goods

Used for boiling water

A mathematical sequence that occurs in nature

Highest rank of teachers in a college

A disaster-prone pedestrian

The bride in the Songs of Solomon

Large group of horses, etc in a procession

In the __ of an eye = very quickly

Puzzle 2

Straight Outta __, gangsta rap album by N.W.A

She herds cattle, rides horses

Not a brand name item

Place of origin of the world’s best-selling stout

One of the many deities of Hinduism

John __, a remarkable legal thriller writer

Eldest son of Louis the Pious

Painted View of Toledo

Aquarium cleaning fish aka suckerfish

Boat sport using the wind to traverse

Big __, surveillance-inspired reality show

Puzzle 3

Horse with a white mane and tail

A tie in a contest

Strong green spirit banned in most countries

Tale or legend, passed on through speech

Hip-twisting toy invented in 1958

Brief evocative account, shorter than a novel

Something that can be utilized more than once

Called Gorky from 1932 to 1990, Nizhny __

__ Leia, Luke’s sister in Star Wars

Knack, bent

Puzzle 4

Entreat, beseech

Happens quickly, unexpectedly

In Africa, respectful form of address to men

Band worn around the leg to keep stockings up

Means to gain something, also a street

Workplace of artists, actors, musicians

French philosopher who refused a Nobel prize

It is not __ science = it is not so difficult

__ Globes, given by Hollywood Foreign Press

Grouped set of lines in a poem

Root of a plant used as a spice or for tea

Beetle who pushes the sun in Egyptian mythology

Someone who has low red blood cell count

Faculty to encode, store and retrieve information

Puzzle 5

He created Cthulhu

Individual precipitations during a shower

In French, this car structure means single shell

Hip Hop necessity, DJ work station

Science that shows how healthy a food is for you

Second most popular language in China

School tool to bring pencil to fine point

Land almost surrounded completely by water

Group 73

Puzzle 1

Substance that boosts a chemical reaction

Steep downward plunge

Cat that is always disappearing in Wonderland

Jamaica’s governor during the Golden Age of Piracy

One of Tchaikovsky’s most popular ballets

Placing decorative paper on presents

Japanese cooking technique using soy sauce glaze

Man proposes, God __


Person who performs sleight of hand tricks

Puzzle 2

Title character of Oscar Wilde’s masterpiece

Olive __, peace offering

Won the Academy Awards for Best Movie in 1971

Climb, go upward, move toward the top

Also called oedema

Naturalist known for the evolutionary theory

Boys Town hero played by Spencer Tracy, Father __

French kickboxing that allows shoes

Planned direction or route to travel

A bird of prey found in almost all continents

Top award given by the music industry

Puzzle 3

Formerly, a Venetian nobleman

Formal name for doctor

Can’t deny a kiss if caught under this

Simon and __, duo of folk singers

Rubbery and flexible tissue between bones

Type of promotion, attracts attention to people

Queen of the Australian desert

Fiction work that doesn’t follow the normal rules

Capital of Cambodia

Get on this to glide on the snow

Practice of negotiating between governments

Created The Feast of Herod

Puzzle 4

Medical pump used to inject medicines, vaccines

Center of Scottish culture

Area for keeping prisoners, usually for torture

Great __ Reef, Australia’s ecosystem under threat

Ad __, argument attacks the person not idea

Isabel __, Chilean-American famous for magic realism

A person trained to assist women in childbirth

John Constable’s birthplace

One who renounces one’s beliefs under oath

Puzzle 5

The conservation of woodlands

Author whose girlfriend left him for Chaplin

Basso __, the deepest of voices

Working out and physical activity as a hobby

In the __, becalmed

World’s largest pizza franchise, not found in Italy

Text translation for foreign movies

Self-righteous, smug

The Minotaur’s mother

This type of bleeding should cause alarm

Group 74

Puzzle 1

Your double never fails to be there

80s George Lucas fantasy movie, also a tree


Something inherited through generations

Coulrophobia is the fear of __

Avid eSports players

Four keys that cover all cardinal directions

Fixed expressions with figurative meaning

Ring of light surrounding a saint’s head

Arm muscles men like to show off

Tiny nation on the island of Borneo

Guerilla movement of the French Resistance

Puzzle 2

Professional who selects and serves wine

Unlawful guardian

Erratic, mercurial

Treatment to repair a damaged tooth

The lead singer of the British band Joy Division

__ Clairy Batis, Princess of Yugoslavia

Comedy Central adult cartoon that killed Kenny

Found mostly between Mars and Jupiter

A sort of hay mannequin found in open fields

Puzzle 3

Sacred, first month of Islamic calendar

Process of moving items from place to place

Babies are born without these

Hidden dangers

One of the most famous songs by The Ronettes

Mesopotamian city

__ Away, Japanese animation from Studio Ghibli

Protein from hunted, not domestic animals

__ Durer painted Adam and Eve

A large pad used mainly for sleeping purposes

Having brown or black hair

Puzzle 4

Global tea brand

They also have striped skin

Unearthly, non angelic being of Western religions

Someone who accepts bets on sports

World’s largest rainforest

__ holds a place for those who pray, Mrs Robinson

Admiral __, Mon Calamari commander in Star Wars

Opposite of wide

Allan Poe suggested a solution for this paradox

Act of robbery or criminal violence at sea

Leading figure of the Pop Art movement

Puzzle 5

Author of The Chronicles of Narnia

Delivered by politicians as a rule

Turn a murky liquid clear by straining items out

Mammals with big incisors; groundhogs, squirrels

He was fed by a wolf along with his twin brother

Arriving after the due time, expected

Arnold Schwarzenegger is from this country

To make bigger, grander, expand

Explosive cocktail, used by some protestors

Misleading, deceptive, false belief, notion

Group 75

Puzzle 1

They opposed the Ghibellines

Military rhythmic song, used when running

Study of matter, motion through space and time

Web treats designed to remember who you are

A sinister kind of humour

__ City is the home of the Pope

__ Cage, actor of Leaving Las Vegas

A disciple, despite his ill-famed job

Medium-sized wildcat found in Middle East, Africa

Pocket of fluid under a layer of skin

Money given for a service or goods

A fine lustrous silk fabric with a crisp texture

Figure who brings good dreams through magical sand

The grass is like this on the other side

To come down from a higher place

The __, creepy Shirley Jackson short story

Puzzle 2

A person or company that produces books

TV series that narrates the fate of Laura Palmer

Italian topping made with chopped herbs and lemon

Very eloquent person

Spherical tree nuts often used in praline

Collection of poems or songs

China’s long brick defense structure

Device that delivers drugs in the form of a mist

Cuts blocks of silage aka block cutter

A __ tune = a theme song

__ of Lisieux, French “Little Flower” saint

Sample, model of product before release

Puzzle 3

Drink made with beans aimed to stay awake

The __ Way joined Rome to Capua

Drug company famous for Viagra

Rot, rankle

Shoot the __, killing time; idle chit chat

The act, process, or industry of extracting ores

Area of muddy, soft, swampy ground

__ Plath, American poetress who commited suicide

Buddhist ceremonial knife

Media library for iPhone, iPod

Wretchedness of condition or circumstances

Give instructions where to go, place something

How I Met Your __, flashback sitcom

A group of entertainers who tour together

Sea that separates Sudan and Saudi Arabia

Puzzle 4

Naturally occuring volcanic glass

__ Utamaro, Japanese printmaker who died in 1806

Also known as Alcofribas Nasier

Share of money to be distributed

In a bold unabashed way

Monastery for Buddhist monks

Collection of lined papers used by students

Melon with yellowish peel, greenish flesh

Severe headache with specific symptoms

James and __ Peach is a 1996 British-American film

Construction workers

They can go longer than camels without water

Puzzle 5

A tenet contrary to received opinion

Michael Phelps regarding his occupation

First recorded Arctic explorers

Military formation of a few battalions

Anagram of ratchet

The type of plant where Homer Simpson works

What the early bird does to the worm

Succeeded David in the throne

A vent in the Earth

Body tissue composed of fat cells

Creator of the Middle Earth

Old valuable collectible

__ Paltrow, American actress and Oscar winner

Ancient wind musical instrument

Group 76

Puzzle 1

Defibrillation for car battery

Balboa’s communist rival in Rocky IV

Hometown for Harvard and the MIT

Everlasting condition, without change

__ Crab, marine creature with hard shell

Highest mountain in the Alps

A region in space with a strong gravity force

Spared by a grateful lion in the arena

Literary style inspired by a Spanish poet

Popular Nintendo driving game with steering wheel

A hit by The Beatles

Puzzle 2

Free reed windpipe instrument that has a keyboard

Chary, diffident

Excessive thirst when water in body isn’t normal

One of the days of the week

Creator of the labyrinth in Greek mythology

Incorrigible rogue in Shakespeare’s Henry IV

Taster, treats and at rest are __ of each other

A common brooch design

Sea separating Italy from the Balkans

They appear when one is clenching a fist

Author of popular Western adventure novels

Mr. Burns’ loyal assistant

Vegetable-like fruit, eaten pickled or in a salad

Type of catapult used in the medieval period

Puzzle 3

Beware of Greeks __ gifts

He painted Spirit of the Dead Watching

__ Garden, collection of plants

Cross __, long distance skiing

Small dents on the cheeks when someone smiles

Needlework done with a hook and yarn

Medieval term for desert dweller

US actress of “When Harry Met Sally”

Someone who brings something new into existence

Wrinkles, spots of bother

Christian birth sacrament involving water

Puzzle 4

Peter __, brother of Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail

State of a bone when it is put in a cast

Outer, thin bone in your lower leg

He carries the golfer’s clubs

Rick __, Bogart’s role in Casablanca

Minneapolis was hometown of this “royal” musician

To run away

An electric generator, mainly for direct current

Sum of all parts, quantity, measure

Put a spoke in someone’s wheel

Puzzle 5

A neo-noir mystery film directed by Roman Polanski

Italian Baroque painter, Tommaso __

Share a secret with this trusting person

Sort of Arabian one-humped camel

Four-line stanza in poetry

Someone you know from work, coworker

Marvin Gaye sang about this source for gossip

Old term for a cat

Float like a __, sting like a bee

A storage area for supplies and goods

Group 77

Puzzle 1

Much Ado About __, a Shakespearean comedy

A majestic tree named after a great man

Daily record of experiences, observations

Sugars containing aldehyde or equivalents

Blood is __ than water

Flatfish, righteye flounder

Flower of the primrose family

He should have chosen a better wife

This snack cheese comes covered in a red wax

Disbelief or lack of belief in gods

Variety of quartz ranging from yellow to brownish

George __, former boxer and grill endorser

John, Paul, George and Ringo

Puzzle 2

Berlin museum art lovers can’t fail to visit

Cotton fabric with stiff ridges

City with one of the largest zoos in the world

Superhero team with Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and more

Doors singer who died young and is buried in Paris

Someone whose job is to examine an area of land

40s, 50s thriller genre, detective movies

Celebration in which Magi reached their destination

Old or vintage items

Spirits of the constelations associated with rain

Group of important rock-forming inosilicate minerals

Puzzle 3

Round shape

Boat kept on a larger ship, used to get to land

Study of how words are arranged in a sentence

To read superficially

Metamorphed limestone

Little girl demon, antagonist of The Exorcist

Responsible for the fall of the Aztec Empire

Traditional Egyptian and Palestinian instrument

14 line poem written in iambic pentameter

Central American coastal country

Puzzle 4

The capital of Laos

Inflammation of the lungs by viruses or bacteria

A Woody Allen film starring Diane Keaton

Bible is split into a new and an old one

A person or thing that innovates

Can easily catch on fire

Caesar’s wife must be above __

Bill Gates’s tech company

Government by only a few

Written, spoken communication


Puzzle 5

90s grunge band, Buddhist state of final release

Ship featured in The Goonies

Closed __, text on a screen for hearing impaired

Being careful not to offend other people

Green variety of beryl used in jewelry

Law enacted by a legislative body

Christmas time celebration of African heritage

Rainbow feathered bird, immortal by Greeks

Rough noise made during sleep

Unimportant, meaningless

Angels’ boss on Fawcett’s detective show

Four __, hotel chain for summer, spring…

Night __, division of all-female USSR flight pilots

Group 78

Puzzle 1

Anagram of rain hard

Neil Diamond’s sweet muse

What PB stands for in computing

Clapping Spanish dance performed by couples

Taking wastes out of blood with a machine

Train __, amateur interest in railroads

A type of cabbage that has a large, round stem

A guest that is never welcome

Part of the bodywork of a Formula 1 car

Big-mouthed, face-painted Batman villain

Gem literally meaning remedy against drunkenness

System involves movement, posture, circulation

Puzzle 2

Latin term that means the current state of things

Don’t Shoot the __, it is not his fault

Soft, Normandy cheese

Large hairy spider found in tropical America

Congenital means a __ present at birth

She keep on burnin’ in Turner and Creedence’s tune

Extortion of money, like a blackmail

Roses are susceptible to that

Ann __, author of The Mysteries of Udolpho

Liz Taylor plays an Egyptian queen in this movie

Cold War Romanian dictator

Won Oscar at just 16 playing Helen Keller

Puzzle 3

A business’s income

Stuffed pasta usually shaped like a square

Coiled tuba used in military bands

Phoenician-founded Libyan capital

Unclear perception, hard to express

Large whale with a spiral tusk on upper jaw

__ Ames, a CIA agent who became a KGB mole

There were ten before Hebrews fled Egypt

Comedy of __, satirizes upper class

This professional requires a steady hand

Meetings that aim to communicate with spirits

A change of looks obtained with scissors

Not straight, having several bends

Puzzle 4

Gray fish that sucks debris

To distribute, arrange in groups

__ Cash, famously entertained inmates

Rich lobster soup

Month to which Octavius added one day

17th century cloth with lace worn on the neck

Nine-tailed fox of the Korean folklore

Sport based on a graceful fall into a pool

Wild cats with tufted ears

The__ Connection, winner of the 44th Academy Awards

Blood filtering organ

Poet who guided Dante through hell

Puzzle 5

His life is taking risks for others

Compare to show how different they are

Greek god of dreams

The capital of Sudan

Goldilocks ate this at the bear’s house

System used for the plantation in Middle Ages

Board game in which you can go to jail

Inflammation of joint sacs

A biting dog, a pecking duck , a __ bee

Process that waves undertake as they change form

Sarah __ Gellar, actress of Cruel Intentions

__ Development, sitcom about a dysfunctional family

To reduce a number of employees in a company

Small group of stars

Group 79

Puzzle 1

Free-standing pavillion in parks and squares

Soft type of silvery metal, used to make figurines

__ Mermaid; hoax, monkey head sewn to a fish body

This country disputes Kosovo with Albania

Dwarf planet named after a Tongva deity

Point of beginning, first stage, source

Sudden repetitive intake of air, irritating

Worth 100 agorot

Heart __, ship in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Measurement, grading, rank

Puzzle 2

__ Grace, somber Christian hymn

In this movie, Woody Allen becomes a revolutionary

Donations to aid poor, ill, animals, etc

Microscopic algae with silica on cell walls

Office, home tool to clip papers together

Title character of Goncharov’s romance

Condition of extreme tiredness, weariness

He shoes horses

__ Carrington, original surrealist painter

May day festival among the Celts

Famous Italian hazelnut spread

Puzzle 3

Cat-like mountainous mammal from Asia

Include hammer, anvil and stirrups; ear bones


UN’s real power is in this council

Fertile __, start of civilization in Middle East

Come Out __, not so subtle boxing idiom

Bar of metal in a mathematical shape to make music

Not extreme or excessive

Brazilian mythological being with backward feet

Someone who eats their own kind

The name Wendy was made up for this story

Final performance of proverbial bird

Puzzle 4

Benjamin __, 18th-century English pirate

60s TV show about a modern housewife witch

Between North and Greenland seas, covers Iceland

The eddaic poems were written in this language

Mobile game where players catch pocket monsters

__ and Pyrrha, the Greek version of the flood myth

Robotic rover sent to Mars

K on periodic table, bananas have a ton

Three-dimensional laser images

India’s notorious sex guide

This kind of mind is a perpetual feast

Characters used by Ancient Sumerians

Cold cut marbled with plant known for oil

Puzzle 5

To preserve corpses

Common pet lizard with a long tail

In time it saves nine

Anagram of please

Transaction arranger, most famous stock __

Overcome with horror, dismay, fear

Registration of people in a city, country

Carrie __, Princess Leia actress

Mechanism to represent variable data continuously

Crown, headband with jewels from Asia

Group 80

Puzzle 1

Drug available without a prescription

A shallow, long-handled pan aka skillet

Also known as Brazilian jazz

Spiritual belief in posthumous existence

Brainerd female police chief in Fargo, Marge __

Seize the Day

Period of peace during a war

The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel __

Adult cartoon about the Griffin family

Along with Tigris hosted Mesopotamia

Sweet briar

Puzzle 2

No __, sentence usually said to the press

TV show about a family living in Springfield

Mike Tyson’s boxing Nintendo game

The capital of Belize

Mixture of sugar and whipped egg whites

Etymologically, a frightful lizard

Instrument whose name is derived from a Greek muse

Famous racing family started with Mario

None but the brave __ the fair

Lacking courage, like the Lion in Oz

Robin Hood’s outlaws live in this forest

Puzzle 3

Low quality counterfeit

Drambuie, Scotch whisky “construction” drink

German philosopher; critic, poet

Loss, deficit

This George B. Shaw’s play inspired My Fair Lady

What no money can buy

Art style very popular during the High Renaissance

England’s tennis Grand Slam tournament

Construction equipment that can push loads

__ Empire, HBO Prohibition period drama

Puzzle 4

Person with strong religious commitment

Beatles 60s “long” hair style

Pastry with fruit filling named after a country

Added to table salt to ward off disabilities

A shorter word for a hubble-bubble

Three consecutive strikes in bowling

No advertising to kids in this Scandinavian land

Spring that sends up jets of water into the air

Song or poem with short stanzas

Won an Oscar for Goodbye, Mr. Chips, __ Donat

Tropical black bird with large beak

Unavoidable danger, risk, peril

Fired actor who played politician Frank Underwood

__ wheel, giant revolving fairground attraction

Puzzle 5

Vladimir __, writer of Lolita

Laid her eggs on the waves

Duke of __, gave up throne for his love

A toenail that digs into the skin is said to be __

Bogart’s role in The Big Sleep, Philip __

Gentle, steady rain in a mist

Nutrient found in some foods and medicines

Historic NYC hotel and a city landmark

Another word for plexiglas

These hold the wheels on your car