Pet Shop

Group 341

Puzzle 1

The capacity of man to choose his own path

Garden instruments for estimating time

Island off coast of Africa, Tanzanian archipelago

Moderator, middle person, peacemaker

Indoor wire house for feathered pets

Skin scar left by acne

A bangle, worn on the wrist

Bittersweet drink made from yellow citrus

Observatory set in central Los Angeles

Hamlet’s first victim

Puzzle 2

Saint __, expensive 6th district of Paris

North London football club, or weapons stash

Period of silence on the radio

Roberto __, designer of sand-blasted denims

Shakespeare’s tragedy about the king of Scotland

Time when day and night are of equal length

Resulting, following

Icing-topped finger-shaped pastries with cream

Wearable gas-powered flying device

Egyptian hippo goddess, stands on two feet

Made of clay

Puzzle 3

Ivy League university located in New Jersey, USA

__ Sunday, the biggest US sports day of the year

Inflammation of the intestines

Exploding colors for evening spectacle

You get caught between a rock and here

The breaking up of a group or crowd

Orbits Earth transmitting data

Study of seasonal natural phenomena

Incoherent state of mind

Active at night

__ butter has been separated to create purer fat

Hollowness, bareness

Puzzle 4

Study of plants

Astrological sign with a bull as its symbol

Member of the Religious Society of Friends

Egyptian god of the dead

Sea directly under the sole of Italy’s boot

Moses __, small crib for newborn

Musical about Elphaba, the witch

Exercise done face down, moving away from the floor

Show off something

They stop a car

White, radish-like vegetable also called mooli


Puzzle 5

The study of wines

Italian composer who wrote Fountains of Rome

Fight Club and Troy actor

Forcefully advertising

One who returns something to its original condition

The first letters of your first name and surname

City where the novel Birth of Venus takes place

Alexander the Great’s mother

Foremost part of an advancing army

Rough, jarring, grating

To distort a screen image or censor an area

Group 342

Puzzle 1

Intellectual property denoted by TM

Hoofed animals, like horses, pigs or giraffes

Name that the ancient Romans gave to Scotland

Blameless, naive people; word used about children

Small horizontal piano

Long garment worn to bed

Meticulous, paying great attention to detail

Animal whose diet is only plant-based

Ecuadorian islands frequented by Charles Darwin

A __ Named Desire, Tennessee Williams play

Puzzle 2

Nagging doubts, apprehensions, second thoughts

Greek god of sleep

Peter Pan’s danced around instead of following him

Monkey with long snout, genus Papio

Indicate, signify

Section of broccoli


Diego __, husband of Frida Kahlo

Composed and standing ready

Salt used to dry out bodies before mummification

Smoke escapes from it

Architect of the pyramid of Zoser

Ocean on which Ecuador has its coastline

Kinds of animals studied by an entomologist

Collected and kept in piles

A period of new life or revival

Runners who exercise at a relatively steady pace

Fake or forge

Software that tracks and reports your keystrokes

Tarnished, damaged

Half man and half horse mythological creature

Japanese dish of batter-dipped, deep-fried veggies

Words of encouragement

Puzzle 4

The head of a school or amount advanced in a loan

Open space surrounded by walls within a building

Misshapen, distorted, monstrous

Winning distance for racehorses, more than a nose

Heathland fruit, an accompaniment to roast turkey

Land surrounded almost completely by water

Sleuthing young woman penned by Carolyn Keene

Receptacle for keeping cubes of sweetness in

Don’t throw the baby out with this

Sealable glass container for growing plants

Impossible to put a value on

Puzzle 5

Wounding fragments from an explosive device

Terrific, fabulous

The __ View has Warren Beatty as a reporter

Inflammation of fluid-filled sacs at the joints

Facts, materials given to prove guilt or innocence

Eats both plants and animals

Not lacking in confidence

Irresistible pull

Diverts the audience’s attention from an actor

Legume that hummus is made from

Reed woodwind with keys

Next to where the boxing action takes place

Travel the world

Operates the machine that records actors

Sand __, detailed model created on beaches


1983 collaboration between MJ and Paul McCartney

Follow closely, pursue, keep in one’s sight

Single outer shell of a racing car or boat

Eating implement in China

__ on Elm Street, franchise with Freddy Krueger

Puzzle 2

Disorder of the pancreas

Watery air transport invented by Henri Fabre

Car technician

Fighting or struggling against

Asian armored anteater

Competitive sport which FINA oversees

Receptacles for stubbing out cigarettes

Left the army without permission

Tightening of wrinkles through surgery

Forgoes, goes without, misses

Portuguese explorer killed in the Philippines

Dorian Gray was obsessed by one

Board game where players buy houses and hotels

Sliver of a moon, seen early in a lunar month

Puzzle 3


Mocking, scornful, scathing

Chinese decorating laws

Get rid of completely, leave no trace

Extinct mammal, similar to an elephant

Thirteen British settlements on America’s coast

Medieval weapon also used to hurl objects

Long-tailed bird

Venetian boats

Temple in Rome constructed during Augustus’ reign

Puzzle 4

__ Hollow, book by Irving and film by Burton

Type of puzzle first created by John Spilsbury

Lining of a cloud

Six-legged animal

Sri Lanka prior to 1972

Proportional relations between two amounts

Whipped dessert

Term used in the movies for organized gang thefts

Walking up and down impatiently

Internet bullies who comment maliciously

Puzzle 5

Link between two parties

Ancient Olympic foot race

Humility and diffidence

Protective burrow dug in the ground by a soldier

Pretty Woman star, Julia __

Removed the explosive device from a bomb

A leader in a particular field, paving the way

Lymphoid tissues in the throat

Study of mountains

Alluring female bunny in Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Group 344

Puzzle 1

Tanning room

Signal to indicate risk or hazard is over

Food of the gods

Fictional professor in Sherlock Holmes stories

Roman racing carts

__ King Charles, spaniel dog named after a king

Connected without a cable

Obsequious, subservient, oily

Rum and lime cocktail with sweetener

Pulls back or reneges on a deal

Admission charge

Precious blue stone

Main body of an aircraft

In Italian, it means “in the open air”

Puzzle 2

Small dog breed hailing from Mexico

Writing surface for hand-written letters

Director of Edward Scissorhands and Corpse Bride

Capital of the Caribbean Island of Saint Vincent

Aggression, anger and hatred


Personal listening devices for games or music

Deep dish used to serve lettuce, cucumber, tomato

Not a realistic option

Plant-based hot beverage, with health benefits

Puzzle 3


Moral story from the Bible

Conquistador who ended the Incan Empire

Playground area with buckets and shovels

Digital music service with green logo

Price of a plane ticket

Country Nokia was founded in

Examination of a body to find cause of death

Dense growth of bushes and trees

Describes a property that is ready to move in to

Puzzle 4

Team sport in a pool

Closeness, nearness

Indicator to halt on the road

Jurassic World is inhabited by them

Remains of a sunken galleon

Scientific study of the universe

Clashing percussion musician

Before evening

Writes in untidy strokes

Fatty deposits, especially in the thighs

Natural attraction chemical

Playwright who wrote the tragicomedy Cyclops

Puzzle 5

Whole, not broken

Title for chief of an Arab village or tribe

The Two __, double self-portrait by Kahlo

Hand-held instrument played with a bow

Sovereign city-state on French Riviera

St. __, company that makes self-tanning mousse

Two-wheeled upright scooter

Very unpleasant stench

Ground chickpeas with lemon and garlic

Deep cracks in the Earth’s surface

Goddess to whom the Parthenon was dedicated

Group 345

Puzzle 1

A mentor’s student

Metal-wielding mutant associated with the X-Men

Suggested what to do

Magic, alchemy

Glow outwardly or give off heat

Paleontology is the study of these

Blue agave alcohol made in Mexico

Flexible plastic-bladed tool for scraping up food

Shrieking female spirit in Irish mythology

Area between chest and waist exposed in summer

Shakespeare’s play with a character named Banquo

Puzzle 2

Baby’s bed in the shape of a basket

Italian region whose major city is Milan

Portobello, shiitake, button

Tip, bonus

Widespread disease

Excessive confidence, audacity

Mirth, amusement

Only living cats that belong to the Acinonyx genus

Group of musicians or singers, gathered together

Puzzle 3

How Italians say 5

English theologian who founded Methodism

Take over, swamp, overwhelm

Country that includes the archipelago of Svalbard

Abdominal organ that filters blood

Hopping, long-eared mammal

A baked cheese, ham, or veggie flan pie

Overnight flight

Calm, pacify a baby

This river and tributaries run through S. America

Run naked across a sports’ pitch

Puzzle 4

Marionette controller


Somersaults the opposite way

Abdominal muscles used in breathing

Pen name of J.K. Rowling, Robert ____

Songs in musical theater

A bit too early

Top floor of an apartment building

Crippling tissue inflammation in a horse’s hoof

Computer key that allows one to delete

Puzzle 5

Fashion house for Meghan Markle’s bridal dress

Midpoint of a sports match

First name of detective Holmes

Augustus’ successor as Roman emperor

Spanish coastal city, birthplace of paella

The Danube bisects this city

International police force

Not an imitation


Type of paper placed between sheets to make copies

Spanish nap

This film is set on one of Pandora’s moons

PlayStation digital camera accessory

Field of grass

Watches & leather goods brand named after a relic

US military general competed at the 1912 Olympics


Puzzle 2

Italian dish made with arborio rice

Diana’s surname before becoming Princess of Wales

A decorative twisted braid

__ City, state of the Holy See

It rose from the ashes

Unimportant, inconsequential

Glass display case

Overloaded with work

Male fowl with long fanning tail feathers

Outdoor grazing land for sheep from spring onwards

Puzzle 3

All-girl-group, once went by the name Primettes

Facial expression conveyed through symbol

Inflammation of the substance of a bone

Coming out of somewhere hidden

Small unit of atmospheric pressure

Fancy dress for a dance

Mark with absolute precision or accuracy

Glass vessel used to separate wine from sediment

In driving, the A in ABS

Brief fight between small military groupings

Puzzle 4

Competition between nations over military forces

Affronted, defamed

Voting rights

Expecting different results from repetitive acts

Sliced cured pork belly, Italy’s answer to bacon

Jupiter’s largest satellite

Pachyderm with a trunk

Greek hero who was dipped in the River Styx

Mountain range, the border between Europe and Asia

To step down from power, e.g. a monarch

Serves drinks as a job

Joins in on

Air mostly contains this chemical element

Celebratory hand gesture

Katy Perry’s explosive single

Clamp used in surgery to control bleeding

Water vessel propelled by fabric on a mast

Puzzle 5

Devious, shifty, crooked

__ Presley, daughter of Elvis

Social system abolished by the French Assembly

Join a party with no invitation

Annual calendar based on the moon cycle

Ballet spin on one foot

Homerun with the bases loaded

Edible lower leg of a game bird or wildfowl

Displace a body part out of its joint

Indigenous people of ancient Babylonia

Statement of unhappiness or displeasure

Their crystals adorn fashion items and jewelry

Piece of fabric for drying off plates

Art of cultivating and selling blooms

Group 347

Puzzle 1

Relating to the body


Taking into account

Roman amphitheater

Safety person at the beach or pool

Box for collecting road taxes

A possible characteristic of the quarantined

Internal or external computer storage

Ordinary ancient Roman citizens

Winning move in chess against the king

Puzzle 2

In the manner of a true professional

Refute, debunk

Two-wheel passenger cart, originally used in Japan

The closest thing Pinocchio has to a father

Twice-fried plantains

A country’s monetary unit

Without a saddle

Capital of Sardinia

They have been to war

Puzzle 3

Memory loss sometimes caused by emotional trauma

Diminish, wane

Lustrous, glowing, luminous

__ Movement, 1960s Mexican civil rights movement

Haute __, French for high fashion

High singing voice

Low protective wall along the edge of a roof

Country where the Antwerp Diamond Heist took place

Describes substances that are harmful, poisonous

Boss, top dog of an organization

Rotating funnel-shaped wind storm

Puzzle 4

Stun grenade to visually and audibly disorientate

Covering a wide area

For opening wine

Athlete’s warmup outfit

German short-legged badger dog with a long body

Absorbent, spongelike, porous

King of Babylon and creator of a code of law

Underwater vessel

Echoes, rings through the air

Puzzle 5

To cunningly outwit

Small dome on a roof

The name of the warthog in The Lion King

French department bordering Brazil and Suriname

Gambling venue

Non-magical person in Harry Potter

Substance that causes vomiting

Sealed in a cylindrical metal container

Swipe, match, chat dating app

Group 348

Puzzle 1

One-handed steering device for computer games

Steal money from a company or organization

Lit paper spheres used at festivals

Matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid

Unit of foot soldiers

Hugged or held close

Florence museum, formerly a medieval fortress

Country sits between Guyana and French Guiana

Sucks nutrients out of its host

Explosive, hot-tempered, unstable

Puzzle 2

Mammalian jawbone

Busy city beneath South Africa’s Table Mountain

Purple gemstone, helps keeps people calm

Alcoholic mixed drink, e.g. tequila sunrise

Identifying travel document


Venomous pit viper snake

Italian architect who built in classic Roman style

To crown a sovereign

Supplies have been used up

Puzzle 3

Insatiable greed

Brown African cat with tufted ears

Consulate office

Destroyers, pillagers

Thai capital city

Clue that gives away a movie plot

An absurd self-contradiction

Pacify, placate someone

A song that gets stuck in your head

Turning the lights down gradually

French single-crust rustic pastry with a filling

Wide-bladed knife used to cut dense foliage

Puzzle 4

Enclosed railway freight wagon

__ Years’ War, bloody European conflict, 1618-48


Japanese gaming company that made Frogger

The Grim Reaper’s weapon of choice

Largest city in French-speaking Switzerland

Unconscious action

Highest mountain in Antarctica: __ Massif

Northern constellation, Latin for “swan”

Set of cards in Monopoly, not Community Chest

Forcible restraint or restriction

Opt for something, decide

Puzzle 5

Small device used for soldering metal

Americans supporting Britain during the Revolution

Detector of lies

Spiral galaxy between Pegasus and Cassiopeia

Strongly, powerfully

Raining lightly

Hinged house for a bivalve

Butter substitute

Country governed by a small group

Pillar of a staircase

Uses feet instead of hands to punch opponents

Tall bloom often painted by Van Gogh

Group 349

Puzzle 1

Economize, be thrifty

Conference with opposing side to discuss terms

Nun’s headgear

Remove all items from one’s suitcases

__ warrant, law officers’ permit to enter premises

Online retailer that offers Prime membership

Device between PC and internet connection

Stone or metal tribute to a person or animal

River that runs through Baghdad

Puzzle 2

Round lunar presence

Where professional photos were once developed

Scratch the surface with words

Blonde hair coloring of icons Monroe and Harlow

First emperor of Rome

Florists’ arrangements of flowers

Scottish lake with mysterious resident


Leave something to someone in a will

Hot Indian curry dish

Absolute __, a despotic form of government

Dainty, fragile, flimsy

Mexican folk stringed-band with a guitarron

Pulling devices on firearms

Pursuit of pleasure and self-indulgence

Process for cleaning teeth with string

Puzzle 3

Collection of synonyms

Post-toothpaste, swirled liquid

Encouraged by something

Blemish, nevus

Supposed transfer of ideas from one mind to another

Type of ram used to break fortress walls

Slang term for keen bird watchers

__ Path, Buddhist Middle Way leading to Nirvana

Thick-skinned animal, such as an elephant or rhino

Ocular hairs

Italian starter, with cured meat and olives

Psychologically manipulative behaviors

Puzzle 4

Hormone gland in the neck

Fake pill

Fictional Marvel nation, home to Black Panther

The one who is the best off financially

Knives and forks

Light-colored shades, often seen in springtime

__ Crane, the hero of Sleepy Hollow

Northernmost country in Africa

Promises of retribution

Handheld Nintendo games console, released in 1989

Composer of the opera William Tell

Puzzle 5

Cattle breeds with lengthy white protrusions

Belief in or acceptance of something as true

Fictitious place of untold gold and wealth

High-intensity fitness exercise

Delight, glee, contentment

Stops from happening

Quality of being poisonous

Episode or sudden occurrence of disease

Mexican version of unleavened bread

Delivers the news

Don __, Mozart opera about Don Juan

Group 350

Puzzle 1

Contrary to expectations, like Alanis Morissette

The world’s largest lizard: __ dragon

Calvin’s stuffed tiger sidekick

Frozen, treeless ground, like the Arctic

Twist of the ligaments in the wrist, for example

Country where Kalamata olives are grown

Fungus found on plants

Force someone to move quickly

Watching someone covertly

Horus, Egyptian sky god, had the head of this bird

European nationality of Frida Kahlo’s father

Cylindrical car part, moves against fluid pressure

Influence, make a difference to

Puzzle 2

Tropical trees cultivated for small sweet fruits

Clawed marvel mutant, born as James Howlett

Design drawings of a building’s structure

To be more numerous than

North, Saint and Chicago’s famous musician dad

Form a theory about something without evidence

Bargain, haggle, cut a deal

Where you might find a roller coaster

Tiny purple fruit, said to be very healthy

British prime minister during WWII

Building janitor

A painting of inanimate objects

Demanding, difficult, taxing

Circumference of an object

Puzzle 3

Ponte __, bridge in Florence with jewelry shops

Meat patties cooked on barbecues, served in buns

Replaces spent ammunition

Very old, out of fashion, outdated

Software for surfing the internet

Old-time sailing vessel, used as a naval war ship

Long line of related rulers

Careful and judicious

Gains money by deception

Puzzle 4

Sedimentary rock, contains skeletal fragments

Perfumed grains used when relaxing in a tub

Sugar from pure cane extract, spun in a cylinder

Large spider that is sometimes a pet

World Heritage citadel in Athens, Greece

Instrument panel at the front of a vehicle

Fixed, upholstered bench seat

Theatrical solo speech

Danny Tanner is the patriarch on this show

Birds with webbed feet, such as ducks and swans

Feeling tired and sluggish

Government application to own rights to a name

Puzzle 5

Comfy living room seat

Witch’s pot

Software that modifies a singer’s voice

Tying up poultry or game birds prior to cooking

Conquered an army

A cat can get it stuck in its throat

Wandered without urgency

Legal agreement

Birth country of the discoverer of penicillin

Spread throughout something, like a smell

Motor vehicle with four wheels and handlebars

Making look small by comparison

Table tennis

Group 351

Puzzle 1

People who walk the catwalk

Funny TV show, typically about group of characters

Purpose, intention, reason behind an action

Join the army

Via __, glamorous Roman street from La Dolce Vita

Cinderella had one the night of the ball

Iconic sunglasses brand responsible for Aviators

An arrival in large numbers, being overrun

Italian toasted sandwich

Reflective accessory for seeing oneself in

Free from obligation

The sale of goods to the public in small amounts

Christian season preceding Christmas

Temporary technical malfunction

Puzzle 2

Dangerous road-covering in freezing weather

Fills a space

Interrupt someone’s attention span

Ornate sideboard

Nitrous oxide administered by dentists: __ gas

Laws established by a legislative body

Spotted, viewed

Branch of science, deals with classifying diseases

Word game with tiles, Q and Z score high

Canine dwelling

Puzzle 3

Chinese-born immigrants to Malaysia, Singapore etc

Fake name

Measures atmospheric pressure

Computer-aided flight control

Television show that’s transmitted

He removed a thorn from a lion’s paw


Embarrass, shame

Professional key maker

Nine-month period in humans before giving birth

Practice before the show

Exciting, nerve-shredding event

Puzzle 4

Cover a piece of paper with plastic

Flower shop workers who make bouquets

Napa Valley is known for them

TV station companies

Class of warm-blooded animals

Crossed the Alps with elephants

Supply water to crops to encourage growth

Stringed instrument, like a lute

Undergoes the process of sugar changing to alcohol

__ Day marks the Spanish discovery of the Americas

To drive too close to the car in front

To use science to predict future weather


Puzzle 5

Colorless and odorless gas used for heating food

One-eyed mythical monster

Wealth in the form of money or assets

Korean pickled cabbage

Closest planet to the Sun

A crease on the face

Cup for holding wine

Iraqi capital, on the Tigris River

Oversees a museum exhibit


Intuition, discernment

Group 352

Puzzle 1

Particularly articulate

Giant dinosaur creature from Japanese pop culture

Handheld firework

In a reverse direction

First husband of Madonna

Island previously known as Van Diemen’s Land


Someone who is required to be present, but isn’t

Rules that govern the conduct of a church

Reading disorder

Puzzle 2

Emergency medical technician

Mechanical, robotic, self-operating toy

Structure from which a rocket takes off

Racing game featuring famous Nintendo brothers

Continuing to live against all odds

On a skydiver’s back for a safe landing

Interlinked rings of metal forming flexible armor

Farm tool featured in American Gothic

Sign of surrender

Dessert ingredient in a Mexican mole dish

Pronounce very carefully

Porcine diva of The Muppets

Puzzle 3

Sent by a tourist, no envelope required

Awful, dreadful; epithet added to Tsar Ivan

Greater and Lesser Caribbean island groups

Main antagonist in Peyo’s comic strip The Smurfs

Backspin stroke landing a ball just over the net


Sealed very well

Field of expertise, occupation, trade

Former Android OS version that you’d lick a lot

Floating frozen sheet attached to land

National __, French Revolution’s legislative body

Beer cocktail with Japanese rice wine

Puzzle 4

Weakness, state of being delicate

Charged with crime, branded a criminal


Study of the body’s structure

Calls the same number again

__ Perk, coffee shop frequented by famous Friends

Prove to be more powerful

Common term for the energy of a body in motion

Most populated city in the U.S. state of Illinois

Hungarian stew seasoned with paprika

Puzzle 5

Permanent body ink

The openings through which tea is poured

Germanic imperial ruler

Towers atop churches rising to a point

Cons someone

Official language of Bahrain

Simba’s father and Sarabi’s mate in The Lion King

Country directly north of Rwanda

Leafy salad plant, same genus as chicory

Group 353

Puzzle 1

Poet who wrote “The Charge of the Light Brigade”

Type of fracture in which bone pierces the skin

Container for midday meal


Cat pursued relentlessly by Pepe Le Pew

Male singing voice that is very high

Nobel had a blast with this invention

Nevada’s Sin City

Night-time instrument for judging time

Jupiter’s second largest moon

Gathering for fans of graphic novels

Alternate route that saves time

Business end of the White House

Language with the most native speakers

Puzzle 2

Character in Greek mythology and Hamlet’s killer

Austrian pastry with fruit filling

Split a restaurant bill equally

Confound or complicate

Capital of Nicaragua

Protects from attack

Shoulder blade

Co-creator of Spider-Man, often does cameos

Device in exhaust pipe to quiet engine noise

Satellite of Saturn discovered by Cassini in 1671

House for honey

Blood relationship

Song that mentions Father McKenzie: __ Rigby

Scientific study of the animal kingdom

To speak with superficial or limited knowledge

Person held for ransom

Puzzle 3

Dinner of choice for Lady and the Tramp

Room for physical education at a school

French war leader, Commander of the National Guard

Without pausing, non-stop

Comic strip character with phenomenal powers

Plant container

Small envelope of fire sticks

Colorful outdoor sport, simulating battle

Sombreness, gravity

Bending one knee to the ground as sign of respect

Infamous clown in Stephen King’s It

State of messy lawlessness

Cover a chair with cushion and fabric

Puzzle 4

Jumpsuit or playsuit

Group of bears

Special skill

Taurus star cluster named after Atlas’s daughters

Le __ Bleu culinary school

Pertaining to the season of spring

Sentimental speech about a deceased person

Anatomical name for the voice box

Central American country that connects to Colombia

Flies in one place, like a helicopter

Hate or loathe

Puzzle 5

Business selling old car parts

Devices on which video games are played

Woman’s shirt neckline that hangs in draped folds

Landlocked country in the center of South America

Sled with a curved front

Golden Indian spice that can help heal wounds

One individual spot of precipitation

Males of this aquatic species give birth

Dwelling with no upstairs level

Program at a theater performance


Group 354

Puzzle 1


Whale considered the romantic of the sea

A large number of, an excessive amount of

An altercation between women

Caribbean country with a trident on its flag

Soccer’s biggest tournament

__ Rhapsody by Queen

Exit hatch in the floor

Pig from Orwell’s Animal Farm

Mexican state whose name means “true cross”

Puzzle 2

Drink of wine and sparkling water mixed

US punk rockers with a song titled American Idiot

Non-metal element Se used in photocells

Turncoat, runaway, renegade

Male property owner who collects rent

Glass fish house

Clark Kent’s girlfriend from the Daily Planet

Country home to Mount Kilimanjaro

Cause suffering

Sky with dense cloud cover

Habit of eating earth

Puzzle 3

Charm, bewitch

Kangaroo’s leaf-eating smaller cousin

Goddess of agriculture and mother of Persephone

Creation, beginning, origin

Frank Miller’s noir crime graphic novel

A place visited by peace seekers

Tube leading from the larynx to the lungs

Small round glass spheres, loved by children

Wicked and odious

Flagrant, obvious

A double reed bass instrument from the oboe family

Relating to earthquakes

Cruel and oppressive government

Brightest star in the Earth’s night sky

Author of War and Peace

Puzzle 4

Exterminator’s tool

Imagery or allegorical representation

Someone’s true identity concealed

Cranium out in front

Teen drama series based on Archie Comics

Official in a financial building

Japan’s highest peak, on Honshu Island

Looked at thoroughly

Nemo’s species

Right side of a ship

Radioactive element named for a former planet

Buttery half moon-shaped bread

Puzzle 5

SI units of energy

Comfortable top with head protection


Skip like a horse

Green tea powder

East African nation, home to Kibale National Park

Go on board an aircraft

Egyptian king who abdicated the throne in 1952

The word for “thank you” in Italian

Military underground shelter or accommodation

Group 355

Puzzle 1

Formal written statements of claims in a courtroom

Frank Lloyd Wright’s profession

Romantic partners, besotted in avian way

Chorus line ladies singing and dancing on stage

Burgundian red wine grape also used in Champagne

People-powered taxis


Second-most populous city in Australia

Linemen who protect their quarterback

Connective tissue in the body, like ears & nose

Not explored

Astronomical term for the explosion of a star

Arthropod that doesn’t actually have 1,000 legs

Take-it-or-leave-it deal

This U.S. town’s nickname is “music city”

Asian mint used as a perfume

Puzzle 2

Transfer data onto a computer

One who tends plants

Plant extracts used in scents or flavorings

Government representative abroad, in an embassy

Appliance for grilling food outdoors

Accused, censured

Pounds, beats steadily

Period when insects evolved

Accumulation of winter precipitation

Spinal discomfort

__ cap, work boots that protect on building sites

Animation type, fast flicks with physical pages

Bull on top, man on bottom

America was named after the explorer Amerigo __

Hooved animal, with even or odd toe numbers

Japanese Manga character from Mighty Atom series

Diabolical, horrific

Gland that secretes digestive enzymes

Puzzle 3

Mythical fire-breather

Discuss by stating different arguments

Celebrated, renowned

The black horse of the apocalypse represents this

Dried plums

SI unit of electric current

Carried out or introduced gradually


Capital of the Republic of Macedonia

Smooth and shiny

Puzzle 4

Electronic step tracker

Protective blockade

Personal security officer

An eddy, vortex or waterspout

Inflammation of the tongue

Guiding of actors to produce a movie

Study of the origin and evolution of the universe

Mysterious, baffling, perplexing

Book with a soft, flexible cover

Brininess, essence of sodium chloride

Long distance in space

Puzzle 5

Italian city in Massa, known for marble

Marvel or wonder, can’t be explained with logic

Final resting place for Greek heroes: __ Fields

Formal disapproval or criticism

Annoying, vexatious

Suspend, as in a court case

Ode on a __ Urn, John Keats poem on art and beauty

Natural environment where an animal makes its home

Metal loop for keeping unlocking devices together

Dreamy, pensive

Group 356

Puzzle 1

Existing in the absence of free oxygen

Deep-rooted, established

To play music along with another musician

Sandy’s love interest in Grease

Tuneful vocal pattern from largest sea mammals

Fleeting, momentary, brief

Charles Darwin was one

Group of holding rooms in a jail

Exercise machine with a never-ending belt

Cathedral in Paris, known for a hunchback

Supreme Incan being, creator of sun and moon

First balcony in a symphony hall

Profane talk about sacred things

A triangular Swiss chocolate bar

Early years

__ strike, bombing that pinpoints the target

Plant that needs little water to thrive

Puzzle 2

Close interaction between two different organisms

Pomegranate syrup used in cocktails

They follow celebrities with a camera

Control exerted to restrain impulses

Actress, first wife of Ronald Reagan

Grooming tool for locks

House for a tomb

Officially declared a saint in the Catholic church


Puzzle 3

Gymnastic entertainer

Singer-songwriter Boy George’s band: __ Club

Rare loss of ability to recognize sensory stimuli

Draw over the lines of a picture again

Narrow-minded, inward-facing

Ancient Greek city near Temple of Artemis

Moving on a slick surface

Colorless gas common in cleaning products

Broken bit of road that needs filling


Dried, cured strips of southern African beef

Monument, stone pillar, often with a pyramidal top

Mat-based game with colorful spots and contortion

Puzzle 4

Origin of a family

Jim Henson puppets who lived on a rock

After Dubai, second-most populous city of UAE

Distressed, flustered

Singers J. Balvin and Shakira both come from here

Tall building with sails for generating power

Passengers get a rise out of this Otis invention

Type of medication used to treat water retention

Plays devil’s __, presents a counter-argument

Silver Linings __, film nominated for 8 Oscar

Extra period of play in ice hockey

Amount of water vapor in the atmosphere

Quarrel, dispute, altercation

Outer garment for keeping warm

Puzzle 5

Stories that occur while sleeping

Tooth decay

The __, French museum, purchased Kahlo’s The Frame

Silvery-white metal, a base for blue pigments

Oliver’s clever mate Dodger

It comes after summer and before winter

Made beer

The name of the donkey in Winnie the Pooh

__ Conventions, the rulebook in war

Relating to high mountains

Very formal, high-rise headwear

Small tower on a medieval castle

Group 357

Puzzle 1

Greek goddess of the moon

Join, fasten

Fiber of the palm tree used to weave into mats

A sound that’s high-pitched and piercing

Given the wrong advice, deceived

Boundary between states or countries

“A friend in need is a friend ____”

Roadside places to stay overnight

The radiation counter he invented bears his name

Keep out of sight, avoid detection

Bright spot in the sky, also called parhelion

Hammers used by judges

Cuisine in which Basmati rice is popular

The consequence or result of an action

Puzzle 2

Due __, care required by a prudent person

Motioning with finger to approach

Backup power source in a building

Glands that secrete hormones into the bloodstream

Spotted dog breed coveted by Cruella de Vil

Country bordering Costa Rica to the North

Police restraint around the wrists

Female supervillain, enemy of Wonder Woman

Protection against burned skin

Dystopian series by Veronica Roth

Not derived from anything else


Imbalance, a great difference

Progeny, children, kids

Archaic term for sulfur

Puzzle 3

Roman emperor, nominated himself perpetual censor

The murder of a king

Purgative drug used to treat constipation

Expensive, underground edible fungi

Taking place every other year

Greek legend’s lowest region of the underworld

Break a code

Plant with yellow flowers and edible leaves

__ dog, yoga position

Once a play finishes, the actors do this on stage

One of the individual small bones in the spine

Two different words that mean the same thing

Having no idea, being out of touch

Cagliari is this island’s capital city

Bitterness, sharpness of taste

One-wheeled transport

Series of written symbols that represent numbers

Puzzle 4

Ancient city known for its Hanging Gardens

Type of short-grained rice used to make risotto

Household waste collected for fertilizer

Follow a winding course

European country where the Black Forest is located

Hometown of The Flintstones

Designs made from small, colorful tiles

Collective term for a bunch of cats

Ground, dried sweet red pepper sold in a jar

Skin pigment

No consideration for others

Faults, imperfections

Annual calendar with important upcoming events

Puzzle 5

Place where tents can be pitched

Male massage therapists

A sum given to a charity

Landing screen of a website

They are better to eat you with

A naturally occurring sugar found in fruits

Toxic element named for Madame Curie’s birthplace

Appropriate for the situation

This hero was born on planet Krypton

World’s second largest landlocked country

Blooms of love

__ Murphy, actress of Clueless

In the form of a haze or cloud

Group 358

Puzzle 1

Deliberately destroy property

Sega’s 6th generation games console

Branch of medicine dealing with brain system

Someone who brings a civil action in court

Cut him out and do it yourself

Immature, sophomoric

Mail from tourists

Self-employed, working on contract

Ten specific athletic events over two days

To give in, especially in battle

Breaks in activity

Nepalese valley named after national capital

Han Solo’s co-pilot

Ornamental objects used to hold a sleeve closed

Puzzle 2

Nickname for Boeing 747

Characters assumed by authors, or game-players

Barely, hardly

Grew wider

Revolving wheel gambling game

Flip through a book quickly, not in great depth

Moment of sudden revelation

Bullet rebound

Track event to determine who leaps the farthest

Substance that precipitates a chemical reaction

Puzzle 3

A private room

Rapunzel’s Disney movie

Long period without sufficient rainfall

Appears in the sky at the start of a lunar month

Chemical element, atomic number 45

Those who watch from the shadows

Operating a car

Given a less important job title

Misconception or delusion

Late American singer, nicknamed “Ol’ Blue Eyes”

The practice of cleanliness

Jackson __, paint-splatter artist

Puzzle 4

Slim medical tubes for sucking up liquids

Advocates equality for women

Prolific reader

Rich white sauce in French cuisine, contains cream

A weakness leading to one’s downfall: __ heel

__ Ali; The Greatest boxer of all time, perhaps

Small weight to keep entrance open


Lined like a prune, or an elephant

Terry cloth post-shower garment

Old school audio format using magnetic tape

Person applying for state benefits

Puzzle 5

Wooden support below the waist utilized by pirates

Truman __ wanted Ms. Monroe to play Ms. Golightly

Physical strength

The color of the Beatles’ submarine

Extravagant, excessively showy

Glacial period in time

Austria’s capital city

Martial art, practiced by the “Kid”

Pluto’s closest-known satellite, a Greek ferryman

Swollen, distended

Alongside ambrosia, it sustained the gods

Americans eat this bird at Thanksgiving

Group 359

Puzzle 1

Tummy pain

Deeply discounted merchandise

Eight babies born at the same time

Pop singer who co-wrote Candle in the Wind

Small organ of the immune system

Ale made by local producers, not large corporations

Native girl who pines for Peter Pan

Sunny-colored tuna

Minimizes friction

Clumsily, gracelessly

Story that you can listen to on a journey

Trusting someone with a secret

Echoed, rang through the air

Accumulation of winter precipitation blown by wind

Puzzle 2

Space between eyes and hairline

Wasteful, extravagant

Celebratory clinking of wine glasses

Deliberately tricking or deceiving

She drinks the poisoned wine intended for Hamlet

Elongated, goofy girlfriend of Popeye

The wife of an earl

Three-pronged forks

Insincere and excessive praise

Relating to the period of the year before winter

Canal or river

Traffic stop signal

Novak __, Serbian Grand Slam-winning tennis star

The words of an opera, the spoken and sung parts

Handrail on a staircase

Coordinate for north-south position of a place

Fungal skin infection, can affect scalp and body

Puzzle 3

Green nut with a hard shell

Fanciful and amusing, quirky

Roadside advertiser

Device used to beam images onto a wall

Rock face, crag, cliff

__ Rock, Presley hit from a movie of the same name

ID adopted by Batman’s ex-sidekick Dick Grayson

Ocean liquid

Long car, often hired for fancy events

Without a sound

Puzzle 4

__ Wood played Frodo and Mumble

It boils water for tea

Simultaneous discharge of missiles or firearms

Country where the ancient Lescaux cave is located

Food made according to Jewish dietary laws

Kimchi is a staple in this type of cuisine

Not see-through

Small file to identify user of a web browser

Jeweled headpieces

Paris’s executioner during the French Revolution

Alexei __, first Russian to walk in space

A small, shallow stretch of water

Small shovel for mortar

Digs deeper into something

Overseas, in a foreign country

Wilson’s disease causes an excessive buildup of it

Plaything that’s a vehicle

African animal adventure

Ginger __, dancer starred with Astaire in Top Hat

Puzzle 5

Type of sale where items go to the highest bidder

Took covering off peas

French botanist formulated a theory of evolution

Developed gradually

Wizard in Lord of the Rings

Tall animal with a long neck

6-sided shape

In typography, adjusting spaces between letters

They hold photos around the neck

Group 360

Puzzle 1

Yellow lawn flower used in tisanes and teas

Dutch artist believed to have stereo blindness

Uncontrollable red nasal drip

Guitarist with Nirvana and Foo Fighters

Guards of Azkaban

Force into believing or doing something

Car for driving on sandy hills

Normandy seashore, site of WWII Allied invasions

Special right or advantage given to certain groups

Craft that leaves the atmosphere

Exceedingly, exceptionally

Instruction to cling on for dear life

Political system followed by Marx and Lenin

Street purveyor of magazines and daily papers

Only sea with no coastline

Catherine __; mother of Mary I, Queen of England

Hot, humid climate, like in a rainforest


Singer and guitarist supported by Heartbreakers

First major battle of the English Civil War

Players who stand behind batters

Satisfied by an amount of water

Organ of speech, the larynx

Piling one on top of the other

Agricultural produce grown to sell

Puzzle 3

Wall-hanging circle for tiny arrows

Icy crystal unlike another

City nicknamed Venice of the North

Without instruments

DC Comics botany expert and supervillain

Rays of natural nighttime light from the sky

Facial hair named after a Civil War soldier

Blood cells that control post-injury bleeding

First American to orbit the Earth

Small wooden tool for removing trapped food

The relationship between cause and effect

Attraction between people

French Protestants of the 16th and 17th centuries

Italian unsmoked cured pork jowl

Without end

Electronic voice amplifier

Puzzle 4

Dizzying sensation, a medical condition

Italian curd cheese, creamy white texture

Italian term for an undulating musical note

Sandy’s best friend in Grease

A small independent coprincipality in the Pyrenees

Showy display, describes a grand performance

Places for storing cadavers

Oceanic earthquake outcome

Extraordinarily skilled at a young age

Shortness, briefness

One who assists with births

Army and soldiers on horseback

Online page

Puzzle 5

Ambulance signalers

Chemical element used as medical disinfectant

Express remorse for sins

Woman from Spanish-speaking South American country

Marvel supervillain created by Hank Pym

Carl Sagan TV series that covered astronomy

Country whose army lost the Battle of Marathon

Ho Chi Minh City formerly

Destined to fail

Acting dame, often playing the Queen, Helen __

Small tropical climbing lizards

Cow or horse excrement for fertilizer

Objects in poor taste because they are tacky