Popcorn Time

Group 381

Puzzle 1

Got better after a malady

Holiday when William the Conqueror became king

Infamous, well-known for something negative

Refined mineral, at hand during meals

There is no spoon says a bald boy in this movie

Wimbledon Ladies Singles prize, Venus __ dish

Scheming slyly

Eased someone’s distress

Nautical vessel that delivers gravies or custards

Puzzle 2

Metal cylinders used by relay runners

A financial plan for a certain period of time

Blood group system first observed in monkeys

Opening of the stomach, where the esophagus ends

Fleecy, like a sheep’s coat

Transfer data from a computer to a server

Cuisine associated with a chicken dish called murgh

Tequila is a city in this country

Worker who scrapes patterns into hard materials

Every year

If you had the same opinion as someone, you __

Puzzle 3

Hemisphere with the Tropic of Capricorn

Yielded, admitted defeat

Showed sporting footage for a second time

Hamlet’s mother

Town of Mary and Joseph

A non-alcoholic imitation of a drink

Orange flower said to reduce black-eye bruising

Any animal existing in nature, a beast

The opposite of takeoffs

Competitions to find the best

Puzzle 4

Selling large quantities of goods at lower prices

Gladiator-slave, led an uprising against the Romans

A __ Mind starring Russell Crowe

Large South American country, known for the tango

People who make headgear

Designer Stella’s famous musician father, Paul __

Land, as delineated by a government or state

Preside over a sporting event or wedding

Rich French sauce of eggs, herbs, butter, vinegar

Steel __, women bond at a beauty shop

Blush usually enhances this portion of the face

Rules regarding clothing, in the workplace

Expired, beaten by the clock

Withdraw, disengage

Puzzle 5

Fortress on high ground above a town

Day __ by the Beatles

Particular group or class of animals or plants

Chemical element whose atomic number is 100

He played Mr Orange in Reservoir Dogs

Canada’s largest territory

To reference another username in a tweet

Bike rider

Like a muffin, but with icing

Palace central gallery, Versailles Hall of __

Scapegoat, dupe

Art that contains movement or depends on motion

Amusing, funny

Displaying in abundance

Group 382

Puzzle 1

A __ figure is close but maybe not precise

Rectangular pad fitted in the bottom of a cot

Music played by a suitor

Was adequate, enough

The lightest element in periodic table, symbol H

Takes advance action to prevent something

And Then There __, Agatha Christie novel

NS describes this type of calendar dating

Traditional angelic beings

Capital of Jamaica

John T. __, condensed soup creator, Campbell’s CEO

British monarch when Disraeli was Prime Minister

Puzzle 2

Spicy, seasoned

Ocean sodium said to boost immune system

Ironed, made flat

Father and son Flemish painters called Pieter

Throws rubbish carelessly

Lack of enthusiasm or interest

The Eve of __, John Keats poem of 1820

Approaches someone aggressively

1985 Bond film A View __

Arachnid with a stinging tail

Salad ingredient, often used in facials

Comfortable sitting furniture for one

A painted cloth hung across the rear of the stage

Became smaller in number, dropped off in number

Delivers a religious address, orates

Makes less polluted

Ian __, creator of Olivia the pig

Tagliatelle al __, meaning with tomato

Don Vito and Michael __ of The Godfather

The 365 days just gone

Length or extent of time

Rome’s enemy in the Punic Wars

Puzzle 4

A celeb widely regarded to be very attractive

Social network used as a catalogue of ideas

Won Best Actress Oscars for Klute and Coming Home

Deserted place with no remaining residents

Pots for cooking liquid foodstuffs

Reverse one’s opinion, retrace one’s steps

Cobbler, producer and mender of footwear

Type of pastry for making pain au chocolat

__ express, fruit-named Hawaiian weather phenomenon

Puzzle 5

Charlie Brown’s crush is the Little Red Girl

Waterway separating Alaska and Russia: __ Strait

Creature from the Black __, 1954 horror film

Wax around a wick for burning

Fabric or yarn derived from Angora goats

Mexican dish of steamed dough in a corn husk

Least old

Retired tennis player Steffi Graf’s nationality

Amount of freedom to move or act that is available

Shiny, used to describe well-conditioned hair

Group 383

Puzzle 1

Star of And God Created Woman, Brigitte __

Spanish word for Easter

Chemical used to brighten whites in the laundry

Busy, participating, engaged physically

Someone who doesn’t turn up as planned

Litke Deep, deepest point in the __ Ocean

Events with thunder and lightning

Slang word for a cheap cigar

__ Tailor Soldier Spy

Late morning meal usually eaten on weekends

A feline’s favorite herb, said to aid relaxation

To formally accuse of a crime

Unexpectedly, suddenly surrounded by many people

Puzzle 2

Undeveloped film damaged by light has been

Fold-away comfort feature between car seats

City where the Air Canada Centre is located

Tire wrecker, pavement flaw

Appropriate, suitable

Thin aluminium sheet for kitchen use

Country of King Leopold II

Juliette __, French lead in The English Patient

Meat from a deer

He writes the songs that make the whole world sing

Puzzle 3

Celtic god of good fortune, with large hammer

Also called ascorbic acid, found in citrus fruits

Thought about to an unhealthy extent

Crime of deliberately killing a king

Whole kit and __, something in its entirety

Collected and filed documents for future use

Tools used to cut hair or hedges

Second largest island in the Mediterranean

Italian white bread, often used for sandwiches

Puzzle 4

Henry the __, Portugal’s Age of Discovery patron

1959 Disney film about a boy and a stray dog

Gradually harmful, sinister, cunning

Normandy landing site of the Canadians in 1944

__ Chest, take a card and roll again in Monopoly

US inventor of the modern sewing machine

River barrier named after 31st US president

Biblical city of Jesus’ last supper

Rise and fall irregularly, as in a market

Unfriendliness or anger, often leading to conflict

Person hired to look after a building or a person

Mixing with a spoon

__ savings time, adjustment of clocks in spring

Synthetic materials made from polymers

Rich French pastry and name of a French emperor

A __ to Arms, Hemingway on the WWI Italian Front

__ toast, always falls spread side down

Funfair, circus; annual festival

How the French say 40

Aligned braids that sit close to the head

In astrology, feminine signs are __, not positive

The boundary tennis players serve behind

Group 384

Puzzle 1

Bring me my arrows of __, Jerusalem by Blake

Timothy __, who twice played James Bond

First name of Mick Jagger’s first wife

Internal Chinese flowing martial art

Dian __, American mountain gorilla researcher

A spontaneous, fanciful behavior or mood

The least narrow

Think of something in a specific way

Informal, everyday style

Toasted Italian sandwich served in coffee shops

City that’s home to the Neues Muesuem

Joined together metal parts using heat

Puzzle 2

Wavy lock of hair stuck onto the face

Skilled, gifted

The Adventure of the __ Band, by Sherlock Holmes

Brief, short-lived

Frogs in larval stage

Thiamin and Riboflavin are in this class


Longest or shortest day of the year

__ Surprise, Madonna film, not well received

Between E. Europe, W. Asia, borders Caucasus

Record-breaking Bambino of MLB

Alternative name for stuffing

Puzzle 3

Requesting one’s hand in marriage

Rhyming words meaning tiny or little bit

Rhizome starch, used as a flour or sauce thickener

Frances __, Oscar-winner for Fargo

Thumb a ride from a stranger

The plot of a book or a film

Former name of the chemical element roentgenium

Smaller, tart relative of an orange

Detest, loathe

Felt or believed that someone was guilty

Comfortable footwear with a maritime look

Pulsation of the large, vital circulatory muscle

Ancient writing surface made of animal skin

Peak TV viewing time

Infallible, fail-safe, guaranteed

Puzzle 4

Mad Max: __, Tom Hardy movie

Discussing via an exchange of opinions and ideas

The whole of

World’s largest current land-dwelling animal

Italian dishes made by cooking grains with stock

Synonym of buy

Body __, Queen song; non-verbal signs

Follow too closely when driving

__ probe, NASA craft with a mission to map Venus

Residence made from fallen trees

Puzzle 5

__ roll, a pilot’s celebratory maneuver

Having or showing unfriendly, aggressive feelings

Call into question the integrity of a practice

Became inflated, expanded

Hand held tool for food preparation

Audible sign of possible sleep apnea

Highest mountain on Italian island Elba

No __ For Old Men, movie based on McCarthy book

__ Pursuit, factual questions board game

Tennis players Hingis or Navratilova?

Unwanted attention, such as a wolf-whistle

Shine On You Crazy __, by Pink Floyd

Group 385

Puzzle 1

Rock band known for Cherry Pie

Made unclean

Emma __, actress of Scream Queens

Taking care of, tending to

Egyptian writing surface made from plants

How the British call the wooden home for birds

Said to a horse to make it gallop

1997 remake of The Absent Minded Professor

Those born in the country of Nairobi city are

__ Freud, first name of the psychoanalyst

Chops in two parts with butcher’s blade

Puzzle 2

Often, regular

Having a chip on your __, easily provoked

Molly Ringwald’s character in Sixteen Candles

Internet sensation of lying horizontally

When visibility is severely reduced by snow

Clear one’s mind for relaxation

Too young to legally engage in an activity

__ Twenty, Yourself or Someone Like You band

A cattle ranch in a Latin American country

Amsterdam’s international airport

__ bread, sliced baguette, pungent clove topping

Without receiving a fee or salary

Sing for your __ or you won’t eat

Rewards, competition awards

Public safety notices sent out with urgency

Essential organ or type of bean

Rely, need help from

More pious than another

Request a formal change to an official decision

Notes played together harmoniously

Puzzle 4

Another name for table tennis

One-piece garment originally for parachuters

Reddish-brown, dark hardwood used for furniture

Weight __, company that helps with weight loss

Clarice __ faced her adversary Hannibal Lecter

Fred Flintstone’s pet sabre-toothed tiger

Wooden shed for daytrippers at the seaside

Known as the first citizen of Athens

Doctor __, Lewis as goofy medical practitioner

Official diplomatic procedure or system of rules

Influenced by, altered by

Living thing such as a plant, virus or bacterium

Puzzle 5

Abridged, made less long

The inner workings of a timepiece

City of northern Colombia, a World Heritage Site

Practices for a play, show, or performance

“A stitch in time __”

1969 festival, held on a Catskills farm

Muscular actor in xXx and Chronicles of Riddick

Linked together, attached

Expert estimate of the value of something

Dangerous sliding of snow in the mountains

Blissfully unaware, clueless

Second largest country in the UK

Identifying moniker for logging in

Dita __, modern-day burlesque artist

Cosmetic surgery to remove wrinkles

Gold-and-white horse color

Menacing, terrifying, invoking fright

Driving excessively fast

Singing father and son, Julio and Enrique ___

Portable fire makers

Four-year period between international Games

Nestling hugs, cozy caresses

Layered, coffee-flavored Italian dessert

Puzzle 2

Acid created in muscles during strenuous exercise

Shallow area of sea water separated by sand dunes

Swearing, solemnly promising

Forgive or absolve someone a misdeed

The blank area on all sides of a page

Ho Chi Minh City’s former name

Doesn’t play by the rules

Could be red, bell or chilli

Nearer, less far

Puzzle 3

Ophthalmologists call it asthenopia

Pronged farming tool in American Gothic painting

Edible item marketed as being wonderful for health

Made louder

Name by which Mars is known

Writers of fiction books

Checking, making sure something is legitimate

__ Avenue, NY site of Ms Monroe’s dress updraught

Divide and allocate

Unfeeling, showing no pity or soul

Not the glass of an optimist

Second floor outdoor extensions on a house

Studious researchers

Puzzle 4

Jason __, England international rugby union player

Even darker than the darkest color

Pieces of jewelry for warding off evil

Liquorice-flavoured plant used in herbal teas

__ House, Isle of Wight home of Queen Victoria

Ron Perlman’s character in film of the same name

A whodunit or detective novel

__ horse, indoor steed for children

Band that sang the line “Money can’t buy me love”

A heavy cannabis consumer

To watch something closely

Puzzle 5

Brought up a difficult subject for discussion

Fragrant blue, white, or pink bulbous flower

Tabletop game with rectangular tiles

Passing through public streets, often with floats

__ Last Summer, Tennessee Williams’ play

Story with a hidden meaning, often a moral

Removing impurities, e.g. from oil

Tribunal proceedings rendered invalid

Country of birth

Posh frock for formal dancing occasions

The length of space between two places

Persuasion through force or threats

Gave a sermon or proselytized, often in church

__ Girl, Madonna song

Group 387

Puzzle 1

Gathered list of signatures proposing changes

Fashion designer who said to conform is to give in

Flat Italian bread made with olive oil

The quick pulling of strings or feathers

__ South, novel by Mrs Gaskell about industry

Circus ball performers

Inadequate blood supply to an organ/body part

An avalanche of sliding stones

Pole __, early arcade motor racing video game

Dribbles excess saliva like a bulldog

Puzzle 2

Drawn out, lengthy

Front chomper sticking out

Pink, sticky, and sweet, for chewing

Chicken and turkey, not lamb or beef

Day commemorates the signing of WW1 peace treaty

Master gland of the endocrine system

Informal term for Australia

Their profession is researching plant life

Secret phrases for logging in

Puzzle 3

Medical term for a bone inflammation

Structure with revolving sails for grinding grain

French publisher of a gastronomic encyclopedia

The previous seven days

Texas nickname indicating stellar singularity

Severely critical review

Christina __ knows what a girl wants

__ Beach Memoirs, Neil Simon’s Depression-era play

Baseball players who stand on the mound

Sneak peeks before the feature

Proclaims, states in a solemn manner

Captain America’s enemy, with scarlet cranium

Marine organisms eaten by whales

Cutting off, clipping

Puzzle 4

Base or slab on which a column stands

Husband or wife

The dog star, the head of Canis Major

Ran after someone trying to catch them

Official language of Austria

Raucous rocker of the 1960s, Janis __

Beast of __, common poetic term for a pack animal

Bed linens

Part of a meal, e.g. starter, main, or dessert

Feeling of anxiety, discomfort, or discontent

Puzzle 5

Surname of Jaime, The Bionic Woman

Polo shirt brand with a crocodile motif

Person guilty of a crime

__ mark cream, for pregnant and new mothers

Professionals who use keyboards to input data

Backs down, gives in, changes one’s mind

Cuisine associated with Hoisin sauce

Lose consciousness, faint

Heavy ball-throwing athletics event

Acoustic unit of sound measurement

Composer of the piano piece Clair de Lune


Group 388

Puzzle 1

Play by Harold Pinter The __ Party

Tooth caretaker professionals

Maintains water levels, causes to absorb water

South American arabica coffee-producing nation

Salad fruits with plum and cherry varieties

Marvellous, inspires delight

Puzzle 2

Spear-like green vegetable, sold in bundles

Person who is obsessively self-centered

With an ugly, frightening appearance

Any specialized part of a cell

A painting with inanimate subject matter

Monarch who first united Egypt ca. 3100 BC

To be on your feet at a safe distance away


Scattering a liquid about haphazardly

Not having any value, cheap, unusable

Puzzle 3

For wiping feet before entering a house

Source of tofu

Spice Girls debut hit single

__ wheel, a regulating wheel such as in a watch

The least difficult

Cross the street illegally

Decision at the end of a trial

Camera cover piece, keeps safe from scratching

Injection to prevent future disease

Puzzle 4

Frightening or spine

Rude, insolent, lacking in manners

Types of dental restorations, sometimes gold

Philosophical principle of pleasure-seeking

Dedication, loyalty, possibly religious

Trapped at 90 degrees, without an escape route

They protect your hearing organs from cold

German troops in British service in the 1770s

Spanish word for lunch

Venice’s opera house, meaning “the phoenix”

Puzzle 5

Hamper, impede

To hunch or sit in a lazy way

Creator of Mickey Mouse

Electronic messages

Bread and __, classic yellow spread

Lamp-dwelling magical figures

Song by Duran Duran: __ Like the Wolf

Present a TV show with another

Upturnings of the lips when happy

Celebrants, people who are gladdened

Not restricted, infinite

Becoming less intense, e.g. pain

Padded snow footwear, popular in the 80s

Confusing and difficult problem


The Glass __, Tennessee Williams’ family drama

Taking for granted, assuming

Espresso with added hot water

Drugs used to reduce tension

__ Day, film where Phil wakes to “I Got You Babe”

Puzzle 2

The fourth state of matter

Anxiety disorder caused by a fear of something

Choose not to participate

Building occupied by religous men e.g. Franciscans

Creatures that use two legs to move

Played music in the street for money

Administrative subdivision of Switzerland

City that is home to the Royal Castle of Poland

Maintain, sustain, keep

Restart a computer

Puzzle 3

Texas town, Spanish for yellow

Relating to an end-of-life ceremony

Vineyard method where buds are attached to roots

Retrograde revolution applied to tennis balls

Sensitive keyboard surface, controls pointer

Short supply, shortage, rareness

Petroleum-derived liquid used as fuel

The state of being in good health, not being ill

Avian term for a person who stays up late

Abusing, coercing, aggressively dominating others

At any time

Puzzle 4

Cardboard receptacle for footwear

A quick escape or change of scenery

Largest South American landlocked country by area

Hotel greeters and holders

Claims a crime has been committed

The usual hour someone goes to sleep

“I shot the __” said both Clapton and Marley

Chewy, inedible parts of meat

Made a hole with a tool

Moved clumsily

Teachers and trainers, often of athletes

Visual symbol of cosmos in Hinduism and Buddhism

Chased or followed

Puzzle 5

Surface to cook on

Extremely large mythological female

Pot for cowboys’ tobacco saliva

Stored thoughts and feelings from the past

Sowing seeds

Young female tennis match assistant

Counter selling quick, inexpensive food

Synonym for drunk, hit like a nail

Historically artistic side of the river in Paris

Person responsible for a flock

Wickedness, dirtiness

Bloodsucking encephalitis-carrying insect

Long hair on top, shaved sides

Martial arts film star, father of Brandon

Bang for __, good value for money

Fermented tea with purported health benefits

Entrance at the rear of a building

Big top entertainments

Shirley Temple’s On the Good Ship __

Branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi

Puzzle 2

Coin-shaped pendant on a necklace

Having a large influence on a person’s development

This vegetable’s heart is a delicacy

Unbiased, not taking sides

Written tasks or reminders to be ticked off

Spiced tea and milk drink originally made in India

Unwillingness to speak about thoughts or feelings

Dignified politician, respected for his integrity

Stewed meat and vegetables and its cooking pot

Often luxurious top-floor apartment

Italian merchant depicted in the Van Eyck portrait

Special features or services offered at a resort

Compressed as a result of physical pressure

Puzzle 3

__ soup helps fight colds

Green fruit with round pit and leathery shell

Metal with greatest resistance to magnetism

Ancient city on the site of modern-day Mosul

Area or structure where automobiles are cleaned

The __ Eight, Tarantino’s dabble into westerns

Combat sport featured in all modern Olympic Games

Jules Verne’s world traveler character: __ Fogg

Facilitated, empowered, made possible

Puzzle 4

Sports footwear with attached blade

Esoteric discipline followed by Madonna

Requesting someone’s attendance at a party

Fictional Marvel country, home of Silver Sable

Typically sweet layered pastries

Parasol, sunshade

Violet-blue flower with creeping ground-level stems

Ability to read and write

Cessation of trading for businesses

Sea mammal with ivory tusks

Mulling over

Hopeless, depressing, gloomy

__ Skelter

The lingo for someone’s username URL on Twitter

Bell-bottom style jeans

Look after, run a business

Justly chargeable or responsible of wrongdoing

Search widely for food or provisions

Country whose capital city is Bandar Seri Begawan

Winter is __

Group 391

Puzzle 1

Characteristics or features used to identify

Protects from sunlight

To calm or tranquilize, maybe with medication

Medieval weapons with long metal blades

Two flexor muscles, the more famous in upper arms

Vehicles traveling together, often for protection

1960 horror movie with famous shower scene

A climb

Bright, long-tailed parrots

Award given by the Recording Academy

Eastern European area states, incl. Kosovo, Serbia

Small room or space for food storage

One who sells

Musical ensembles of singers

Puzzle 2

Person who publicly supports a particular cause

Produced in a residence, not a shop or factory

Pulled out of a competition

Treatment for kidney failure patients

Heavy snowstorm with strong winds

Creates and posts videos to a popular sharing site

Month containing Aquarius and Pisces

Dead, no signs of breathing, unresponsive

Basic task that a computer or website can perform

Naturally occurring volcanic glass

Puzzle 3

A shout or yell during combat

Raised position to alleviate swollen extremities

Herbal drink leftovers used to predict

Having no strength or influence

Lunar eclipse with reddish tinge

Country which has the highest waterfall

An animal that consumes mainly flesh

Dried plant material used as home fragrance

Making a journey by flight

Two vertical bars often connected by a crossbar

Puzzle 4

Another name for Hansen’s disease

Desert in Chile known for salt and lithium mines

A person serving a prison sentence

To verbally tell a story or give commentary

Raised from the dead by Jesus in the New Testament

Moving ahead while followed by others

__ dress, attire worn by some women in the 1920s

A __ sweep removes soot from flues

Embarassment or annoyance at having failed

Prince __ became Duke of Cambridge upon marriage

Carmen __, iconic actress with a headful of fruit

Puzzle 5

Rare metal used for capacitors, named after Greek

Bark spice with anti-inflammatory properties

__ pig, small porcine turned on a spit

Body frame

Spanish lace scarf worn over head and shoulders

Disadvantage, negative aspect, downside

Sentimental singing or serenading

Hollow tube in which a piston moves

Confirm the authenticity of something

Supply a crop with water

A belt used to move items in a factory

Group 392

Puzzle 1

Mouth makeup

French for 14, as in Le __ Juillet

Making a nuisance of oneself online

Articles manufactured or refined for sale

Herb that also goes by the name coriander

“It’s close to __”, opening lyrics of Thriller

Good looking person, usually masculine

Not stated, uttered, although thought

Sucking blood, literally

Having or involving several elements

Occurs earlier than

Quickly skimming through or copying a document

A drink

Breaks glass violently

Removed goods from a container, vehicle, etc.

Battle, fight

When a storm moves from over sea to terra firma

Winged animals get clean here

Belarusian tennis Grand Slam winner, Victoria __

Marlene __, German-born actress of Der Blaue Engel

Muscular, attractive man – not edible

Puzzle 3

__ shame, a tearful state of affairs

This fish swims upriver to spawn

Representations of external form

Perseus’s battle, Clash of the __

Song by the Beatles: “__ to Ride”

Roman name for the modern city of Leeds

Yellow, creamy Christmas drink

Machu __, citadel in Peru

__ Jean King, won 12 Singles Grand Slam titles

To an unwarranted degree

Away from the correct path

Social __, when high society and debutantes mingle

Puzzle 4

Minor who left their guardian without permission

Trotting or running at a slow pace

Pet rabbits live in these

Detect, recognize something

Broadcast frequency used by a TV station

Changes genetically over successive generations

Interferes, pokes one’s nose in

Paul __, French painter, moved to Tahiti

Puzzle 5

Chewy toy for babies, to help soothe dental pain

Scotland’s most heavily populated city

Chemical name for sugar in milk

AKA Ricky Lamar Hawk

Buildings for storing aircraft

Magical equine

Keeps you from slipping when leaving the shower

Honeycombs are made of this natural moisturizer

Feline name for a onesie

Create these doorways in time and space

Ryan __, star of La La Land


Feeling queasy on a boat

Part of the internet requiring special software

Painted Mona Lisa and her elusive smile

The Towering __, 70s movie with Newman and McQueen

Group 393

Puzzle 1

Great public shame, disgrace, or embarrassment

Disagreeing with, going against

The Great __, film where Chaplin satirizes Hitler

Was president of the US in 1900

Extract of herbs or tea leaves soaked in liquid

Verdi opera about Shakespeare’s fat knight

Give someone incentive to act in a certain way

A very hot liquid that can burn

Video recording devices mounted behind windshields

Nintendo game for a daily mental workout

Canine that herds ovines

Muscle contraction either concentric or eccentric

Fidgeting, moving from side-to-side

Epidermal procedure checking for allergies

Athletes who jump over obstacles while racing

Use this to figuratively kill two birds

Puzzle 2

Stalk that links the spinal column to grey matter

Starchier banana look-alikes, not eaten raw

With a hard outer coating, maybe of diamonds

Action of leaving

Initials sewn onto clothing

Conclusion reached based on evidence and reasoning

A detailed list of all items in stock

Helping another to remember, jogging their memory

European capital the Dambovita river runs through

Twitter feature for browsing after dark

Letting something harden naturally, like clay

Hastily, in a speedy manner

Puzzle 3

Reduced to the basic, essential elements or facts

Table-based arcade game with paddles and a puck

Seth Rogen and Kathryn Heigl with unexpected child

__ Blue, come blow on your horn

Country most associated with black swans

Adjective describing male-associated attributes

Central part of a country, place of significance

Tempestuous, with a fiery temper

Rung at the front of a house to gain attention

Looking for something, perhaps on Google

Large or small component of the digestive system

Puzzle 4

Small sovereign principality in Pyrenees region

A wind __ generates electricity, invented in 1887

An object or arrangement resembling a rose

An underground prison, especially in a castle

King, queen, or butterfly

The original creator of a company or organization

Batman’s nemesis Dr. Edward Nygma

Hero in Greek mythology that killed the Minotaur

A repeated passage in music

Said to have been discovered by Newton

Irritated, provoked

Puzzle 5

Often diamond or sapphire, it reads a record

What Lucy Locket lost according to the rhyme

Referring to a woman in the context of her wedding

Beau, potential love interest

Where rainwater is channelled

Hit where a batter reaches second base in baseball

The Great __, film with McQueen as the Cooler King

Petite, delicately small and pretty

Used to drip liquid onto roasting meat

Parchment made from animal skins

Group 394

Puzzle 1

Drastic times call for drastic __

Term for polytheism first used by early Christians

Birds that are sleeping or resting are

The most fortunate

Stamp of authenticity for gold and silver

Former spelling of Indian city Kolkata

It holds a ship’s compass

Action of manipulating uncooked dough

Black carbon & ash residue, helps remove toxins

Robots with a human appearance

In a believable, convincing way; believably

Detecting the scent of something with the nose

Whipping on a pirate ship

Go over, prepare for a performance

Early 70s music genre with glitter and make-up

Puzzle 2

Woman credited with sewing the first US flag

Long overcoat with a removable cape

Self-absorbed, conceited

Collage of inspirational bits and pieces

Largest Dutch city, but not seat of government

“God Rest Ye Merry __”

Commentary of an off-screen narrator

Extremely tasty

Astray, not following the planned route

In an unlawful way

Barricades for keeping hackers out of networks

Making a roof out of straw

An issue that’s irrelevant, not worth discussing

Retrograde planets appear to move not forwards but

Puzzle 3

Formal gathering for mid-day meal


Honeycomb cells are in this shape

Survived longer than somebody else

One who estimates values, often for insurance

Just a spoon full of sugar helps this go down

Buddhism, Islam, or Christianity for example

Method to decide which team kicks off in football

Was important or significant

Funeral speeches

Wrapped a wound

Silver metal named after continent, atomic no. 63

Point of connection for closing electric circuits

Puzzle 4

This empire annexed Crimea in 1783

Tolkien’s Halflings

Stretching your neck to see something

Official ban on trade with a particular country

Masculine sanctuary, e.g. a shed or garage

Second wife of John Lennon

Ralph __, who played Voldemort

Small onion

Remarkable, worthy of attention

Used to soak up wet ink, protect writing surfaces

A specialist in the care of horses’ hooves

A URL includes the protocol, the path, and this

Wall plaster, generally rough and not smooth

Boats you can paddle while sitting or kneeling

Dough used to make baklava

Bends down low

Person or animal lacking pigmentation

Oscar Wilde play about a Biblical temptress

A __ dinner, where dress and decorum are observed

Fixed, repaired; whether home or heart

Michael Jackson played the scarecrow in 1978 film

Related to teeth

Group 395

Puzzle 1

Flat agriculture surfaces cut into slopes

Someone who travels without a destination

This keyboard key saves you time scrolling lower

Most populous city in New Zealand

Cold Andalusian soup of bread, tomatoes & veggies

The mood created by a room’s decor

The P in PALs, warning about explicit lyrics

Professional who takes expert measurement of land

Best place to rest for a migraine sufferer

Close __, being uncomfortably close to someone

Razor blade company founded by King Camp __

Most cruel, most severe

Low support for legs when sitting in an armchair

Puzzle 2

S Australia’s capital named after a British queen

Shakespearean character originally called Oldcastle

Computer programs that cost users nothing

Captivating, hypnotic, pulls you in

Woven thick textile fabric with pictures, designs

Someone who contributes money expecting a return

Walking in step like a soldier

Used for ocular relief, they remove redness

Person who preserves human remains

A huge or monstrous creature

E.g. a half, fifth, third, tenth

Those with exceptional intelligence or creativity

Royal wedding transport for Windsor procession

Puzzle 3

Waltzes, tangos, etc.

Fortified wine from Spain

Necklace worn tightly around the neck

A fixed, regular payment to an employee



__ Bueller’s Day Off

Dry up and shrink

Small and dainty

Porcelain drinking vessel that sits on a saucer

Force exerted by a machine

Pulsates steadily and regularly

Chaos, extreme disorder

Pursued and killed an animal

Seat with a tray used by babies when eating

McDonalds combo for kids that includes a toy

Excessively, to a great degree

Arty ancient Italians from modern-day Tuscany

Tussle, struggle; an informal game in sport

Question-answer search engine with butler

Someone attending shindigs, blasts, celebrations

To fire a weapon

Communications and promotions professional

Separating from a path and taking a new direction

Relocated to live in a different country

Divination using tea leaves

Last name of smooth-talking Friends character Joey

Formed a duo with Art Garfunkel

Puzzle 5

Snipping, chopping

Compactness, solidity

A house plagued by ghosts

Examining, quizzing

An unpleasant immune reaction e.g. hayfever

Essential building site headwear

Country that gave the world Boris Becker

Bright yellow-coloured gemstone

Victor __ won an Oscar for Gone With the Wind

Radio broadcasting time devoted to specific music

Mouse noises

To show, display

Group 396

Puzzle 1


Coast near Naples atop limestone cliffs

__ snacks, treat loved by cartoon detective dog

Device for channeling liquids into a small opening

A particular feature, facet, or characteristic

It heats the water for a cup of tea

Protection granted by a nation to a refugee

__ Globe, Marilyn Monroe won for Some Like it Hot

Large bodies of water, e.g. Atlantic and Pacific

Information printed at the bottom of each page

Citrus fruits said to help reduce acne

Outer covering of a piece of ammunition

Abduct someone

Not outside of the house

Puzzle 2

Composer who wrote the “William Tell Overture”

MMA Submission, when an opponent __

Shows, represents

Smooth to the touch, like a common soft fabric

Cassava root starch used to make a milky pudding

Say very quietly

Capital and largest city in Iraq

Raiders of the __, Indiana Jones film

Six-sided shape

Material often used to make belts and shoes

The witch from Shakespeare’s The Tempest

National flower of Scotland

Small groups of words, sayings

Chameleons and geckos are these

Puzzle 3

Ruthless, cruel, with no compassion

__ & Evelyn, body care products retailer

Advised, informed in an official manner

Creative designs crafted on top of a cup of coffee

The __ Dead, 60s US band headed by Jerry Garcia

Squeezes muscles together

Computer doc without images or special formatting

Someone who carves or etches a design

Country with Bratislava as its capital

Style, sophistication and good taste

A foreigner legally expelled from a country was

Sandra ___, author of The House on Mango Street

Puzzle 4

Branch of linguistics dealing with meaning

Made someone feel isolated or estranged

Compound released by cells due to allergies

A boat with two hulls

Had a light sleep such as enjoyed by a feline

How quickly the breeze is blowing

Device for showing a film on a screen

Bring something under control, dominate

The meaning of MX in BMX

Southern highest point in Zodiac at birth, MC

It takes rainwater from the roof to the ground

Jodie __, she plays the first female Doctor Who

French word for the ninth month of the year

Set of seven works

Reactions given to an online post or a product

Conflicting, argumentative; that causes a split

Fiercely, aggressively, wildly

Metalloid, symbol Sb, alloyed with lead/tin

Reserves or hires a vehicle for a special purpose

Fragrant herbal sprig said to aid memory

Brand of permanent colored markers

Native of Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo etc.

Putting hands together to make appreciative sound

Legal officials who examine the dead

Detecting the texture of something with fingers

Triumphed over adversity

Angry outbursts over driving incidents

Dress code for formal functions, requires a tuxedo

Luxury food made from duck or goose liver

Explosive devices with pins

Group 397

Puzzle 1

__ in disguise, means a bad thing turns out good

Wrongdoings, illegal acts

A half-year term in a school or university

Chemical sphere to protect clothing from insects

Codename of Windows XP operating system

Unexpected drop in winter temperatures

The science of creating cocktails

Tripped – over words or feet

Happy, in a good mood

Desert in Southern Africa

Puzzle 2

Passing cotton through the eye of a needle

Originally tried to convert metal into gold

When a father is killed by his child

Leader of a tribe or clan

Reduced to fertiliser

Anatomical term for the outer layer of skin

Puzzles, bewilders

State of anxiety, nervous excitement

A large room or residence hall for students

Loves and values a person or possession

Often served with tomato sauce and meatballs

Personal description and history in online profile

Canines on guard

Group 16 of the periodic table, __ family e.g. O

Removing, subtracting; often with taxes

Band with which Sting rose to fame

Process for stiffening fabrics

Someone or something with no chance of success

It can be constructive at times

Puzzle 3

Chemical process of determining authenticity

Former colonial ruler of Sao Tome & Principe

Having more prickles or barbs

Complete from beginning to end, totality

One who designs and fits corrective lenses

__ rugs, patterned floor coverings from the East

Advertisers pay for __ media to show in timelines

Flamboyant US pianist, first name Wladziu

False teeth

Made a meal warm again

Pilot leaving a jet in an emergency

Small shop specialized in fashionable items

They are enrolled in an educational institution

Puzzle 4

To raise or elevate, especially in mood

State of bliss in Hindu philosophy

The Good Witch of the South from The Wizard of Oz

Part of the foot between the ball and the heel

Richard Branson’s Caribbean island

Sheriff’s assistant

To determine an outcome, choose one thing

Branched horn on the head of a deer

Floating at sea unanchored

His hair was his strength

Java, joe

Skylight-covered central space

People who manage online groups

Short vinyl record

Puzzle 5

Become less flexible, make more rigid

Beer factory

Resolves a dispute

Sudden involuntary diaphragm contractions

Dog, could be Cocker or Springer

School __, required dress code

You’ll get relief from this Dr. Hoffmann invention

High-dressmaking in French

__ Peninsula is the largest in the world

When a ship hits the bottom or shore it runs __

Glazed sugar long thin buns from Valencia

Goes against someone’s viewpoint

Little assistants, yellow with dungarees

Another word for a person’s last name

Group 398

Puzzle 1

A cure or treatment

Tremble from the cold

The capital of Tasmania

Buddhist tower many storeys high

Drinks company, owner of Baileys and Guinness

The Two Gentlemen of __, by Shakespeare

Having or showing a mild, tender temperament

Anagram of briefs

Strip of shiny material for tying bows

Very poor person, as opposed to a prince

__ Crue, US rockers with drummer Tommy Lee

Puzzle 2

Tom Jones hit about an unfaithful woman

Major taxonomic group, between domain and phylum

Sea nymph who imprisoned Odysseus

Not strict, more merciful than expected

Material used to make a cast for broken bones

Spanish word for “heart”

A mountain or hill that might erupt

Traveller on holiday

Type of machine that sells small items like snacks

Alternative name for Vitamin A1

__ lenses, vision correctors on the eyeballs

Guilt or regret for a past mistake

Short tube for launching rockets

Puzzle 3

Topics or stories becoming popular on social media

This feline is said to bring bad luck

Inconsiderate, without concern for consequences

Backs up, supports; promotes a specific product

Padded seat that leans back and elevates feet

Makes a noise like a fire

Got rid of, threw away

Bird poem by Edgar Allan Poe


Electrical system, sparks fuel to start the engine

Plant-based liquid fat used for cooking and salads

Lacking knowledge

Shaped or carved with a knife

Element with atomic no. 89, discovered by Giesel

Chile’s capital city

Brush hair in reverse to achieve volume

Place to secure your cycle

Worries, tensions, strains

Serbian top tennis player, Novak __

To put at risk

External window coverings that open and close

To pause or delay action temporarily

Betrayers, especially to their country

In poor conditions, ignored, abandoned

Arthur __, the husband of Charlotte Bronte

Unfortunate, morose, evoking sympathy

Blatant, obvious, unabashed

Trader, retailer

Puzzle 5

Charades is an example of one of these

Second most populated city in Australia

Mounds of earth pushed up by underground mammals

Piece of a whole

Preparedness, willingness

A Murder is __, detective fiction from 1950

Your Body is a Wonderland artist

Small, dark skin blemish that appears with age

Group 399

Puzzle 1

TV’s __ Island, where wishes and desires came true

The opposite of departure

Style of comedy with a comic and live audience

Another term for a masochist: “__ for punishment”

Hair’s tactile appearance; e.g. uneven, choppy

The process or period of gathering crops

Communications of an intent to inflict harm

Texts at the page top, separate from the body

Bank __, where you store and withdraw money

Venezuela’s capital and largest city

Act of spending money extravagantly

Artist Mrs. Knowles-Carter

A disease or period of sickness

Enthusiastic and eager

Puzzle 2

Hormone supplement used to help induce sleep

Thought transference

State of legally belonging to you

To score a run in baseball you must step on this

Designed for efficiency and comfort when working

Adaptable, useful, flexible

Wife that Henry VIII had the longest: __ of Aragon

Baggage that has not been collected

To be easy to understand, have a clear meaning

Ceramic material often used to make teacups

Clinging or adhering closely, persistent

Science that most incorporates the Periodic Table

Used to hold computer cords together and organize

Red wine grape also called Primitivo

Puzzle 3

Palace in Granada, Spain

Provided goods or services to another party

Organism that lives off its host

Cooling water Egyptian goddess, daughter of Anubis

Observing, looking at over a period of time

Restoring back to life or consciousness

Moved troops into position for action

Made less tight

A long, thin loaf of French bread

List of updates shown on one’s Facebook home page

Mixes cards

Puzzle 4

Shoulder __, flat bones also called scapulae

Add a location to an online message, e.g. a Tweet

Send away forever

__ colour, used for emphasis in a room’s scheme

Sport played with a stick and a puck

Where one thing hits another, point of ___

A smooth liquid preparation applied onto the skin

Desired, e.g. a specific food

__ Jones, producer on MJ’s Off the Wall album

__ bath, a foamy way to relax

Tiny pieces of underwear, or flip-flops

Bold and shameless

Lacking a definite plan, purpose, or pattern

French __, South American country, capital Cayenne

A foul smell, stink

Modest, without an excess of pride

Wear this to brace and support an injured wrist

Puzzle 5

Africa’s leading coffee-producing country

In large quantity, very many

Elegant and poised, like a ballet dancer

Place where boats are repaired

Cowboy movie starring Grace Kelly, Gary Cooper

People with great regard for someone, maybe secret

Animals, birds, and insects in nature

__ earth, tactic of leaving nothing for the enemy

Chocolate squares of cakey gooeyness

Officially accepted, allowed, or agreed to

Carved with spooky faces at Halloween

Computer equipment, not programs

Athletic event with a sand pit

Across the __, Beatles song transmitted into space

Margaret __, the Iron Lady

Group 400

Puzzle 1

Soaked up a liquid

Olympic commentator Mark Foster’s sport

Male __ products include aftershave, razors etc.

Bermuda __. don’t go too near said Barry Manilow

Cavity from which a hair grows

Extroverted, gregarious, convivial

Large rocks, as seen in Bedrock city

Spoke quietly and incoherently

Type of controller used in helicopter simulation

A person who provides instruction, teaches

Wine process achieved by swirling it in a glass

Enclosures where horses can exercise

To make secret or new information known

Puzzle 2

Underwater missile

Guy __, Snatch director, Madonna’s ex-husband

To preserve a corpse as was popular in Egypt

What a barber might give you

Halloween month

Less expensive, less pricey

Atlanta NFL team

Stephen King’s pen name

English translation of “leche de coco”: __ milk

Explode inwards

__ spikes, long hair stuck out proud with gel

Pleading, incessantly asking for something

Puzzle 3

Witch who wiggled her nose on Bewitched

Hair spirals a.k.a. corkscrew curls

Entering into combat with an enemy

Trans Railway runs from Moscow to Vladivostok

Paul __, Trump campaign manager

Priscilla’s surname before she married Elvis

Makes faster, speeds up

Shaft of light from Earth’s satellite

Person or business that sells goods

To introduce changes in the way something is done

Gatherings for sampling wine, etc.

Emotional states, sentiments

Turning down, denying

What the C in Washington, D. C. stands for

Barring someone from interaction on social media

Relating to the smallest unit of an organism

Fulfills legal requirements or standards

Puzzle 4

Six, e.g. a box of eggs

Linguistics is the study of __

The grate or hearth at the base of a chimney

Dress with no visible means of support

__ Park, Jane Austen’s Fanny Price novel

__ penguins, birds appearing to be wearing helmets

An infection that inflames the lungs

Making you lose confidence, worrying

Rhyming phrase meaning ‘very simple’

Puzzle 5

Mass departure

Monetary sums expected exchanged in a purchase

Chong’s comedic partner

Used to moor a ship to the sea bottom

Making quiet or hiding people from an online feed

Keyboard instruments

Best of both __

Famous Five author Enid __

Rigor __, stiffness that follows death

To blur or smear ink by rubbing

Grim __, personification of death with a scythe

Calm, peaceful

City through which the Manzanares River passes

River that runs through London