Group 898

Puzzle 1

MCU superhero roundup
Cartoonist gave his name to his fat little ponies
Distant Baltic Sea island of Denmark
Drink served before dinner to stimulate appetite
Relating to organisms producing hybrid offspring
The largest and uppermost part of the brain
Drama series starring Claire Danes as a CIA agent
Kids’ toy with three wheels and handlebars
Small instrument in Bluegrass, similar to a lute
Father to Ophelia in Hamlet

Puzzle 2

One who wants to be ambitious
Colors in the sky after rain caused by refraction
Board game with Star Performer and Word Worm
Grundy, DC comics villain named for a nursery rhyme
Milwaukee (US) and Burton (UK) sports teams
Plays violin in a country band
Spooking, making someone jump
Reservoir Dogs character played by Harvey Keitel
Strand-like form of pasta, often served in soup
Historical region of north-eastern Iran

Puzzle 3

Style of car side doors mounted on roof hinges
Introductory music at the start of a performance
Ancient Roman sailing ships
Battered and tatty pages of books
South Dakota western TV drama starring Ian McShane
Notoriously, in a way that is widely known
Popular golden rum from the Caribbean
Tissue death due to lack of blood flow
Double-winged flying machines
Powerful stowaway on board Serenity spaceship
Birth name of Old Testament Queen Esther

Puzzle 4

Lemurs from Madagascar
Repels flying household pests
Drawing attention away from another
English playwright, author of Volpone
1800s journalist who set record going around world
Business sales conducted online
Plasma stream originating from the sun
Abseiling down cliffs and waterfalls
Singer-songwriter of Rockin’ in the Free World
It’s hard to do this to a good book

Puzzle 5

Cylindrical tool with a handle for applying paint
1987 Pulitzer Prize-winning August Wilson play
Eugene; the last person to set foot on the moon
Charles, creator of the Peanuts comic strip
Talocrural regions
Ranking of King Henry who killed two wives
NBA basketball player also known as King James
First name of TV actor on The Rookie, Castle
The Terminator’s artificial intelligence source
Fish eggs, salt cured and considered a delicacy
Tom Jones LP featuring duets with leading stars
US military rating for risk of nuclear war
Foliage that falls off of many trees
Teased, made fun of