Planet Earth

Group 1

Puzzle 1

One of the days of the week

Characteristic of rapid spreading disease

A person who works full-time for a company

To be agitated or exhausted, troubled

Ocular covering worn by a pirate

Compelling attractiveness

Parts of a TV show

Computer network without cables

Bread-making shops

Leaves of coriander used as a garnish

Puzzle 2


The combination of ideas to form a theory

Instrument popular in jazz music

Animals that eat both plants and other animals

A sport played during the Olympic Games

Sailboat with two hulls

Picture-editing software program

A person who designs buildings and houses

Sincere and emotional, from the cardiac organ

To reduce or relieve suffering

Loss of movement from nerve or muscle damage

Fruit name which combines a tree and another fruit

Puzzle 3


Part of the eye where images are created

Defoliant used during Vietnam War: Agent __

Anything relating to the skin

A film about a historical person’s life

Currency note in the U.S.

Largest city in the Republic of Ireland


Long journey by sea

Vince __, actor who starred in Wedding Crashers

Those who choose not to eat or use animal products

Tan/light brown casual pants made of cotton

A famous comet was named after him

Puzzle 4

Piece of art made of metal, stone, clay, etc

Allocating a task or duty

X-Men character famously played by Hugh Jackman

Greek who wrote the first history book

Space where students are educated

Someone who is given an award or organ

Queen of England when Shakespeare was born: __ I

Different pieces of cloth sewn together

A pinch of this will make you fly like Tinker Bell

Paid to authors for sales of their work

Religion developed in Jamaica

Plant with thistle-like flower, heart is cooked

Nine, eight, seven, six; the final ten seconds

Puzzle 5

A person who attends school or college

To enclose something within set boundaries

Creamy sauce served over fettucine

Pleading for money

Person with a rank of authority in the military

Opening her box can unleash evils on the world

__ Fusion, Hydrogen turns into Helium in the Sun

It is golden and appreciated in the cinema

Calm, tranquil

Medical condition of people over ideal weight

Popular 90s video game, “Go” version was 2016 craze

Rabat is the capital of __

Group 2

Puzzle 1

Shapes with eight sides

Involves general ideas, it’s not concrete

Person who creates or sells artificial hair cover

Advance beyond established paramaters

Uncontrolled emotional outburst

Santa’s flying four-legged helper

Liquid put on salads or other foods

A native of the capital of France

Item used to cool the engine in a car

Next in line after tenth

Intimate women’s apparel; lace, silk or satin

__ Crusoe, legendary shipwrecked character by Defoe

Puzzle 2

Someone who trespasses to catch animals illegally

Collagen used in products from candy to cosmetics

Return, go back to an earlier behavior

Term for male spouse

Item from the past, not modern

Large soft fabric used as bed covering

Deepest known part of the Pacific Ocean: __ Trench

Small breed of dog named after an island

Bram Stoker’s most famous book

Dakota __, actress in Fifty Shades of Grey

Puzzle 3

Sang songs to impress or win someone’s heart

So easy to operate that it’s impossible to go wrong

Picturesque Greek island on Aegean Sea

A small wooden home placed on trees for animals

Significant, key, vital

Encouraged, given the impetus to go ahead

Someone you tell secrets to

The story of somebody’s life

Artificial supports or braces for a body part

Silk canopy helps aircraft escapees

Renounces the throne

Famous British weekly

Mechanical piece used to spray water

Wireless network that can be used to transfer data

A __, a good luck charm; should be hung facing up

US retired track and field athlete

Not showing care for the consequences of an action

Puzzle 4

Nearly 25,000 perished constructing this canal

What astronauts use to go into space

Popular Mexican destination

GIF: Graphics Interchange __

Karen __, author of Out of Africa

Put fluid in the body with a syringe

Country music legend, cannabis activist, __ Nelson

__ of Miletus, early Greek philosopher

Image, video hosting site bought by Yahoo in 2005

He is known for his mathematical lithographs

Dairy product made by churning milk

Arranging papers in an order

Housebuilding animal whose teeth never stop growing

Greek city-state depicted in the film 300

Member of the mint family that felines love

Puzzle 5

Stocking holder used in wedding tradition

To inflict harm on behalf of another harmed

Life used to be gloomier before him

Gary __ almost played General Grievous in Star Wars

Anagram of sprite

A tree that weeps

Puzzle, enigma with veiled meaning

Another name for a stylus on a record-player

Item brought into another country to be sold

Game of skill, throwing rings over blocks

Person with special knowledge in a subject

Also referred to as Scottish language

Sauce commonly served with fish sticks

Interstellar cloud of gas and dust

Group 3

Puzzle 1

Teacher that counsels students in school

Green spaces that belong to homes

To finish something successfully, to accomplish

A type of ballroom dance developed in the 1910s

Male perfume and a German city

To use yeast to change liquid to alcohol

Cold weather bird living in Southern Hemisphere

Joint __: shared by two or more people

Arrow-firing sport

Style of hair cropped close to the scalp

Someone you can’t trust

Puzzle 2

He won an Oscar for playing Forrest Gump

Cuisine associated with miso soup

Not outstanding, only adequate

Large upright block of stone shaped like a pilar

Mammal native to Africa and Asia

Exact copies

No intersection

Feeds himself in a library

Item used to decorate something

Cranial pain usually relieved with Tylenol, Advil

Leave it behind after a meal

Horizontal long bone in the upper body

Infrared shooting game

Breaking Bad star, Bryan __

Puzzle 3

Metallic element used for magnetic alloys

To demand something firmly

Name of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU in 2016

Deadpool villain, MMA Strikeforce fighter, Gina __

Five Discount, aka stealing

British rock band established in 1964

Funerary figurine used in Ancient Egypt

John __, Monty Python co-founder

Every time, every occasion, no exceptions

Soldier trained in armed combat to serve a king

High school football favorite tune, Hang on __

Intelligent primate found in Africa and Arabia

Little Red __ Hood, a French fairy tale

Puzzle 4

Small bitter berry with healing properties

Animal blamed for everything

Someone riding on a ship, plane or car

Mud avalanche caused by rain, erosion

Rigid military position; eyes front, arms at side

Type of surgery performed on lung cancer patients

A person who moves permanently to another country

Second biggest country in South America

Exact copy of a written material

British term for king, queen, or jack of any suit

A muscle involved in the breathing process

Steven __, US film director

Animated film about a puppet whose nose grows

Love songs sung under a lover’s window

Puzzle 5

You can’t make an omelette without __ the eggs

System where the king or queen rules the country

Metabolic disorder associated with high blood sugar

A trifoliate plant that’s symbol of Ireland

The way you think or feel about something

Small silver coin largely used in Ancient Rome

Geologic period within the Mesozoic era

Lake __, also known as the Sea of Galilee

Two openings at the bottom of your nose

Contains planets, nebulae, stars, etc.

Someone who sells goods or services

Strong feeling of missing home

David Bowie’s androgynous alter ego Ziggy __

Group 4

Puzzle 1

1987’s Metal Gear was the 1st of the __ video games

As __ as punch

__ Bening, actress, Warren Beatty’s wife

Condition of being unhealthy or sick

Mixture, combination of shapes, pictures, etc

Nosey Parker, Paul Pry, __ Tom

A fictional reindeer with an unusual trait

Large lavish meal or feast, celebration

Evil wizard in Lord of the Rings

A fruit pie with a rich crust on top

Puzzle 2

It protects cars, homes and lives against loss

Study of your family tree

German city where Nazis finally faced justice

__ Pope, English poet of satyrical verses

American director known for his dark fantasy films

To give up in a battle

Moon of Saturn with high geyser activity

Band famous for its big lipped frontman

Vest especially worn over a shirt

Home of the Pampas

Symbols used in comics to censor words

Large piece of cloth used for drying the body

Deuteronomy is the fifth book of the Old __

Puzzle 3

Family of 210 flowering plants

Breed of cows yielding yellowish milk

Something that brings comfort, peace, calm

Penny __, movie with Cary Grant and Irene Dunne

__ a Time, how many stories begin

Stimulant found in coffee and soft drinks

Full doctor’s exam of a patient

An outdoor shelter with a roof for a pet

Nearby boxing or wrestling judge

__ Crowley, English occultist and writer

A phase of the moon, also a type of roll

Person with absolute power over a country

Electronic file, predesigned for a use

Three cowboys of this brand died of lung cancer

Puzzle 4

Lost at sea

German Chancellor in 2016, Angela __

Language referred to as gypsy in the 19th century

Belgrade is the capital of __

Style used in churchbuilding in late Middle Ages

TV show on the early life of Arthur’s court wizard

Bruno Mars funky part of the city

__ List, life goals, no regrets

Chemical that whitens clothes

Aerophobia is a fear of __

Film depicting blue humanoids living in Pandora

Breed of tiger, second largest tiger in the world

Not breakfast, not lunch

Heavy starchy food

A sort of Trojan Odysseus

Someone who revises written or recorded works

Puzzle 5

Long period without rainfall

Ancient wind instrument shaped like an egg

Narrator of The Outsiders

10 Cloverfield Lane, a 2016 movie with John __

Risk taken in business in hope of reward

Vitality and glamour combined

To perform surgery on a patient

__ D’Angelo, American History X, Vacation actress

Buttery, Danish cheese used in sandwiches

Place for the display or sale of works of art

Group 5

Puzzle 1

The __ Before Christmas, produced by Tim Burton

Ernest __, won the Nobel of Literature

Planetoids or minor planets

Dubbed The Merrie Monarch

__ Manager, does online management of groups

To lose water or body liquids

Coffee chain competitor of Dunkin Donuts

Set of qualities that distinguish a person

Chewing gum is illegal in this Asian country

Negative economic growth for two quarters in a row

NY island famously bought on the cheap

TV series about a woman with amnesia and tattoos

Unforeseen or unplanned events

Less scary name for halitosis

To sign up for a newsletter, newspaper

A woman who teaches a child in a private home

Puzzle 2

Windowsill receptacle for greenery

Line that goes without turning

Neil __ Tyson, modern-day American astrophysicist

Hero of the Trojan War

In golf, this indicates a player’s ability

Providing food for events, parties, ceremonies

Part of town where L. Bernstein musical happens

The capital of Brazil

Reduction in price to attract consumers

Use this key to shout online

A rat, a strikebreaker

Puzzle 3

To fill a spot

__ Piven, starred in Entourage and The Goods

A practice to learn something

Small computer, easy to transport

French writer who started realism

Season after Winter


Pink and white root vegetable

In the 1987’s Contra video game you help __

What Baku devours in Japanese mythology

Strip of silk, satin, etc wrapped around packages

The official residence of a sovereign

Anything that involves or pertains to the universe

Papier-mache figure filled with candy

Puzzle 4

__ Graham, actress of The Hangover

Black by-product of petroleum used for paving

Latin country home of largest salt fields

Honored saint on Irish feast of green apparel

Land controlled by the lord of the manor

Non-flying bird with enormous eggs

Rock singer who played with The Stooges

Type of hero inspired by a Romantic poet

A flying disc that can be used in competitions

Effect that can be observed in sirens or radar

Puzzle 5

Having every part needed; complete, whole

__ Mouse is one of the first Disney icons

Where a spring or river begins

Worn by actors and soldiers in ancient Greece

Boogie __, form of swing dance related to the blues

In grammar, it is a verb that functions as a noun

The Dog Star

To get away from, out of a restraint

No, Salieri didn’t kill him

Fish that blows up when threatened

Joseph __, English-polish master of prose style

Opposite of weak

1980 American horror film: __ the 13th

Etymological meaning of geisha

Large tropical fruit with pinkish-orange flesh

Produce an effect, change, action

The Bolshoi Ballet is based in this city

Group 6

Puzzle 1

Outstanding actions

Expressionless, blank, numb, deadpan, impassive

Heavily-disputed holy city of three religions

A large geographic area

Controversial English poet of the 19th century

Galaxy named after a Greek princess

Someone who travels or stays with you

A musket should not be used to kill it

The didgeridoo comes from this country

Social media made with photos of users

Fear of bees

A billionaire engineer who became a superhero

Jamaica competed in this 1988 Winter Olympic sport

A humorous name for a Model T Ford

Empire’s headquarters built and destroyed twice

The fourth one was D’Artagnan

Puzzle 2

Obstruction in the lungs is a __ of the airways

A bulbous perennial herb native to the Mediterranean

The genus of peppers

Giant beast resembling an elephant in the Bible

Someone who is skilled with machines, appliances

A container for the disposal of garbage


Characterized by or showing a vindictive spirit

Peter __ is Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones

A piece of garment used by men and women

__ at the O.K. Corral, western with B. Lancaster

Stock __, where stocks can be bought and sold

Puzzle 3

Winter, summer, autumn and spring

Fettuccine is often covered by this white sauce

Hedgehog-like animal aka spiny anteater

Yuri __, first man to travel in outer space

Man who saw the ghosts of Christmas

The capital of Georgia (the country)

Mini Hawaiian guitar

___ Hart, US country musician and songwriter

Something that occurs on its own without help

Feeling of being unhappy

Puzzle 4

Rubber bag inflated with air or helium

Big __, reality show about contestants in a house

Supply of weapons to be used

Layered pastry from Austria filled with sweets

Slang for premature baby

Initiates a car’s engine

Flattening, removing wrinkles from clothes

A sublime state achieved in Buddhism

OTC: Over-the drug

War famed for the Charge of the Light Brigade

Liquid spread on art to dry shiny

Brightest Star in the constellation of Scorpius

People use mascara to enhance each of them

__ Duncan, US innovator, dancer and choreographer

A person who checks the accuracy of accounts

Island nation in the African south-eastern coast

A lion-headed monster that breathes fire

Punk rock pioneers

High __, musical with Bing Crosby and Sinatra

The __, or sea cow, is a large marine mammal

Puzzle 5

__ Camus, contributed to the philosophy of absurdism

Stevie Wonder hit, My __ Amour

Someone who analyzes and evaluates something

To go to an event, listen, watch

Part of a garment used to store small items

Small bones in the foot

Next to Kenya, Congo, and South Sudan

A typeface with characteristics of handwriting

Place for relaxation, rest, vacation

Seven Minutes in __, teenage party game in a closet


Item dropped into the water to hold a boat in place

Timmy __ has fairy godparents

Small amount of something that exemplifies the whole

Group 7

Puzzle 1

Process for reproducing shading in print

Live From New York It’s __ Night!

Fight, row, bicker

Program written directly on hardware

Ann Patchett book about opera hostage situation

Culinary term for garnishing with almonds

__ Gross, Austrian doctor convicted for his crimes

Causing great fear, terror

Home to a gold swimmer before being flushed

Bermuda __, vanishing geometry

Literal meaning of planet

Gangsta’s __, anthem of 90s Pfeiffer film

Puzzle 2

British king who had six wives, two were beheaded

British Overseas Territory near Spain

She was the one who invented the miniskirt

A branch of the Christian group

A collection of an artist’s work

A new and exciting experience

Outer layer of cells covering the body

What faith can move

Maze, fantasy movie starring David Bowie

In Greek __, Sirens lure sailors to their death

Not seeming of this world, supernatural

Famous get-out-of-trouble knife

Puzzle 3

Heir of Denethor II in The Lord of the Rings

Someone who plays a large stringed instrument

Italian painter and architect of the Renaissance

Extremely intense or nervous

Someone spacey

When an airplane leaves the ground to fly

To cut or separate tissues for study

This can be caused by peanuts, seafood, pollen

The letter in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s work

Considered world’s language for business

Puzzle 4

Paul Thomas __, director of Magnolia

He lives with the lost boys in Neverland

Lower jaw bone

A college classic drinking game with mini balls

Chiropractors, masseuses relieve this

Something that can be felt with hands

Pasta shaped as small curved tubes

Furniture with shelves used to store novels

Lunar phase when the moon is totally illuminated

Computer key to make life easier

What you may buy as gift when traveling

Small wind instrument with whistle mouthpiece

Puzzle 5

Economic science on international exchange

One of the British islands in the Irish sea

Dental __ helps the dentist to provide treatment


Cannot be described in words

Period of no more menstruation for a woman

Computer name inspired by a type of apple

HBO show about stardom, later a movie

Hong Kong airline owned by Cathay Pacific

Scheming, dishonest

Formal communications between governments

Group 8

Puzzle 1

Someone who writes articles about a subject online

Indian soccer player for Dempo, __ Fernandes

Force that prevents us from floating into space

A politically organized region ruled by a monarch

Very vivid purple-red color

Ground cereal; usually crushed, steel cut or rolled

Punished with a fine not fixed by a statute

Dizzy feeling, spinning, also a Hitchcock film

Stone that allowed a grasp of Egyptian hieroglyphs

Riding a bike takes a good sense of __

Salad __, device used to remove excess water

King of __, depicted in Love’s Labour’s Lost

Puzzle 2

Romance language from top culinary country

Natives of this principality cannot gamble there

__ Kitt, Catwoman actress, singer, dancer

Meal packed to be eaten outdoors

Fu __, asian, drooping moustache style

Public celebration on the street

Car ride on tracks, __ coaster

Engaged in some type of action, busy

Violent encounter between military forces

Number after twenty-nine

Nation ruled by a powerful sovereign

Someone who runs a sort of goods store

Puzzle 3

Robin Hood’s hideout

Largest freshwater fish in the world

Italian cookies with anise

This aspect of your blood rises and falls

Collection of information, people, lists

A weapon and a Beatles album

Villain in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Words added as afterthought at the end of a book

__ Strait, eastern channel of Korea Strait

Global computer network

Country that suffered in the hands of Khmer Rouge

Marked by diversity or variety

Puzzle 4

OCD: __ Compulsive Disorder

What secretive families hide in their closet

The study of the universe

Large pasta tubes that are stuffed and baked

An advancement in your job

Country made of 17,000 islands; capital Jakarta

William the __, winner of Battle of Hastings, 1066

Mr. Squarepants first name

The people Jonah refused to preach to

This container has been spiked in many movies

__ cats are known for their less-than-lengthy fur

Panniers, useful for cyclists

William S. __, author of the Beat Generation

Type of legislative body with two branches

Horny growth on skin

Language planned to become world language

TV show spin-off on The Vampire Diaries

A person who studies the earth and rocks

Puzzle 5

Cake made pouring batter with a conical object

__ Gally, galley ship captured by Samuel Bellamy

Red fruit, usually mistaken for a vegetable

Anagram of pieces

Annie __, antagonist in S. King’s Misery

Any set of numbers to be summated

List of a team’s players

Bruce Wayne, Caped Crusader, Dark Knight

US independence is celebrated on this day in July

The capital of Bahamas

Toto’s 1983 number one hit about a continent

Horses used for riding

Traditional Japanese garment

Happening annually

Group 9

Puzzle 1

Collection of information for a business

After effects of a night of drinking

Main gas in Jupiter

Device to control a character in a computer game

Ryan __, Canadian Deadpool actor

Mnemophobia is the fear of __ from your past

Small type of orange, sweeter than the regular ones

Large unit of military ground forces

A hair __ is where hair grows from

Title of nobility, female

To feel that all faith is gone

Batted ball that rolls on the ground

Place for medical care, surgery, emergency

Freshwater rhipidistian fish within Dipnoi class

Puzzle 2

Most popular type of lettuce

Grassy area to feed livestock

Someone who has permanently left employment

Game played with balls, mallets and wickets

Bill for services or goods

A month with 31 days

Kaiser __, led Germany into World War I

Walter Scott novel that boosted the Middle Ages

Telling someone about danger

Sea animal known for its eight legs

Mobile phone brand with One Touch model

Small car

Good Will __ star Matt Damon

Woman who inherits a lot of money, property

Crude painters

Puzzle 3

Even-toed ungulates

Scandinavian nation known for its fjords

To feel fear, be scared of, apprehensive

Utensil that skins fruits and vegetables


__ Hill, “refugee” who was miseducated

They explore the underground

Oriental __ lizard: an ornate lizard found in Asia

__ will, directive for care if incapacitated

Reflection ratio for earth’s atmosphere or surface

Anatomical term for womb

Will Smith, the Fresh __ of Bel-Air

Corned beef sandwich with Russian dressing

Native of the only UN state starting with a Q

The __, movie with Buster Keaton

Puzzle 4

Sturdy table used for carpentry and other tasks

Song featured in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s

To arrange the parts and systems in a computer

Bristly item often used by women

Pulverised minerals used in bathing water

Cat styled as the gentle giant

Mesopotamian rivers, Tigris and __

Tiny blood vessel in the body

Rather than all of the time

Having several possible meanings

ICU: __ care unit

The king of reggae and most famous Jamaican singer

Puzzle 5

Totalitarian movement started in Italy during WWI

Spanish artist suspected of stealing the Mona Lisa

The Lion Sleeps __

To endure something like a surgery

Blood-sucking parasites

__ Crowe, actor known for the Gladiator movie

__ Tell, Swiss folk hero with a crossbow

Under __, TV show based on a Stephen King’s book

The collapsed core of a large star

Book to write down your own thoughts

Indian gravity knife

The spice of life

Traditional sushi is wrapped in edible __

Group 10

Puzzle 1

The act of being gentle to other people

Public park in Manhattan built on an old railway

A glass-enclosed room to allow in sunlight

Weapons and ammo used in combat

Rosie Huntington, a Victoria’s Secret model

A deep sky blue

This green vegetable is 96% water

Company that manufactures Chuck Taylor sneakers

Antonym of weak, helpless, insignificant

__ Island, tale of “buccaneers and buried gold”

Identification used to sign into a computer

To find your way somewhere

50’s western TV series about gambling brothers

Italian Renaissance painter, __ Daddi

Capital of Turkmenistan

Artform and genre of music in South Spain

__ Beauty, a fairy tale version by Disney

Puzzle 2

Middle Eastern marketplace, shopping area

Narrow valley with steep sides made by water

Dame Helen __, English actress

__, rats and rabbits are animals that cannot vomit

In chess, each player has sixteen of these

Long collarless shirts from South Asia

The name of a streetcar

Last meal of the day, also called dinner

Sirens lived in the sea, __ in springs and brooks

Keep in custody by authority of the law

__ Weissmuller, swimmer who turned into Tarzan

Territory invaded and occupied by a nation

Icy celestial bodies that orbit around the Sun

Thick, sugary liquid made by flowers

Hong Kong __ was a martial art cartoon in 1974

Transparent eye part that protects iris and pupil

Puzzle 3

A prophetic priestess of Apollo

Pain in or around fangs or gums

To record events as they evolve

John __, originator of the flushing water closet

Archaeologist, before the word was coined

The dark time between evening and morning

“Lonely game”, often played on computers

Amy __, English singer who died in 2011

This is popped off to enjoy a soft drink

It knows no law

Group name of Cape Verde islands


Dr. No was the first film featuring this hero

Sport contest that consists of 10 different events

Puzzle 4

Someone who just got married

Convulsions is another name for __

First part of the small intestine

How many words a picture is worth

Opposite of Southern

Whispers words to forgetful actors

Compact self-contained gaming device

Go-devil, hay sweep

Garment often worn before and after shower

Apparition, specter, illusion of something

Chinese dog breed, also known as Tang Quan

Mathematician played by Russell Crowe in a movie

Edible spore bearing fruit of a fungus

Storage space for food and dishes

Puzzle 5

Commander of a ship or airplane

Cutout of a shape or design used multiple times

Program that lets you surf the web

Country in Europe next to Kosovo and Greece

The last one was in James F. Cooper’s novel

Paper proving you paid

No longer exists

Multi-Unit Space Transport and Recovery Device

Food eaten to finish a meal, usually sweet

Acrophobia is the fear of __

Marvin the __ came from space to blow up the Earth

Clothing worn by members of an organization

They look like snakes with feet

Famous for unintentional (or not) word plays

Group 11

Puzzle 1

To aim for a goal, ambition

An address to God or a deity

United Nations children’s relief arm

__ Platt, Canadian-American actor born in 1960

Country home to the archaeological site of Petra

Sensitive area on each side of forehead

Greek god of music, art and healing

__ Globetrotters, exhibition basketball team

Painting on freshly spread moist lime plaster

A paternal kinsman

Danny __, creator of iconic Simpsons opening tune

Opioid developed as a morphine substitute

Fiery mass that enters Earth’s atmosphere

Puzzle 2

Huevos __, popular egg dish in Mexican cuisine

__ watching, observing a type of insect in nature

Type of ram used to knock down walls and gates

Most common pants worn, denim

The public conveyance in Venice

Carlo Collodi puppet tale: “The Adventures of __”

When your mind is not sure what something is about

When a woman carries a baby in her uterus

Bat __, Canadian lawman and journalist

Vilnius is the capital of __

Quick-spreading respiratory disease

Puzzle 3

__ Clay, Muhammad Ali’s previous name

The human body’s filters

Old Testament book that comes from a census

One beats the bush, and another __ the birds

Artistic paper-folding

Being behind or late on payments, obligations

French version of the Punch and Judy show

Giant from Greek mythology with only one eye

Political state, nation or territory

Tonitrophobia is the fear of __ storms

King Arthur’s enemy

Deficiency of carbon dioxide in tissues and blood

Capital of Papua New Guinea, Port __

Puzzle 4

Country north of England

Interrogative sentence or clause

Stock with quality reputation according to the NYSE

Hans Christian __, author of The Little Mermaid

Chemical element symbol Pt; used in jewelry-making

Substantive of setting something on fire

Something understood by very few

Small squirrel-like rodent with dark stripes

Damage to the skin wearing away the upper layer

The __ bride, a comic opera by Smetana

Semi-arid, southern African desert

Japanese company that brought us Mario and Luigi

A person who investigates unknown regions

Puzzle 5

Machine to hatch eggs and keep them warm

Victor Hugo’s character who lives in a church

Buttery pastry popular in continental breakfasts

Device uses the shadow of the Sun for navigation

You shrug them sometimes

Name for ‘new’ Mexican coins from 1993 to 1996

Sky-divers use this after jumping out of a plane

Employees in a business

John __, actor of Dangerous Liaisons

Narrow-bladed tool with U-shaped frame

Material of which a violin’s bow part is made

Worker who builds or repairs wooden things

Non-metal element with some metallic properties

Group 12

Puzzle 1

Professor Xavier in X-Men: First Class, James __

Dot-eating arcade personality

Antonym of moderation

Robin Hood’s love interest, Maid __

Type of seed used on buns and in salads

Cheap accommodation popular with backpackers

Type of car that uses gas and electricity

Anagram of poster

High-pitched stringed instrument

San __, land-locked country surrounded by Italy

Parent’s sibling’s offspring

Explained the behavior of atoms for the first time

Belle fell in love with the Beast’s inner __

To turn from a normal path, detour, deflect

Toy for two kids, one at each end, up and down

An organism that transmits a pathogen

Marketing __, shortsighted view of marketing

Wrap a corpse in a piece of cloth

Letter denoting Einstein’s cosmological constant

__ Inspector, enforces sanitation rules

Puzzle 2

Birthplace of Alexander Graham Bell

Marsupials endemic to Australia


Scientist specialized in an old natural science

Good tempered, pleasant natured

Electromagnetic radiation from a luminous body

Formal meeting for a job

Celebration in June in honor of an Irish author

The Manchurian __, drama with Frank Sinatra

Large ship that carries cargo

Dali’s melting clocks were inspired by this cheese

Puzzle 3

Group of educators in a school

Ultraviolet rays from sunlight cause __ burns

__ Little, 2005 Disney film; sky is falling fable

Prevalent items in San Francisco in the 60s

Baggage taken with you on a trip

A chamber in a house that has a lot of windows

Basin that is used to raise a boat out of water

A common element to fraternities and societies

__ Churchill, Britain’s WWII Prime Minister

Part of the body between the chest and the hips

Name for something made from clay

“Careless Whisper” singer: George __

Region where gravity effect is zero

The shrill sound a bird makes

Long light spear, thrown with hands

Minsk, the capital of this Eastern European country

One of four equal sections of something

You yell this game’s name when you hit all five

__ Joslyn Gage, US women’s rights activist

Puzzle 4

Beam emitted from our Solar System’s star

Henri __ painted The Sleeping Gypsy

Son of a __ Man, US song by Dusty Springfield

Male of this marine species carries the unborn

Sleeping disorder identified by the lack of sleep

__ of Arabia, movie with Peter O’Toole

Tegucigalpa is the capital of __

Hockey officials who call icing violations

Self-defense system used by Israeli military

A well-known native-American tribe

The inside of something

Puzzle 5

Bloody day of U2 song

Vampires are supposed to keep away from this

Bird known for repeating

Muscles in the upper arm, bulge when bent

__ Greene, wrote Our Man in Havana

SEO: Search __ Optimization

Forced bets by player to left of dealer in poker

Type of farmhouse, common in alpine regions

Long piece of ice formed by dripping water

The capital of Mali

Kahlo painted The __ Column

Singin’ in the Rain depicts the demise of __ movies

Damage done to a person’s body

What Dracula sleeps in

Group 13

Puzzle 1

One of the many deities of Hinduism

Plant in buttercup family, windflower

Grocery section with fruits and vegetables

Two or more independent stable compounds

A player’s position in baseball

Queen __ thanks R2D2 for his bravery in Episode 1

The rock city according to the rock band Kiss

Finders keepers, losers __

Comic strip revolving around a workplace

Muscle from collarbone to upper arm

RADAR is an acronym for radio detection and __

Oldest surviving long poem in English

Known for its wrinkles and blue-black tongue

Michael __, UK scientist who discovered benzene

Olympics were held there in 1996

Hormone essential to regulate glucose level

Puzzle 2

Total lack of vision

The act of obtaining government or corporate secrets

Dismissal or refusal of something

French philosopher, mathematician

Small device to measure pressure in wheels of a car

__ arches, related to breathing; gills in fish

__ Page, star of Sweet Bird of Youth

Item used to store something

Woodworker by profession

Musical percussion instrument; marimba, balafon

Discuss something for mutual benefit

__ Rock, Elvis goes to prison in this movie

A comic book character in the Marvel universe

Puzzle 3

Political conflict that involved two world powers

Someone inexperienced at an activity

Cap used to protect the end of finger when sewing

Spice Girls smash hit

Large seabird that scoops prey in its beak

South American country, capital is Sucre and La Paz

Official language of the Incan Empire

Board on which an artist lays and mixes paints

Disorder of severe uneasiness

A variety of coffee bean

Narrow opening caused by the separation of rocks

Puzzle 4

Mockery, humorous adaptation, imitation

Toy brand owns Barbie, Hot Wheels and Matchbox

Dismount from a horse, vehicle, motorcycle

Device used to take photos

Jupiter’s satellite with an oxygen atmosphere

Public officer who can authorize legal paperwork

Island on which lies Tokyo

Pastry from India of triangular shape

This person dies for his/her beliefs

Valley with deep, steep sides, stream at bottom

Puzzle 5

Saltwater clams, bivalves, used in seafood dishes

Fear of good news

Sound, characters, or visual cue to gain access

Meeting of cardinals to elect a new pope

Don’t make a mountain out of this

Ed __, host of legendary American 60s music show

Team or person that is expected to lose

Type of painting depicting maritime scenes

God of wine also known as Bacchus

An allotrope of carbon like the diamond

What doesn’t kill you makes you __

Response to a situation, stimulus or treatment

Country mostly covered by Kalahari Desert

Group 14

Puzzle 1

Glass container used in laboratories

Irrational fear of something, causes panic

Not a wide opening, not a lot of room

John __, Greek heartthrob, Full House uncle

A space lacking matter

Highest point of a hill or mountain

Another term for nauseated

Money __, total amount of circulated money

Papua New __

__Eye, Brosnan’s Bond debut

Rick __, 80’s hits singer

They make the flares and flickers of a fire

Puzzle 2

Fish in North America, like a small shad

Reykjavik is the capital of __

Liza Minnelli song from a 1972 musical

Goods being moved for money

One object covers another, solar or lunar

Pre-videogame arcade game with flippers


Written piece for a newspaper or magazine

European avant-garde art movement in 20th century

Gene __, won an Oscar for Unforgiven

Half potato, half tomato plant aka Pomato

As with books, these should be few, but good

Puzzle 3

Images or designs, sometimes computer-generated

Small pieces of paper and plastic that are thrown

A filter or sieve

Person who returns objects to former conditions

An optic hole that light can travel through

__ Turner, actress from Peggy Sue Got Married

__ pole, where a compass points to

German city, home of Borussia

What doesn’t exist without pain

Opposite of forward

Puzzle 4

It is used to keep rhythm in Aboriginal chants

Silverware used for the 1st dish

Attorney’s assistant, not full lawyer

Oldest woman in a family

Herb widely used for infections and the flu

Someone who robs or steals goods

Fresh Prince who became a Man in Black

Insect with the name of a young, unmarried woman

Lord __, allegedly cursed by Tutankhamun’s tomb

A small bright spot on an object or painting

Puzzle 5

Upper body, above abdomen, below the head

Coarse-grained metamorphic rock

Type of being like Bilbo Baggins

Brief affairs or short-lived relationships

Plant used in medicines, teas, foods

Money offered for recovery of lost items

Plan, program, design, plot to follow

Havaianas sandals have been made here since 1962

SNL alumnus who took over The Tonight Show in 2014

In fantasy, he who uses magic and sorcery

Protagonist of the ballet Swan Lake

George __, author of the classic 1984

Second-largest planet in the Solar System

Dark form that is cast from the light on an object

Group 15

Puzzle 1

An elevation on the ground, a summit

South American country, the capital is Asuncion

Place or thing that is frequently seen

The pen is __ than the sword

Period between new moons

Minions is an ___ comedy film

Another word for broken bone

Type of woody herb, also a woman’s name

__ Franklin, “First American” and Founding Father

Puzzle 2

Shape with four equal angles and sides

__ Space, a family traveling across the universe

Kingdom of Heaven, award-winning actor, __ Irons

Took small mouthfuls

Something shining, bright, clear

__ Singing, aka overtone chanting

Another name for valley

Chess piece that can only move diagonally

Blackbeard’s first name

House __, library for Egyptian physicians

Ownership stake in a company

Puzzle 3

In Poland, a language spoken by an ethnic group

Drawing type used to make cartoons

Study of objects in space

Barbra __, actress, singer and director

Decidedly not what a shrinking violet is like

Fear of animals, especially all in one place

80s, 90s family sitcom featuring the Olsen twins

Type of swing dance from early 1930s

French cooking term aka shish kebab

Asian eating utensil usually made of wood

Someone whose work is related to keys

Misnamed island owned by Denmark

Upper hand

Pure love and devotion

You can’t use others’ original work due to this

To wear away the top layer of skin

Ape that has long arms and reddish-brown hair

Puzzle 4

Another name for Cuban Contradanza dance

Twice-baked Italian almond cookies, cantuccini

An uncontrollable outburst of emotion or fear

It costs nothing

You don’t want to run out of gas on this expressway

Item used to type information on a computer

A unit of power

Paul wrote them to the early Christian communities

Method used to make patterned bed covers

Epic space franchise created by George Lucas

Medicine based on fraud or ignorance

This sport can be synchronized

Musical instrument in the lute family

Dream __ gather bad dreams

Puzzle 5

Going without food or drinks before surgery

Anything related to heredity in living organisms

Place where historical documents are kept

Skilled craft worker; makes furniture, art, etc

Large website advertisements

Place where pitchers warm up in baseball

Amy __, comedian, actress, writer, producer

Brussels is the capital of __

Traditional Halloween trip on vehicle

The bottom edge of a dress, skirt, or coat

Multiple dishes in a meal

A place where children stay while parents work

National property in another country

__ William, William Kidd’s pirate ship

Slang for nonsense, foolishness

Group 16

Puzzle 1

Largest planet in the Solar System

Surgical instrument designed for scraping

Port Vila is the capital of __

Violent rotating column of air

Large military unit with its own headquarters

Way something feels, usually in art or clothing

Agyrophobia is a fear of crossing __ or roads

When these fall out, honest men come by their own

Rubber-ended stick used to unclog toilets

__ Ford Coppola, director of The Godfather

Loose leaf plant, in salads and cooked, __ greens

Two to six percent of the US population are

The decision made by the jury at a trial

Competition between two or more people for a prize

Ancient Syrian city destroyed by the Islamic State


Outline of the human face from one side

Puzzle 2

Area beneath the junction of the arm and shoulder

Ocean that covers 20% of Earth with water

Amount made after expenses

Object used to remove pencil errors

Similar to the first garden

Chicago community in Lower West side

Someone who helps you with a project, a group

Russian folk dance with one man and two women

This system needs to be strong to fight diseases

Sweet canary on look out for “putty tat”

In a __ far, far away

Puzzle 3

Da Vinci’s enigmatic dame

Social media platform by Mark Zuckerberg

To persuade someone of something

A plant apt to bring forgetfulness

Massive snowstorm that dumps tons of snow fast

Harare is the capital of __

Often stubbed, can be painted

Shot when the 7 and 10 pins are split in bowling

Owner of a building who rents places to others

Roman emperor who wanted to make his horse consul

Branch of the US armed forces that runs Area 51

Foo __, Dave Grohl formed this band after Nirvana

Puzzle 4

Medical treatment requiring hospital stay

To rise rapidly, spacecraft fashion

Lively or animated in spirit or body

Code of __, Middle Ages text on the Byzantine Empire

Describes a car with a hinged rear door

Swiss town with ancient abbey on Lake Constance

Sam __, US actor campaigned to rebuild The Globe

The final David Bowie album

Female employee of Playboy clubs

Software creator

Of Mice and Men, by John __

__ 2, 2016 Ben Stiller movie

What candidates in the US must go through

Puzzle 5

Person who travels into space

Long solid pasta, most popular noodle

Ladies and __

Inflammation of joints in the body

Sea-horse in Greek mythology

British city famed by its port and music

US track and field star, 9 time gold medal winner

First city to be attacked with an atomic bomb

Skintight item worn by women over their legs

Large rodent with quills

Part of grammar that refers to inflections in words

Group 17

Puzzle 1

Thick, sweet, dark syrup made from raw sugar

World War I was also known as the __

Cosmetic product, used to contour facial feature

Mesmerizing autocratic coach

Chemical in tobacco, incredibly addictive

Small sacs of tissue next to the tonsils

Galaxy that contains our system

Complete and total, __ faith in someone

A person who acts for another in legal matters

Insects that live in colonies and eat wood

Raft used in emergencies

Bat-eating singer of Crazy Train

Puzzle 2

Dissimilar, non-identical , distinctive, different

Good Will __, written by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Metal once used widely in dental amalgams

Injected medicine to create an immune response

Wellington is the capital of New __

A style of floral design that originated in Japan

Furniture to hold or display something

Checkered fabric of workers and grunge fans

Individual cake treat, doesn’t go bad for a while

Line of rulers from the same family

To turn a boat over in the water

Puzzle 3

Slowly raise temperature by adding hot liquid

To bring down to a smaller size, number, etc

You’re an actor if you tread the __

This type of dragon is actually a giant lizard

The capital of Mozambique

Vertebrae also known as tailbone

Amount of a medicine to take

World famous doll criticized for its body shape

Not small, not large

Mamas & the Papas least favorite day of the week

__ Tomei, My Cousin Vinny actress

A curse, an evil eye

Johnny __, late night legend succeeded by Jay Leno

Item used to attach pieces of clothing together

Brooms made of twigs

A tax on imports or exports

Long-nosed, but not Pinocchio

Puzzle 4

A cascade of water falling from a height

Medical term for a bruise

Useful animals kept or raised on a farm

Something urgent, rapid, state of __

__, the Great, conquered Mesopotamia in 330 BC

An item of clothing

A sport played during the Olympic Games

Fruit used for salsas known as Mexican husk tomato

Figure designed to frighten birds or spirits

__ formula, elementary algebra formula

Teddy bears are named after this American president

One of the Three Bs in classical music hierarchy

A hermit (near the sea)

Prince of Thieves played by Kevin Costner in 90s

Optical object used to view items in space

Skopje is the capital of __

Puzzle 5

Fast-paced British car show full of stunts

Used to heat houses, melt ores or produce steam

Ancient burial ground in Egypt

Japanese pop group from Hiroshima

The line around a specific shape in an art piece

Fine mesh sieve; means “Chinese” in French

__ Houston, Costner’s co-star in The Bodyguard

__ King, author of The Shining

Baked bread dough twisted into a knot

Being in good physical and mental condition

Area where an animal naturally lives

Word made out of the letters of another word

Group 18

Puzzle 1

Official number of people who live in a place

Popular kissing game requires player to spin this

A quantum of electromagnetic radiation

A new version, new information, latest items

Bacteria in the shape of a sphere

Husband or wife

__ of the Shrew, a Shakespeare comedy

Ribbon-like parasite, white nerve fibers

America’s most macabre TV family

Man or woman of the sea

Influential prose writer in ancient Rome

Puff, the Magic __, a childhood favourite

Healthy cereal used in beer production

Material used to make clothing

Something that you aim at

Puzzle 2

Edible fish or shellfish from the ocean

Weapon shell launched and guided to target

Pirate known as the Prince of Pirates

Google’s Linux-based operating system

Baltic nation, Finland’s southern neighbor

Insurance risk manager

Age of __, series of history based strategy games

Comic actress who was part of the SNL cast

Steadfast Tin __, fellow loves a paper ballerina

Animal or creature that strikes fear

May torture your feet

Venue used for outdoor sports

Gloria __, biggest star of the silent movie era

Not a synonym

Types includes Swedish, shiatsu and deep tissue

A trip from one place to another

Short curtain piece hung on edge of canopies

Three boneheads, slapstick legends

Cocks have crests, bulls horns and deer __

A person with the inability to feel touch

Puzzle 3

The plant source of digitalis

Fahrenheit 451, by Ray __

__ Ford, played Indiana Jones

Process of voting for a leader

A state of intense happiness and self-confidence

Yiddish courage

When the top teeth close over the bottom teeth

Secondary act at a circus or fair

A flammable liquid mix, powers most cars

Group of flatfish found on ocean bottoms

Puzzle 4

Founding member of The Eagles band

Anesthetic once used in dentistry

Country with the world’s largest Muslim population

Political scandal named after a hotel in Washington

Craters appearing in Siberia without explanation

The Mad Max video game is set in an apocalyptic __

The capital of Mayotte

Someone responsible for the movements of a boat

Said never to strike twice at the same place

Nemo and his father in Disney film are this

The usual epithet of Mars

Irish potato and cabbage dish

Lymphatic system, blood flow science

Writer known for his crime novels about the Mafia

Somehow the longest day of the week

__ the Cat never catches Tweety Bird

__ Hepburn, won four Oscars for Best Actress

Puzzle 5

Just below boiling point, used often with eggs

Empire State __

French schoolgirl created by an Austrian writer

Hypothetical shortcut linking 2 points in space-time

Sublime song, syncretic, Caribbean religion

Strong dislike or disgust

Type of surgery that is not a medical emergency

Written guarantee about a product or service

Enterprise is the name of the ship in __

Having a very bad reputation

White House intern involved in a sex scandal

Stretch your legs according to your __

Group 19

Puzzle 1

Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek, Katie __

Geronimo Indian tribe from Southwest

Outlaw, highwayman, robber

Charlie Brown’s beagle pilot

__ Hero Live, game that lets you play in rock bands

Cattle catching, cowboy sport

Department that takes care of radioactive waste

Vinegar that is made from ale

Tom __, Rush song inspired by a character

Nearly all, but not quite

Type of large wheeled ride, __ wheel

Extreme, serious, critical, harsh

Strap-shaped organ or body part of an insect

Compact round clouds forewarning rain

Someone who sews and repairs clothing

Planet whose name derives from Greek mythology

Walking under one is said to be bad luck

Puzzle 2

What the one who denies all eventually does

Conan Doyle’s Prof Challenger found this place

Pungent smelly cheese with sandwich of same name

Medulla __, part of hindbrain controls vomiting

Marks used to represent one’s speech

Third book of Torah

Someone who investigates crimes

Debts or money owed

Jamaican who runs “as fast as lightning”

Study of meaning-making

Gravity pull that light can’t escape

Name of Elvis Presley’s house

Animated series about mystery-solving with a dog

Puzzle 3

It makes your eyes water

Strictly orthodox Muslim sect of Arabia

Latin dance with lots of hip movements

North American fish comes in yellow and blue

Screen used to see computer information

Carl Sagan taught astronomy here

Mandy is sung by Barry __

List of actors, crew at the end of a movie


Blind literature is written in this bumpy text

60s cartoon space family with robotic maid

A woman’s bedroom or private room

An atrium is a __ of the heart

Iron __, invisible line once separating Europe

Puzzle 4


The main one

X-ray of your blood vessels with dye

Type of park with rides and games

Religious holiday coinciding with winter solstice

Dog breed that shares name with a Mexican state

Astronaut who took a “giant leap for mankind”

Cinderella’s Fairy __ helps her go to the ball

Liver disease with major scarring

Type of tree that never loses its leaves

Oldest male in a family

The horse capital of the US, in Kentucky

Puzzle 5

Person you’re descended from

Fairy tale character with long hair

Military uniform, soldier’s everyday clothing

Chameleons’ eyes rotate to help them with __

When something doesn’t develop in the body

Sugary, fried snack, breakfast staple

Interchange of items, goods, foods

__ Belt, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter

Nation state in Central Europe, capital Ljubljana

Large cooking container to make soups or stews

Group 20

Puzzle 1

Fake treatment for a medical issue

Movie starring Dustin Hoffman dressed as a woman

Sovereign country was Russia’s breadbasket

Something extremely unusual or unexpected

Cord for securing something around the neck

Greek king of Ithaca also called Odysseus

Retain basic contents by omitting details

Program used to study the outer Solar System

The white of an egg

Small breed native to Asia, good companion dog

Situated away from an axis

Row of icons on a computer screen

Sweet __, a teenager’s coming of age party

A negligible amount of money

Sailing ship used on the voyages of discovery

Puzzle 2

Spirits of nature depicted as beautiful maidens

Opposite of opened

Scotch __, hot chili pepper of the Caribbean

Disease associated with dogs and foaming mouths

Four-armed Hindu god of protection

Aerophobia is a fear of __

Mounted knights’ weapons, long sticks for charging

English-speaking country in Central America

This movie’s song Let It Go melted hearts

To receive something with approval

Meteorite bruise on a planet

Puzzle 3

New __, spacecraft sent to Pluto

Island country in the Caribbean, capital is Roseau

The outcome of lemons added to water

Semi-solid, greasy thick oil; medical use


Opinionated, doctrinaire, pontifical

POW stands for __ of war

Literary work that idealizes rural life

Once bitten, __

French card game popular in casinos

__ Heston, won an Oscar for Ben-Hur

Stadio __, Naples field of famous 1990 match

Puzzle 4

Boneless ocean animal with tentacles

Tech company that brought us Windows

Baseball position between 2nd and 3rd base

He wrote about a homosexual relationship in 1948

Central American nation, home to Mayans

Someone who explains a theory in detail

British sci-fi TV show about time-travelling

__, psychedelic fungi found in pastures

Venustraphobia is fear of __ women

Noir mystery movie with Nicholson and Dunaway

Piece of an asteroid after impact on a planet

Please __, song by The Marvelettes

Drinking receptacles

Signs and symptoms of cancer go away

Puzzle 5

How you feel when you need to eat

Country in Europe, capital is Paris

This part of an URL can be .com, .gov or .edu

Very young female chicken

The Legend of __ Hollow, story by Washington Irving

A golem is a __ folklore monster

Wood stick used to make shish kebabs

Reptilian creatures live in this body of water

Characterized by unexpected traits, unique

Feast, banquet, spread, regale

Estimate the value of something for taxes

Pat Morita, Mr. __ in The Karate Kid movies

More formal term for “plant science”

Book used to tell all about an item, car, appliance

Person who takes care of the bats in baseball

Broad piece of defensive armor carried on the arm

Major valve of the human heart

C in WC

Umbrella term for formal leaders of religions