Group 899

Puzzle 1

Shoulder belt worn by Chewbacca
Fish sometimes used as pizza toppings
Small shelters for canines
Boron, silicon, or germanium
Warm Scandinavian waters, part of Norway Current
Withdrawal from an alliance or political union
She’s the queen of the Amazons in Greek mythology
Courageous nickname of King Richard I
Beatles song inspired by race relations in America
Seriously Funny stand-up comedian

Puzzle 2

Tolkien’s Dark Power; the Lord of the Rings
Truck with an open back
Curved fruit, split and served with ice cream
Largest island of Japan, south of Hokkaido
Sings like Frank Sinatra
The sport involving moving a boat with oars
Type of drawstring bag often carried by soldiers
Building where horses are kept
Tom Hardy replaced Mel Gibson in this franchise

Puzzle 3

Animal named after a marine creature and a feline
Transform old furniture by decorating it
Country where Reykjavik is
Country where contact lenses were invented in 1888
Athlete who sprints while jumping
Building where fish and meat are cured
Wed again
Gruesome and scary as in a ghostly tale
Stephen Sondheim musical originally titled Threes
Dwayne Johnson pro athlete TV saga
Market stallholders
Silent movies US actress Gish
Spicy or stimulating to the tastebuds
Atari 2600 game with many swinging vines and holes

Puzzle 4

Guidance suggested by the movie rating PG
Laptop or desktop
Glasses for distance and close vision
Cherry brandy/Chartreuse mix for Socrates’s wife
Explosive gas mixture in coal mines
Christian militant who attacked the Holy Land
Latin phrase meaning my fault
Olivia Newton John’s 1981 song and album
Urgent, of superior rank
Student of acting, named after a Greek city
Favoring kin when hiring
Fortress and museum overlooking the bay in Oslo
London’s nickname from before the Clean Air Acts
A large predatory squid found in the Pacific Ocean

Puzzle 5

Disease of abdominal pain and diarrhea
Psychic cook saves lives in Koontz novel, film
Dutch artist known for The Night Watch
Lady Gaga hit; video game that gets you moving
The true identity of Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern
When things fit together to support the same ends
Italian bread rolled with meat and cheese
Present two people to each other by name
Emblem at the heart of Ghana’s national flag
An insect with two sets of legs per body segment