Science Lab

Group 301

Puzzle 1

Something open to everyone, not private

Agatha Christie’s spinster detective

Country that makes the cheese called Port Salut

Fertile farmland on which crops can be grown

Picture puzzle broken up and then pieced together

Stylized angel in art looks like a chubby toddler

Elton John song about Cold War girl

Verdi opera about the Moor of Venice

Compressed gases fire projectiles from this weapon

Blue__, Icelandic thermal pool for bathing in

Stacey __, Tanya Roberts’ alias, A View to a Kill

Puzzle 2

Military planning of war or a campaign

Poisonous or toxic

Soft-bodied cloth figures, sometimes homemade

Black panther who is a mentor to Mowgli

Creator of the Op Art movement, Victor __

Mortadella and salami are these

Period of Palaeozoic when jawed fishes evolved

Those who fled imprisonment

Trance-like state, taken from Greek god of sleep

Wilting, flopping

In or outdoor arenas upon which skaters perform

Organized sailing or rowing events

Wealthy, prosperous

Puzzle 3

Energy and strength shown over a long time

A social blunder

The O in IMHO, “in my humble __”

Southernmost Scandinavian country

Bruce Willis stars in this action classic

The Moon covers the Sun in this Pink Floyd song

Killing a dragon

Actor Fred __ was Ginger Rogers’ dance partner

Cancels out, counterbalances

Michelangelo painted its ceiling: __ Chapel

Term for a vascular land plant such as a spruce

Puzzle 4

Adoration, meaning you’d do anything for someone

Enclosure that simulates a pet’s natural habitat

Study of wines, alcohol is part of the curriculum

High male singing voice, a la Bee Gees

Edible almond paste, can be shaped and dyed

Town where Jesus lived as a child

Traditional type of roof made of dried vegetation

Display or exhibit

Denomination of reformer Martin’s followers

Monty Python’s theatrical musical offering

Queen’s star guitarist

Period of Greek decline after the Mycenaean era

Puzzle 5


Banned, prohibited

Round, filled doughballs in Chinese cuisine

Monarch who entrapped the Minotaur in a maze

Weapon wielded by David against Goliath

Colorful underwater habitat of tropical fish

Lonely carnivore or character portrayed by Jackman

To clandestinely listen to a private conversation

Conflagration such as visited on Dresden in 1945

Novel text read aloud, delivered in a recording

Shakespearean family, enemies of the Capulets

Group 302

Puzzle 1

Amazon river mammal, known as boto or bufeo

Written in a way that can be read clearly

Word formed by rearranging the letters of another

Becoming less intense, like a dying hurricane

Former Soviet leader, __ Gorbachev

Young person with exceptional abilities

Use this machine to render documents from your PC

Italian fashion designer murdered in Miami Beach

Plants or animals, result of crossing breeds

Liquid used to make one smell pleasant

Chopping down a tree

Costly crimson spice, toxic if consumed in excess

Cretan-born Mannerist painter

Plead with someone, beg them

Puzzle 2

Enrolled members of an army

Harshly critical

Relating to the arteries that surround the heart

Glands in the roof of mouth fight off infection

Soluble shells of medicine, to be swallowed

Hungarian capital with two combined cities

Microsoft’s file-hosting service

Deserted, isolated, forlorn

Smearing or rubbing something

Person involved in a lawsuit

Passing date of validity

Triumphs, wins through

Roman emperor began construction of city walls

1982’s Gandhi film star, Ben __

Don __, opera by Mozart about libertine Don Juan

Puzzle 3

To be extremely dirty

Large shrimp or prawns

Ireland’s flag is green, white and this color

Country with the largest Catholic population

Bizet opera about the fate of a gypsy girl

“City of Music” where Mozart lived

Pablo __, Spanish cellist and conductor

Orange metallic element Cu

Outdoor barriers for privacy

__ of the Sun, film about Japanese internment camp

Notoriety for bad deeds

To sign a treaty to make it valid

Puzzle 4

Ruling family

Ancient Greek foot soldier with shield and spear

Small Australian marsupial

Tibetan Plateau river flows into Andaman Sea

Biblical giant killed by David

Dessert topping of flour & butter, like sand


Doctor __, Pasternak tale of revolutionary Russia

Two dimensional figure with six sides

Puzzle 5

In legal terms, an example that is then followed

Sylvester and __, cartoon cat and bird adversaries

Agatha Christie West End murder-mystery play

Steps down from power as a monarch

Attacker who causes physical injury

Containers for screws and hammers

Farm animals are __, usually sold at markets

Undefeated ancient military leader: __ the Great

Best Actress Oscar winner for As Good as it Gets

Asking forcefully

In a rush, quickly

” __ a Week”, sang The Beatles

Dutch painter who created many self-portraits

He Who Must Not Be Named

Reckless young adult, a hellraiser

Storage space for rusty, unwanted vehicles

A theorist or speculator

Group 303

Puzzle 1

Flat wire clip for hair

One of eight babies from the same birth

Hand __, small explosive weapons thrown at enemies

Making butter

Surname of Spanish singers Julio and son, Enrique

Queen who married Ferdinand and sponsored Columbus

Battle of 490 BC, and a running race in its honor

Heroine of Shakespeare’s As You Like It

Highly regarded

Italian city that its residents call Firenze

Puzzle 2


Gone in 60 seconds

Capital city on the island of Taiwan

Venomous snakes

Nickname of the Academy Awards for Film

French form of the name Peter

Sacrificial move to gain advantage in chess

Mischievous tricks played by leprechauns

Interrupt a speech or on-stage performance

Secure place to leave clothes at the gym

Food prepared according to Jewish dietary laws

Paris art museum with a glass pyramid

National flower of Mexico

Puzzle 3

Holds like a baby

Fortress on high ground protecting a city

World-famous news agency based in London

Bent, dishonest

Electric mixing machine with a powerful blade

A wide-brimmed hat, associated with cowboys

Julia __, actress, won an Oscar as Erin Brockovich

Tidal river mouth

__ Stone, helped decipher hieroglyphics

Sense Beethoven lost in his 30s

Ban a practice or law

More common name for Hansen’s disease

__ bone, also stapes, found in the middle ear

Puzzle 4

Invented language by Ludwik Zamenhof

Forced removal of a child from school

Got rid of

Transmission mechanisms of motor vehicles

Fire and __ refers to the wrath of God

Woody Allen film, 1977 Best Picture Oscar winner

Officially agreeing, rubber stamping

Female star of La La Land

Fruitfulness and fecundity

Large manmade water storage pool

Sociable birds that flock in murmurations

Puzzle 5

The early signs of dentition

Ellen Ripley’s spacecraft in Alien

Month of Valentines

Steely nickname for Margaret Thatcher

Thick pureed fruit or veggies energy drink

Unexpected attacks by soldiers

Greek sea god Poseidon took on this equine guise

Sorcerer in “The Tempest”

Chucking, flinging, tossing

British soldiers in the US War of Independence

Ocean where the Falklands Islands are located

Group 304

Puzzle 1

Opposite of casual

Cried out like a wounded dog

Avoids, steers clear of

Two Young Girls at the Piano, by Pierre-Auguste __

World’s oldest and most widely used type of nut

__ & Delilah, Biblical tale of a harmful haircut

Mother __, Albanian nun famous for charity work

Olympic sword competitor

Bring back to life

Puzzle 2

Religion with a Festival of Lights called Diwali

Hound that keeps wooly ruminants in check

Removing the shell

What the Rolling Stones had for the devil

Magic hall where Odin keeps the dead he chooses

Classification system of organisms in biology

Bogota is this country’s capital

Puzzle 3

Nationality of someone from Port-au-Prince

__Letter, tale of adultery by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Medical term for lower back pain

Art of public speaking in an elegant, formal way


Followed secretly, illegally by someone

Touches hand to cap like a soldier

The act of making holes in the ground with a spade

Country where women may wear a tunic called ao dai

Unsubstantiated rumor shared by others

One of Seven Deadly Sins, means “greed”

Where a Formula 1 car has a tire change

Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey

Advisors, anagram of monster

Puzzle 4

Mosaic tiles on the floors of villas in ancient Rome

Pretending, falsifying

Graphic illustrations that explain a concept

Christ the __, Rio de Janeiro hilltop statue

“Beauty is in the eye of the __”

Resignation, endurance of pain without complaining

Kitchen tools with flat end for scraping out bowls

Inflammation of the bladder

Crushes a piece of paper

The big red dog

Voting in somebody democratically

Puzzle 5

Heated box to keep fertilized chicken eggs warm

Watchfulness, alertness

Quip or clever remark

Astronomical instrument from Hellenistic world

Business, commercial, trading

Breathed in, inhaled

Prescribed or required by etiquette or fashion

Mixes eggs and cooks in pan

Group 305

Puzzle 1

To look over the items in a collection

For whom Miss Piggy pines

Set off a rocket

Pulled something heavy or cumbersome

Groups of political plotters or conspirators

Iron __, rockers named after a device of torture

Seamus __, Nobel laureate famous for Beowulf work

Modest and shy

TV series with laughs

Instructions for cooking, a list of ingredients

Large garden spade used for planting a tree

Largest island in Thailand

Name for a group of tigers

A duck’s walk

Joining of two businesses

Puzzle 2

Five-sided shape

Hard, Italian cheese for grating on pasta

Stubborn or obstinate

Banned or forbidden

Greek hero of the Trojan War

Time of day when roads are busy

In plentiful supply

Essential ropes that release parachutes

South African city, home to Table Mountain

Intended as discipline, a hardship

Tiny Tim’s surname in “A Christmas Carol”

Feeling happy, bright and buoyant

Seriousness, solemnity, sober

Puzzle 3

Round ocular organ, positioned under a lid

A ruler of ancient Egypt, term means “Great House”

Country where Doberman Pinschers originated

Venetian cocktail of Prosecco and peach nectar

Solved a mystery, arrived at a conclusion

French Post-impressionist created The Card Players

Hole in the ground for petroleum harvesting

Greek city, the site of an ancient canal

Broken, injured

A bird’s feathers

Rope used for lowering or raising a sail

Seeing glass worn in one eye

Ten-sided shape

Photos taken with the camera facing towards you

Puzzle 4

Father or mother

Short-range cannon, sounds like brickwork element

Teeter totter

Walt __, creator of Mickey Mouse

Person after whom a discovery is named

Hang around in the air, like a bad smell

River running through Amsterdam and a beer brand

King of the jungle, his consort is Jane

Large bodies of water becoming polluted by plastic

Batter’s head protection in baseball

Printer that fires droptlets of fluid onto paper

Two-legged creatures

Roman emperor with column and forum in Rome

Words in singing, rather than the instrumentation

Puzzle 5

Soldier paid to fight for a foreign army

Filling with wind and moving like a sail

Fairy that dances in Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker

Gem term for pyrites, popular with the Victorians

Amazon-owned website for book reviews

Cooperative interactions


Volcanic explosions

Talking about people and spreading rumors

Group 306

Puzzle 1

A less scientific name for the coccyx

Liticaphobia is the fear of these

Not a cynic

Washes clothes

Censored, obscured, edited

Meadows for cattle grazing

Island nation south of India

Inspecting your financial accounts

Suddenly upsetting

Soldiers’ quarters, often temporary

Canine’s master and provider

Poured delicately over, e.g. on a cake

Honest, candid

Keats poem about a shepherd loved by Selene

Puzzle 2

Preserved in a sacred place

The Hunchback of __, Hugo’s Parisian love story

__ chant, Roman Catholic sacred music

The most thin, most svelte

North by __, Hitchcock movie with a crop duster

Unconventional, strange


The most northern capital city in the world

Espresso coffee with a small measure of milk

Reaching a goal

Burst into flames, perhaps spontaneously

Disastrous events

Amazonian queen killed by Hercules

Place where theater and cinema tickets are bought

Digs up, removes earth from

Puzzle 3

Spring flowers from bulbs grown in the Netherlands

The sailors betray their captain

Gland that plays a key role in T cell maturation

Calm someone down, e.g. give baby a soother

Capital of Colombia

Zodiac crustacean

Become invisible

Winners, victors

Fastest type of gait for a horse

Sum paid for capturing someone

Authoritarian government

Portray, illustrate

Puzzle 4

To divide into three equal parts

Rubbish, trash

Baked breakfast cereal of oats, fruit and nuts

Legendary first king and founder of Rome

Rules over people

Team that changes tires on a racing car

Relating to earthquakes or other Earth vibrations

Dead animals collectors attach to a pinboard

Professional that fixes pipes and drains

He keeps the riffraff out of night clubs

Lack of success

Country home to historical region of Transylvania

Puzzle 5

Fictional doctor who talks to animals

Interfering, poking one’s nose in


Brass instrument with a slide

Karachi was once capital of this Asian nation

Obstacles or hindrances

Attire for skinny dippers: __ suit

Major island of Indonesia, formerly Celebes

Very young trees

Weightlifting poles

Deep abyss and prison for the Titans in Greek myth

First female UK prime minister, Margaret __

L-shaped hexagonal tool for furniture assembly

Group 307

Puzzle 1

Method of trading before currency

Explorer who discovered the Pacific Ocean

Street musician who collects money

Pouches on either side of the face, for blusher

The republic at the center of The Handmaid’s Tale

Uttered by Archimedes and the solution to problems


Make larger or longer


First country to require unsold food be donated

Coniferous trees, maybe seen in Lebanon

Puzzle 2

Music shows

Places where people live in groups

Immense and gigantic expanse

Opposite of emptiness

Marks on the body resembling crucifixion wounds

Almond paste, modeled or used to top cakes

Carotenoid responsible for a tomato’s red color

Branch of science relating to the study of cells

Bullying or annoying online

Blood protein that fights infections

Puzzle 3

Spoken with emotion or imagination

Hidden by leprechauns at the end of a rainbow

Variety, assortment

Windy weather in the desert

Strengthened, reinforced

Shrinking from a strike to the body

Happy and at ease

Latin expression meaning “seize the day”

Putting text another way

Winter projectiles

2017 Best Film Oscar, and no, it wasn’t La La Land

Chanterelle, Criimini, and Portobello, for example

Puzzle 4

Extreme irrational fears

Folded-over pizza with filling inside

Money given to a writer before a book’s completion

Tanned, sunkissed

French Mediterranean island

Wedding anniversary celebrated after 60 years

Indifferent, detached

Middle front waist, exposed in cut-off tops

“Like a Virgin” singer

Puzzle 5

External layer in an early embryo

Trying hard, working hard

Small, strong black cup of coffee

System of national highways in Germany

Conceit, complacency, arrogance

Obsession, fascination with something

Order, command

Egg white desserts that rise and then fall

State of unconsciousness

Without a cable

Group 308

Puzzle 1

Country whose name means rich coast

Verdi opera about a hunchback jester

Thin slices of raw meat or fish, with lemon or oil

Breakdown of food in the body

Rivers and canals are examples of these

Deeply upsetting

Dial 3 numbers for this medical emergency vehicle

Faulty, imperfect

Making a heartfelt request against a decision

Ecstatic, enthusiastic

To dry completely

Silver, shiny long fish with fang-like teeth

Puzzle 2

Throws, discards

Snarl up, like hair

Language of the Communist Manifesto

__ pants, MC’s baggy trousers, like harem pants


World’s second smallest continent in area

Need for liquid

Addictive painkiller

Of work or a job that doesn’t require much skill

Stephen King book, teen doused in pig’s blood

James Dean’s character in Rebel Without a Cause

Warm whiskey drink with honey, lemon and spices

Hindu women wear a bindi on this part of the face

Capital of Botswana

Repurposed, used again

Hides something from sight

Lazy like an Amazon creature or deadly sin

Clothing made of wool

Lover of Troilus, written about by Shakespeare

Projectile fragments that wound

T-shaped device for washing windows

A driver or putter

Puzzle 4

Use these for crushing ingredients in mortars

Tools for nailing

African country whose name means “free” in Latin

It’s the early bird that catches __

Magi or three kings

Hot cream and chocolate sauce

A long bristle on a cat’s face

Star Wars sandy pit with mouth and beaked tongue

Sloping, inclined

Human body part at front between wrist and elbow

Puzzle 5

Algebraic expression of the sum of two terms

__ carrier, naval vessel that launches planes

Writer of song words

Small pieces of wood used to start a fire

Trapped on an island

To remove a limb in a surgical operation

The Southern Hemisphere’s most populous city

Makes food in advance

Preceded with an introduction

City from which Paul escaped in a basket

Fleet of ships or boats

Large and stately homes

Group 309

Puzzle 1

One who doesn’t arrive on time


Regretful, remorseful

Body of water between China and Korean peninsula

Nations’ symbols hang from these

To enlighten or enchant

Cheats, conmen

Initial station on a baseball diamond

Made larger or louder

Belief that divine union is achieved by intuition

French term for a highly reduced stock

One of six babies from the same birth

Puzzle 2

Booked tickets in advance

Straightens, removes the kinks

Only ancient Egyptians allowed to eat mushrooms

Nemesis of the Smurfs

Mythological serpent that kills with a stare

Disease-causing cells, found e.g. in your gut

Deep ditches used during war

Blessing in __, something that turns out ok


Lofty tightrope

Band fronted by Chris Martin

The right to vote in elections

Puzzle 3

Treaty of __, sought WWI peace with Hungary

Popular Italian chocolate spread with hazelnuts

Too close for __

Long locks of hair

Last major taxonomic group, after genus


Used by Adam to hide his modesty

Goes against someone

Land, topography

Mentally prepared someone for a task

Puzzle 4

Where skiers ski

Of a choir

Spoken intention of harming someone

Italian city where you can take a gondola ride

Hesitates, waits briefly

Plant affliction, plague

Written words for a theater play

Specialist language, hard for others to understand

Helen __, who played The Queen

To have a strong effect on someone

Greek deities, companions of Dionysus, god of wine

Al __, who starred in Scarface

“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t __”

Syrian site of deadly earthquake of 1138

Puzzle 5

Founder of Amazon

It enables tots to sit at the table

Queen has an epiphany with this song

Tennis court markings for doubles play

Medical term for nerve pain

Damage to coral reefs by excessively warm water

German pen maker and French-Italian mountain

Black-and-white spotted dog breed

Explosives designed to be buried under the surface

Unfastening, separating

City that presents the Nobel prize for literature

Group 310

Puzzle 1

“Smile, you’re on __ Camera!”

Economical with money

Split into portions

State of tranquility and calm

Dangerous tricks on a movie set


Defeated country in the Battle of Buena Vista

Polish capital with the Latin name Varsovia

Distort, disfigure

Relating to or emanating from the stars

Puzzle 2

Windows 10’s personal assistant by Microsoft

Children’s Vitamin D deficiency disease

Jiminy __, friend of Pinocchio

One who makes bets

Routes carved through rocks for cars

Longed for

Try to achieve

Provisons in a contract

Word made from the letters of another

Groups of geese

Capital of the Falkland Islands

Nastro __, beer by the Italian Peroni brewery

Ounces in a pound

Puzzle 3

Vast groups of stars


Entering a place unwanted, as an army

Striking a bag with a fist

Harry Potter’s favorite gal pal

Fiery Spanish dance

London singer who saw the Writing’s on the Wall

Large, one-off payments, not small, regular ones

Engine part that supplies air or fuel to cylinders

Australian capital

Hotel refreshment box

Material used in ancient Egypt for writing

Small immature tree

Juliet’s family name in Shakespeare’s play

A home-delivered shopping parcel

“Renaissance” literally means this

Where the train pulls into

Italian dumplings of potato and semolina

Odd, rare objects from foreign countries

Four players on court in tennis

Puzzle 5


Person whose power comes from their wealth

Large autonomous community in southern Spain

Substances put into food during processing

Play it in your VCR

Careful, these sea creatures can sting you!

Exactly the same

Those responsible for wicked deeds

Blue-green color and gemstone used in jewelry

Group 311

Puzzle 1

Ex-British colony, Southern __; currently Zimbabwe

Throws away

Nationality of Manny Pacquiao and Imelda Marcos

Prolonged period of higher than usual temperatures

Contained areas for kids to have fun

Obtaining from suppliers

Smothering a noise

People responsible for a crime

Objective, a balanced view

__ Luke, Newman goes to jail in 1967 film

French term for goodbye

Puzzle 2

Name of Angelina and Brad’s first biological child

Pedaled on two wheels

A noisy coward is all bark and __

Genesis album uses just three alphabetical letters

Stage of development of unhatched offspring

Outdoor eating excursion

Monet painted __ over a Pond of Water Lilies

Repeat broadcasts of TV series

Bent metal wire for fastening papers

Italian island used as a prison by Mussolini

Raised up, elevated something

What the director shouts to start filming

Puzzle 3

Three-pronged fork carried by Poseidon

Doesn’t give in to temptation

Italian crisp pastry filled with sweet cheese

Vincent __, post-impressionist Starry Night artist

Plant that frogs sit on in a pond

Fictional setting of The Princess Diaries

A flow of water in a particular direction

Watery patches on the ground for splashing in

Harbors where yachts are kept


Puzzle 4

Depraved Biblical place destroyed by God

High flat areas of land

Intestinal parasite from eating infected pork

Precious violet quartz used in jewelry

Beer made at your place

Make the first move

Scary creature found on old cathedrals

A ball spins to land on black or red on this wheel

Great victories

TV series created by Gene Roddenberry, with Spock

Lloyd Webber Evita hit, Don’t __ Argentina

Backup plan

Quirky street fashion style of Tokyo fashionistas

Cosmetic surgery to alter the visage

Low, stagnant mood

Puzzle 5

The holding of severe religious views


Soaked meat in flavored liquid

Intense weather event with precipitation

Drooled, dribbled, slobbered

Coordination of a complex military operation

Racing of bikes that run on gas

Ferocious dog such as in the Sherlock Holmes tale

Not clear enough to be read or understood

Turn one on in the dark

Device with spinning discs mounted on an axis

Worship, veneration

Small sacs, cavities that surround hair roots

What you drink your morning brew from

Vagrants or drifters

Group 312

Puzzle 1

Basket for dirty clothes

Lexus is the luxury car division of this car maker

Thinks deeply and sadly

Long boards of wood, walked on by bad pirates

Swing the bat and miss a delivery in baseball

Toughen, solidify

Green film over copper, appears over time

Less cold

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one

Straw hat

Edible bivalve found in rockpools

Puzzle 2

Worried about something

Mysteries, puzzles

__ Fields, where virtuous Greeks spent eternity

Lewis Carroll’s real surname

The __, Spielberg’s movie with kids and pirates

Educational institutions for pupils

River that Julius Caesar crossed to get to Rome

Spice Girls debut single

To mark with many small dots, specks

Rights a wrong on behalf of someone

Rotting plant matter enriches soil in the garden

Puzzle 3

Sequence of main events in a narrative

Electronic structured storage of information

International police organization based in France

Goat and sheep’s milk grilling cheese from Cyprus

Augustus’ immediate successor

Traditional Scottish instrument

Like a dog retrieving a ball

Engravings, impressions, inscriptions

Recorded line of ancestry

Canceled a law

You pull them; jokes, mottoes, party hats included

Open storage for books

Actions that boost one’s self-esteem

Puzzle 4

English musician Thom Yorke’s band

Of clothes that are exceedingly close-fitting

Detached using a tool to remove metal pin

Steamship that rescued passengers of the Titanic

Sweet treat also known as cinder toffee

Statement of terms, final demand

The state of being supplied with enough water

Sunken area where houses are sucked underground

Removing someone’s weapons

Game to find a list of elusive items: __ Hunt

Planned schedule of events, lessons, flights etc

Declaring illegal

Puzzle 5

Long and untidy, e.g. hair

Harp-like zither from ancient Greece

Stunts pulled on a bike with its front in the air

__ Jones, starred in Men in Black

Trimming a sheep’s wool

Jamaican capital with royal name

Climb over fortifications in a military attack

Captivating, entrancing

Desire for food, a healthy hunger

Group 313

Puzzle 1

Pinocchio, a tale about a __ boy

Excessive pride in one’s appearance

__ Spaniel or American __ Spaniel, sporting dogs

“The Barber of Seville” title character’s name

Insult for someone who isn’t smart

Dark, sultry eye makeup look

Dance portrayed by Degas’ models

To shape by molding or carving

Ruth Handler’s creation, named after her daughter

Portuguese capital, on the River Tagus

“Two __ don’t make a right”

Propels with a finger

Series of battle campaigns in 1941 in Libya

Baseball player that faces the pitcher

Fruit of the vine, used in wine-making

Demand’s better half

Puzzle 2

Trade show for publications

Daughter of Helen of Troy and Menelaus in myth

Lately, not long ago

Burning via a hot or boiling liquid

Male horse used for breeding

Items that are won or earned, e.g. cups, awards

Without any marks from healed wounds

Furniture for sleeping one on top of the other

Belgian and EU capital

Strap yourself in and prepare for the ride

Edge-to-edge line going through the center of a circle

Appointment of friends to positions of power

The Grand __ Hotel, directed by Wes Anderson

Took delight in or looked forward to a challenge

Affectionate but not romantic friendship

Main religion of the Philippines

Jury decisions

Puzzle 3

Got rid of, discarded

Currency spent in Kabul and Kandahar

Figure built outside in winter

Metal spikes for cooking meat on barbecues

Nationality; a homonym of a synonym of “end”

Accumulates, stores up

Rachel __, actress of Mean Girls

The bird where Hera placed the giant Argus’s eyes

The intrinsic quality of something

Stuck, glued

Sells meat

Electrical gizmos

US state where Key Largo is found

Dark green lettuce typically used in Caesar salad

Nervy, jumpy, on edge

Puzzle 4

How fast a gust or a breeze is blowing

Pest control device for small rodents

Fluent, graceful manual skill

Open dish for holding drink sweetener

Episodes or sudden occurrences of disease

Abandoning, fleeing

Body position of a luge rider

__ shift means working early hours or overnight

Moving up on the career ladder

Invisible UV rays transmitted by the sun

Carving wood with a pocket knife

The firsts, founding components

Henry Mancini won a 1962 Oscar for this lunar tune

Puzzle 5

Verdi opera about a fallen woman, La __


Type of charge carried by a proton

Birthplace of the entertainer Rihanna

A matter of choice

Short-legged cat named after French emperor

The outer packaging of sweets

Insulin secreting organ

Omission of part of a sentence

Frame for the feet attached to a horse’s saddle

Loyal, truthful daughter to her father King Lear

Group 314

Puzzle 1

Ill-tempered and moody

Peanut housings

Fifty Shades of Grey star, Jamie __

Ghostly character in Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Childe __, US impressionist, painted Geraniums

Ice huts built by the Inuit

Anger, annoy someone

Tropical palm stems used to make garden chairs

Turn the volume back on

Canadian capital

Horse rider

Two equal or nearly equal parts of a whole

Gave back loan money

Protein found in wheat grains

Roman philosophical writer and orator

Value of the shares issued by a company

Medical word for the womb

Puzzle 2

Tuneful, melodic

Like animal hide

All-seeing, 100-eyed giant of Greek myth, Argos __

Grapes that are easier to eat

Film editor’s completed product

Country whose capital is Kuala Lumpur

Solutions to soothe ocular aches

Limited guarantee or assurance on goods

Bear, abide, endure

Replaced ammunition in empty gun

Puzzle 3

Hesitation, being careful about proceeding

Fast and close Brazilian dance

Survive longer than someone else

Attach it to your back and you can fly

Groaned like a floorboard

Wife of King Henry II of England

Spanish hotel run by the government

Sicilian capital city

Muslim holy period marked by prayer and abstinence

Moscow citadel, the seat of the Russian government

Ocean containing an area called Ring of Fire

Military gestures of respect given to servicemen

Headgear worn on a building site

To give advice

Person in charge of a starship and crew

Unkindness, viciousness

Small rodent wrongly known for jumping off cliffs

Puzzle 4

Fine wool fabric from Kashmir used in shawls

Not quite the color of snow, slightly grayish

Paying no heed

To jump off a piece of equipment on gymnastics

To do with the Christian holy book

Son of Helios, killed driving the sun chariot

Lawless and unruly, against the system

Hard Italian almond biscuits, for coffee dunking

Mixing with water to make less strong

Mountain range separating France and Spain

Dark purple vegetable, also called aubergine

Wonderful, magnificent, extraordinary

Equal to 1,024 kilobytes

Type of bird that was Harry Potter’s companion

Puzzle 5

Describes music with a single melodic line

Unrefined, unpolished

Cultivating again

Basilica of the Sagrada Familia is in this city

Pasta sauce with pancetta, egg, and grated cheese

Weather ritual to induce precipitation

People are often caught “between a rock and a __”

British explorer who met Pocahontas

German language encyclopedia

Branch of botany concerning seaweeds, other algae

Pedestrian lanes

Oscar-winning director for A Beautiful Mind

Female massage therapists

Group 315

Puzzle 1

Mollusc, rhymes with “phony”

Rescue parts of a wrecked ship

A Study in __, tale where Holmes and Watson meet

Tissues that work together to create movement

Why apples fall

The four periods that a year is divided into

Close-knit, unwelcoming groups of people

Flew somewhere quickly, in a group

Refined and polite, as for a royal audience

Used to propel small boats, like oars

Study of past events, a school subject

Funny mistake by a broadcaster

Mother of Persephone, sister of Zeus

Sea creature of eight arms

Brief cinematic shots showing passage of time

Puzzle 2

Sea between Russia and Alaska

Borrower’s source

Scoop mud out from the bottom of a river

Something incomprehensible or nonsense, __ Dutch


Pearl maker

Removed the seed

Drummer’s metal accessory

They built the first aqueduct

The first James Bond novel: “__ Royale”

Strainers for flour

Spanish rice dish, usually has seafood in it

Puzzle 3

“When shall we three meet again” starts this play

Catchy phrases used in advertising

Billy __, played Harry to Meg Ryan’s Sally

Restriction on trade or release of news

The art of imitating someone

Lectures given in churches


Advance payment to secure a holiday or a flight

Citrus and champagne cocktails

Red pigment in beets used for food coloring

Edible bivalves from the sea

Fibrous tissue connecting muscles and bones

Character who decapitated Medusa

Rainy season in south and south-east Asia

Avoid in protest

Dwayne __, actor also known as The Rock

Starkly, desolately

Ruled like a queen

Puzzle 4

Interrupts someone’s attention span

Brown skin pigmentation, develops in later years

Certified, approved

Active Italian volcano and Tyrrhenian island

Failure to notice something

Detonating inwardly

Emitting the most perspiration

Song title and national flower of Austria

Novelist Gabriel Jose Garcia Marquez’ nationality


Yellow citrus fruit topping used in desserts

Study of the physical characteristics of rocks

Able to adjust easily to changing conditions

Go __; excessive, over the top

Puzzle 5

__ gum, food additive, a thickening agent

Low-lying salty Middle Eastern lake

Organized moving protests

Slipped on a wet road

Well __, demonstrating good conduct

Lawn game with balls, mallets and hoops

Rodent who enjoys company

Silvery-white metallic element found in batteries

Art of paper folding

Skill, competence, expertise

Dental margin between teeth and flesh

Group 316

Puzzle 1

Easy __, pleasant to look at

__ Islands, British territory off Patagonian coast

Wall-mounted devices for turning lights on and off

Leather bags for school books

Brazilian national dish of beans, pork and beef

Obelisk or column created from one block of stone

Disorders that affect plants or animals

Manner of speaking by an actor on stage

Squats down

Faithfulness, loyalty

Bruising and swelling over an optical organ

Instructing people of a plan

Puzzle 2

French term meaning “with milk”

Fashion brand or motor fuel

Someone using a phone

Sings in a sentimental, soft low tone

Chaos, unrest

Wettened with the tongue, like a cat bathing

Capital of the Emerald Isle

Severe flood

By mouth

Ran like a river

Compassionate and kind

Blue Belgian humanoids with pointy hats

Graphic representation, e.g. Christian cross

Son of a queen

Puzzle 3

Warm hugs

African country whose capital is Abuja

Making beer

Frozen pad applied to reduce swelling

Making a noise like a snake


Nonessential body parts in the throat

Luxury Italian sports car brand

Little golden nuggets of corn

1799 historic discovery near Alexandria: __ Stone

You might give or receive a bouquet of these

Puzzle 4

Acted on stage

Guard, defender

Spinning one’s thumbs around each other

Lead sports instructor or team manager

Fighters who deliberately damage infrastructure

Country that is home to Kangaroo Island

Boss of a type of emergency service station

Italian term for assorted savory appetizers

Routes that take less time

King murdered by Aegisthus in Greek mythology

Puzzle 5

Decorative paper lights for Chinese New Year

The cry of an avian

Location of tall rock-diving platform in Mexico

Humorous story, a personal account

Ringing in the ears

Headaches and shakes the morning after

Verdi opera about Shakespeare’s corpulent knight

Number of workers needed to do something

Not-so-sweet banana, for cooking

Katniss’ surname in The Hunger Games

Surname of one of the Fab Four

Group 317

Puzzle 1

Warmly admitted to someone’s house

Italian sparkling wine found in a Bellini

Very weak and in need of food

Sudden reflex to clear breathing passages

Sourness, acidity

Joined together, like bricks

Cut-outs for drawing designs



Lost fictional island in the middle of the ocean

Nearby, surrounding area

Type of animal from which shatoush shawls are made

Steals goods during wartime

Pet __, Stephen King book and film

Tormented, suffering

Puzzle 2

Sculptors’ tools

Less wide, slimmer


Goddess of the Labyrinth in Greek mythology

Vexation, irritation, humiliation

Felt deep respect towards something

Packages left at your doorstep

Popular gin, vermouth mix, “elixir of quietude”

Physician in the OR

Smart jackets, often with shiny buttons

Largest stadium in the UK

Injured, in pain

Puzzle 3

Flat-topped movables for eating or working on

For deskinning vegetables

Work experience trainee

Capital and largest city of Albania

Zodiac twins

Less constricting, not as tight

American word for what Britons call a nappy

Rapacious, gluttonous

Tyrannical leader

Puzzle 4

Large Irish dog, a symbol of nobility and loyalty

Alaskan city that’s well grounded

A place for visitors to leave comments

Taking up space within

Youth, naivety, purity

Story titles in a newspaper

Professional who works with precious metal

It’s rolled out for dignitaries and movie stars

Used for storage on a horse or motorcycle

This type of fat has high levels of fatty acids

Strong winds over dry lands

Nike trainers line named after a basketball player

Puzzle 5

Sunday in Spanish

Cheese with mozzarella outside, cream inside

Sloping or vague and circular argument

Savior of mankind

Nationality of Isabel Allende and Pablo Neruda

The best, most favorable

Serrated teeth at the front of an ice-skate

Volkswagen is an auto maker from __

Produce a reaction

Group 318

Puzzle 1


Atlantic sea North of Venezuela

Visual measure of petrol tank fullness

Describes, with a number, all the world’s oceans

Achieving victory over the other side

Finding a solution, settling an argument

Not going out

Younger daughter of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier

Person responsible for promotion and advertising

Leave one if they don’t answer the phone

Poignant, moving

White Wedding singer born William Broad

Astonished, dumbfounded

Meeting prior to a job offer

Dies, no heart beat

Puzzle 2

Rare, in short supply

Add alcohol to a hot pan to create this effect

Police operations to catch the bad guys

Soak or steep; fancy way to say “drink alcohol”

Literary adjective for a forest

Royal home

Eight notes in a scale

Cheerleading accessory

Alfred __, landscape painter of Haystacks at Moret

Puzzle 3

Killer of an important figure

Quality of being tense, irritable

Keep under control

System that allows water to disperse

Mixed, varied

Deliberately sank a ship by cutting a hole in it

Old unsolved crime opened for reinvestigation

Central heating apparatus, fixed to a wall

Kelly __, British tv host, daughter of Ozzy

Herb also known as coriander

Puzzle 4

Entwines and knots

Starch from the roots of the manioc plant

Horse’s straps to allow it to pull a vehicle

Paintings on plaster

__ Prime, the leader of the Autobots

Infectious red skin rash seen in babies

In Christianity, person Jesus raised from the dead

Simon __, led South American Independence movement

Able to stretch and go back to its original shape

Ray of natural light

Duties levied on imported and exported goods

Walking under these is considered unlucky

Proves a belief to be wrong

Capital of the People’s Republic of China

Puzzle 5

Panel to shade a vehicle driver’s eyes from glare

Transparent rocks, perhaps with healing powers

Waste money carelessly

Revelation of a secret identity

Lakeland, Yorkshire or Westies are all this

Salty Asian condiment

Looked around new territory

Unfastens, separates

Author of the Da Vinci Code

Rods for spinning wool

Group 319

Puzzle 1

In baseball, MVP stands for Most Valuable __

Sheer chaos

Marvel character born on Titan

Machine for cooling food

Delight someone


Taxi driver

Type of vision, comes from lost peripheral sight


Waltzes, sambas and foxtrots

Filtering system in the mouths of humpback whales

Country whose capital is Riga

Tim Burton directed Michael __ in Beetlejuice

Crunchy veg of the parsley family

Full metal __, movie title and bullet

Puzzle 2

Chopping down trees for wood

Gods and immortals

A glass that sounds like a gymnast

Non-venomous African snakes

Gets older and wiser, like a cheese or wine

Hopkins and Foster won Oscars for __ of the Lambs

To comfort

Country whose capital is Zagreb

Lost balance on a slick surface

Artist with a brush

What a Christmas bell does

Declare again

Puzzle 3

Collections of old, important documents

Glasses with two lens powers

Gnaeus Julius __, Roman governor of Britain

Religious voyagers to North America

Loss __, an insurance company employee


A brief plot summary

Thank you in Portuguese, by a woman

All across the metropolis

Runs in the buff

A neutral facial expression when playing cards

Sticking, gluing

Amount of precipitation

Protected an army against attack

Wall hanging for outerwear

Aquatic creature that inflates itself

Puzzle 4

Fourth wife of Marc Antony and sister of Augustus

Plant leaves

Long cold periods of an Ice Age

Tomato & mozzarella salad with basil and olive oil

Long-eared hoppers

Complaining petulantly

Hotel greeter

Modified, made amendments to

Road perforation

Sleeping in a tent

Backed up with hair and debris

Puzzle 5

Cracks in bones

Dramatically, drastically

Without basic life necessities

Timber found on the beach

A detailed plan of the activities on a trip

To butt in while someone is talking

Listing sent by a bank itemizing spending

Track for cycling races

Last name synonymous with crystal embellishments

An orchestra’s leader

Active Sicilian volcano

Group 320

Puzzle 1

Late for the deadline

French term for additional performances

Indonesian capital, on the island of Java

Something usefully delivered, from a Deity perhaps

Flying plastic plate toy

Curved entrance

Preventing from speaking or writing freely

Car, bus or truck

Height, or reputation

Paid no mind to

__ 6, Disney movie about a superhero team

Oily fish often smoked, salted or pickled

Austere and strict

John Entwistle’s role in The Who

Term for diseases far from the site of origin

Puzzle 2


Extinguishing a candle’s flame

Wheat flour used sometimes in gnocchi and pasta

People who hate Christmas

Without any harmful, addictive toxins

Impetus, thrust, continuing motion

Congregations of seabirds living together

China’s former policy of no siblings allowed

Star-like symbol in text, directs to a footnote

Can be satisfied or appeased

Tennis hit, where the ball lands just over the net

Orange-colored flight recorder

Large-headed stud used on old wooden portals

Puzzle 3

George Michael song: “__ Figure”

An order from higher up

Barnes __, inventor of the bouncing bomb

Look out!

Thick humid forest, e.g. The Amazon

An overhaul or restructuring

__ at Ivry, end of day painting by Guillaumin

Coffee-flavored liquor used in a Black Russian

Lady in a fairy tale, often in distress

Drags a weighty object

Puzzle 4

E.g. thumbs that move

Thickness, stickiness; opposite of fluidity

Heroic, Lycra-clad female comic character

Mozart and Elgar were these

Long green and white vegetables from onion species

Radioactive element Pu, sourced from uranium ore

Pleasurable facilities or services

Aegean island famous for blue-domed white houses

Removing financing from


Puzzle 5

Perhaps, maybe, feasibly

Tossing a pancake so that both sides are cooked

Pain on hip and leg, caused by pressure on a nerve

Michel __, author of Madness and Civilization

Went before

Shouting at a comedian

Palestinian territory, left of the River Jordan

One note; dreary, flat delivery of a speech

All the DNA of a population

Water-based paint for houses